Dev Blog: A visual update of Wormhole space with Oceanus

Greetings from Space, I’m CCP Myrkur.

After Hyperion, Team Five-0—the dev team recently playing in W-space—asked  the art department whether we had any ideas on making the wormhole visuals indicate the size of the ships which can pass through them. With Hyperion’s …

Interceptor tweaks coming to Oceanus.

Interceptors were possibly the ship class which benefited the most from the warp speed rebalance almost a year ago, making them a deadly threat to any unsuspecting capital pilot. Along with the POS cyno changes CCP Fozzie just announced how he will keep tweaking the stats for the Oceanus release, …

Titan Cyno Bumping coming to an end in Oceanus.

The titan/cyno bumping “exploit” gave a lot to talk about during the last month, in case you aren’t acquainted with the details you can read our previous article on the matter here. Yesterday, CCP Fozzie announced a change regarding the cyno mechanics to reduce the likelihood of …

LAWN Lose 70 Billion In Capitals To Black Legion.

Early Wednesday morning, CFC alliance Get Off My Lawn were busy reinforcing a player owned starbase (POS) with a capital fleet when things suddenly went wrong. It started off as a normal structure grind with LAWN forming up a capital fleet of dreadnoughts and carriers. Unbeknownst to LAWN, …

Dev Blog: Some NPCs Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Hello once again dogged capsuleers! This is CCP Fozzie with another dev blog for your enjoyment.

Today we’ll be discussing the Burner Missions that were introduced in our recent Hyperion release, as well as bringing you a sneak preview of what you can expect from the next four Burner …

The Future Of Player Built Stargates

Last night a redditor by name of Hurt69420 posted three screenshots of what appeared to be a blueprint and details for a player built stargate.

[ Original link ]
Hurt69420 claimed that the image was leaked from the Chaos internal test server. As expected the screenshot sparked huge debate …

Awesomesauce: Clarion Call 4

Just when I thought the Rook and Kings days of gracing the EVE Online community with their awesome Clarion Call series were long past us, out of the blue we got the fourth part in this great series.
Without further ado, just drop what ever you are doing and watch the amazing

Submission: Occupancy Sov is Not Enough part 1

The following piece is submitted by: LeoniaTavira, member of VDD, Pandemic Legion
Almost five years after the release of the Dominion sovereignty system there is general agreement that conditions in nullsec need a major shakeup. There are many  ideas being suggested on how to improve things, and …

Caring in the EvE Community

On the 24th of August 2014 a young man, known as NickNackPadiwack on the EvE reddit explained that he and his ill grandfather, known as PopPaddi, had been playing the game together but that they could no longer afford to keep his Grandfathers account active and asked for 200m ISK to keep it going …

Opt-in Notifications for Oceanus

Hello my space snowflakes!
I’m CCP Rise and I’m here on behalf of Team Pirate Unicorns (AKA Team EFT Copy Paste, Team Tool Typpi and Team Ishtar4life) with news about something we’ve got coming for you in Oceanus on September 30th – Notifications! Notifications will give you feedback and …

How To Take Advantage of Deadspace Complexes

Certainly every Eve player will have contact with them, yet their mechanics are not fully understood as of now.
The most obvious difference to conventional space in Eve is, that deadspace complexes, be they missions, DED sites, or faction warfare complexes, all share in common an acceleration gate …

HERO News Round-Up Week 36

Hello its Tiberius StarGazer here for week 36 of the HERO News Round-Up, talking about the going ons in Catch and the HERO Coalition.

What follows in a transcript of the video dialog and links to the videos within.
My first video today is from fleet commander (FC) Travis Holden who recorded this …

Tranquility Issues : Trouble in New Eden

For those of you lucky enough not to have been around when these have happened, every several days or so a “mass disconnect” followed by Tranquility going offline has been happening.
The first time this happened we brought you an article about incursion runners who had loot removed from …

Eve Player wins over 800 billion ISK at

Yesterday, BuBuKiGeR won a whopping 800 billion isk at I managed to get a hold of BuBuKiGeR, who was kind enough to tell us his story.
Over the last few weeks, has seen some amazing figures in terms of people playing. BuBuKiGeR had noticed this too and saw that the …

Leaks: Stainwagon SOTC

Today, coalition leader of Stainwagon; Elazar Keon organised a SOTC to speak to his coalition and update them with recent / future developments. Feel free to listen to it yourself!
Talking Points:
Link to recording
1. Introduction
– First State of the Coalition address since DD …

Shadow Cartel Down Nulli Titan

Old Man Star, a system known for its daily gate camps and the stronghold of Old Man Gang, a long time Caldari Alliance. Anyone who knows anything about Faction Warfare and low sec PvP has at one time or another heard of Old Man Star. It was here that the Erebus titan belonging to Ved Speed was …

The Pod Express: The 20 billion Isk question

As many of you are aware, with Hyperion’s release you are now able to share overviews. While this has had some issues, most are happy with the new feature and what it brings to the table. Corporations and alliances are now able to set an overview as they want and simply share it.
What makes a …

CFC vs BL – Friday evening Dunk

Today BL took a loss of 15 dreads to the hands of the CFC.
According to our sources, Black Legion had tackled a CFC Aeon but took some time to form allowing CFC to prepare a counter drop. BL chose their otherwise trusty throw away dread fleet in an attempt to ensure a quick kill but this backfired …

Announcement: Open Call for Writers

We are opening spots in the EN24 team. If you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar.
– Skype access.
– Free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online experience.
– Wish to earn some Iskies.
– …

Watch This: New Wormhole Special Effects live now on Sisi.

The EVE Online: Oceanos release seems to be on a steady pace for its September 30th release date. One of most high profile aesthetics changes are the look of the wormholes, take a look at the video captured by player Asayanami Dei. If that name rings, it is because he’s the newly appointed …

Insurance Payout Surprise for Tech 2 pilots.

The life of a Heavy Interdiction Cruiser pilot is quite often a harsh one, as soon as the red bubble is up, it usually spells immediate death, but thats the risk we take with our Tech 2  350m ISK (or more) cruiser coffins. Indeed, losing Tech 1 hulls has always been much better in terms of return …

Coming in Oceanus on September 30th

Hello capsuleers! We are gearing up for the next release coming to EVE Online on September 30th, and this is the feature overview blog. After Oceanus we have two more releases to go this year: Phoebe on November 4th, and Rhea on December 9th. Here are the features we are bringing you with the …

Dev Post: Pre-CSM Summit Nullsec and Sov Feedback Call.

Hey Guys, the time is here! CCP Games is actually asking for feedback on the current state of Null Sec and its “High Goals” in the eve of the upcoming Council of Stellar Management Summit.
Here is the thread OP, as posted by CCP Foozie on the EVE-O forums.
Hello everyone! With the CSM …

Watch This: *NEW* Easy Way to Import EFT Format Text Ship Fittings coming soon™

Earlier this week we had reported on the a new feature released into the Sisi server which enabled one click EVE Fitting Tool compatibility, today our good friend JonnyPew bring us an illustrative video on the feature which is in fact a no-brainer for the

The end of “gamers”

The “Gamers are dead” is a hot topic recently. If you’d miss it, the idea is that those who are good in a game are a small and irrelevant minority, financially successful games must aim for a broader audience dubbed as “anybody”. “Gamers” are a small and …