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First Month Stats – EVE Echoes

September 14, 2020

With more than 5 million users having pre-registered for EVE Echoes, we know there would be some very interesting numbers to see. Just after completion of the first month, the developers released a “Killed Stats” block of information.

It’s been one month since our official launch!

Thank you all Pilots for your support and love. Below are some numbers to conclude this month, check it out! Also in the next two days, our devs will answer some hottest topics (RMT, script, bug, balance…) of this very first month of EVE Echoes. Don’t miss it! We will have many months to go through together in the future, in New Eden.

– yiyohoooo EVE Echoes Official Discord

Stats Provided:

  • 33,000 Pods Killed
  • 501,000 Frigates Killed (85% of all losses)
  • 391,000 Caldari Ships Destroyed (Highest Faction losses)
  • 299,000 Condors Destroyed
    • 279,000 Killed in PVE
    • 20,000 PVP Losses

Frigates currently make up a large portion of the available ships as they range from Tech 1 to Tech 7 in their options, therefore it isn’t too out of place to see Frigates topping the list of ship size destroyed. Adding to the fact of missiles being the most used weapon system due to range flexibility and the cost of drones, it is little wonder that Caldari ships top the faction with most ships destroyed.

First Month Stats EVE Echoes