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Major Content Update Announced – EVE Echoes

August 31, 2020

At 1:27 AM UTC Joseph, a EVE Echoes Discord Administrator announced a “major content update”. Specifically, he called out the Latency / Desync Issues and Balance Issues, with a deeper concern around Wrap Core Stabs and Drones.

Thank you to who has been sharing their feedback with us regarding how to improve EVE Echoes!

To recap on a few issues that were outlined by content creator SovereignRPG as well as what we have been receiving from everyone:

1. Latency and Desync Issues – This is our top priority. We are taking measures to address this right now and plan on implementing fixes step by step next week.

2. Balance Issues (Warp Core Stabilizers & Drones) – We are currently working on a major content update in the not-so-distant future which will include various balance changes.

3. Corporation Issues – We are already working on UI optimizations, as well as quality-of-life improvements to this.

EVE Echoes Discord Announcements Channel – Joseph

Joseph made a special reference to a Sovereign RPG video detailing his issues with the game. Sovereign RPG’s video listed a number of problems and a few quality of life requests.

A number of player corporations have added they want the “traffic jam” issues resolved too. Traffic Jams are systems that have exceeded a magic number of players and prevent new pilots entering. EVE Online veterans have some familiarity with this, especially with the Jita system.