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PSA: Capsuleer redemption

September 17, 2020

Dear Capsuleers,

In September 2018, we updated our Real-Life Harassment & Threats Policy and introduced a zero-tolerance approach to dealing with these issues. After two years of this zero-tolerance policy, there have been instances whose outcomes did not reflect the good intentions we envisaged when we first implemented this policy.

One of the pillars of EVE is that while New Eden is cruel, it is also fair. We want our in-game policies to reflect that fairness and, in the same way that Capsuleers do not have only one life, those EVE players who have violated some of our policies should not always be subject to our harshest punishment at strike one.

In the spirit of reflecting, learning and growth, we have decided to evolve our policy. Effective immediately, we will be subjecting future alleged violations of these policies to a case-by-case review and reducing the absolute policy of permabanning on a first offense. We recognize that EVE Online is a game that, more than most, generates strong feelings and strong attachments, moreover that these reactions can lead to people making poor decisions and saying things in the heat of the moment. There should always be a place in EVE for those who are willing to acknowledge they have made a mistake and demonstrate a genuine willingness to change. Our goal is to provide those pilots with a shot at redemption and an opportunity to return to New Eden.

Even though some pilots will be able to rejoin the EVE Online community again, bans for serious offenses will continue to be upheld, as protecting the health of the game and the community remains of paramount importance to us. The following actions remain expressly prohibited and will still result in a permaban if the allegations are substantiated:

  • Serious, targeted and credible personal harassment and/or doxxing
  • Real-Money Trading and botting
  • Extreme and repeated racism and/or hate speech
  • Serious in-game exploit abuse
  • Other serious, malicious activities included in the Real-Life Harassment & Threats Policy

Players that have previously been permabanned for lesser infractions can appeal for a review of their ban under this new approach. Those players who wish to return to New Eden should send an email to [email protected] and begin the process of review, providing as much information as they have about their ban and why they feel they should be reinstated. Appeals will only be accepted from the player who has been banned, and requests to lift penalties for others will be disregarded.

If a permabanned player is allowed to return, we will monitor their progress to ensure they comply with our policies. In effect, they will be on probation.

Justice without mercy is cruelty. While New Eden can be a cruel and dangerous place and our players are some of the hardest of the hardcore, we know how tight-knit, helpful, and compassionate the EVE community really is. Ensuring its continued betterment, health, and safety are essential to the long-term success of the game.

Fly safe