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Eve Gunjack to launch on Samsung Gear VR this month

CCP’s virtual reality arcade-style shooter EVE: Gunjack is to release later this month.
The announcement was made on the game’s official social media channels earlier this morning.
Today we are excited to announce that Gunjack will launch on November 20 on Samsung Gear VR! …

The Scope – Drifter Forces Mount Second Assault On Throne Worlds

Lina Ambre broadcasts live as reports come in detailing a second wave of Drifter assaults on Imperial borders.
With the Amarr Navy struggling to fend off the aggressors, pressure mounts on the Ministry of War to take decisive action against the

November Week 1 – Super Capital Scrapheap

And we’re back! Welcome once again to the Super Capital kills summary. After a fairly substantial break, and following many requests for it, we have decided to revive this weekly article. You can find the last article here.
This post will cover the first week of November from 1st until the …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #20

It’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours trawling through YouTube and EOC.tv to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the EVE community has to offer. So here we

Scalding Pass: Clash in 4-CM8I

4-CM8I system, Scalding Pass region. On the 8th of November at 23:30 EVE Standard Time, Phoebe Freeport Republic forces [PFR] attempted to protect their system from forces belonging to Advent of Fate [CORD] and their allies.
The station and infrastructure hub had been reinforced previously by …

RoCkEt X’s Capital Balancing Report – Part 1 Pre-Dominion

This article has been reproduced here with the permission of its original author – RoCkEt X a member of Sniggerdly Corporation within Pandemic Legion. All views and options should be considered that of RoCkEt X and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Eve News 24 or its …

War in Insmother: The Battle of C-J6MT

C-J6MT system, Insmother region. On the 8th of November at 14:43 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to the Drone Regions Federation (DRF) fought against the Red Menace Coalition (RMC) over the station and infrastructure hub timers.
The system serves as the main staging of RMC forces in Insmother …

Capsuleers Reaping Rewards of Incursions

On November 5th, data scientist CCP Quant released some new data to supplement his presentation at Eve Vegas. The report detailed key points in EVE such as Consumer Price Index (CPI), Player Activity, Production vs. Destruction, and Regional Data such as trade deficits and surpluses.
Another …

Syndicate: Charity Event in FD-MLJ Ends in a Huge Capital Brawl

FD-MLJ system, Syndicate region. On the 7th of November at 20:00 EVE Standard Time a huge clash occurred in the system as a charity event drew hundreds of capsuleers from across New Eden, resulting in one of the largest sub-capital fights in recent memory.
The event was organized by Paumedie Skir …

Amarr Championship Day One Results

The first day of the Amarr Succession Trials are now over in what has become a very unique tournament. While the setup and execution of the tournament was identical to the Alliance tournament itself, the rules and compositions have been anything but.
The first weekend consisted of two unique …

Venal: Clash in O-TVTD

O-TVTD system, Venal region. On November 7, 16:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces engaged Out of Sight. [OOS] over a tower in the NPC nullsec system.
The engagement came as Imperium forces continue to wage war against the Venal-based alliance, choosing this time to try to remove a tower at …

Low Sec Rumble: Slaughter in Aubenall

Aubenall system, Placid region. In the early hours of the 8th of November forces belonging to Snuffed Out [B B C] obliterated a Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] battleship fleet in the system.
The fight started when a Goonswarm Federation battleship fleet belonging to Theta Squadron decided to roam low …

The Scope – The Amarr Championships

Alton Haveri reports from Dam-Torsad as the Ministry of War confirms the downgrade of Imperial Threat level from “At War” to “High Alert” amidst preparations for the Imperial Succession Trials, which are due to begin on Sunday, November

Loot fairy says YES as Hole Control kills Providence and claim the station egg inside

A freighter carrying an Amarr Factory Outpost Platform has been destroyed in Paragon Soul this evening.
The Providence, piloted by Monicc Annages from Kerge Marha Corp. – a member of the pwn-O-graphy alliance, was destroyed in G1D0-G by a Hole Control fleet.
The Amarr Factory Outpost …

Amarr Championships: Day One Begins on Sunday

Hello contenders and capsuleers alike!

The rules for the first day of the Amarr Championships have been released, and can be found on the forums in the EVE Alliance Tournament Section. The rules released only cover the first day of the tournament on Sunday, November 8. If you are competing, make …

Snuffed Out Downs a Shadow Cartel Titan in Iges

Iges system, Placid region. On the 5th of November at 10:11 EVE Standard Time, a Ragnarok titan belonging to Shadow Cartel [SHWDC] was destroyed by forces belonging to Snuffed Out [B B C].
The incident in question started when Snuffed Out forces attempted to bait Shadow Cartel into action, setting …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Ohkunen

Ohkunen system, The Forge region. On the 4th of November at 21:00 EVE Standard Time a large battle took place in the system between Project.Mayhem. [16-13] and the Imperium resulting in 116 ships lost and 55.03 billion ISK of damage incurred to all parties involved.
The battle began after …

New Drifter Structure Discovered

In a recent reddit post, redditor Onslaughtor posted some imagery of a previously undiscovered Drifter structure. In a comment to his post, Onslaughtor states “This is listed as a Jove star gate and is buried deep inside a drifter hive. No gates lead to this location.” Theories as to …

Dev Blog: EVE Economy Update – EVE Vegas 2015 Report

In EVE Vegas I presented a lot of data we've either rarely or never made public before. This also meant a lot of new graphs, often complex ones that in hindsight are not very suitable to fit into a 30 minute presentation at the 3rd day of EVE Vegas. In this devblog I will go through all the …

Pandemic Legion’s Manfred Sideous Removed from CSM X

CCP have today confirmed that Manfred Sideous has been removed from CSM X.
CSM coordinator CCP Leelo confirmed the news in a post on the EVE Online forums.
CCP Leelo:
I am here today to let you know that we have removed Manfred Sideous from CSM X.
The reasoning for his removal will of course remain …

The Fountain War Kickstarter Launched

At Eve Vegas last month an announcement was made that military author Jeff Edwards (in conjunction with backing of The Mittani Media) had been signed up to create the first printed EVE Online fiction book since Tony Gonzales’ Templar One was published in 2012.
The Fountain War will be based …

Battle Report: 1-3HWZ (Cloud Ring)

A fight between Content Ring (Cloud Ring) residents Suddenly Spaceships/The OSS and The-Culture resulted in more than 20 billion ISK of losses thanks to the support of batphoned NCdot.

Battle Report
Despite OSS and Suddenly Spaceships being out numbered 45 to 131, excellent triage was able to …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #19.

It’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours trawling through YouTube and EOC.tv to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community has to offer. So here we