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Autopilot Solution Questionnaire – EVE Echoes

September 20, 2020

Capsuleers – we have been seeing a trend in the amount of feedback regarding our offline autopilot system. As you all know, the star systems in the EVE universe are generally categorized as high, low, and null security systems (highsec, lowsec, and nullsec). In regards to EVE Echoes, however, since mobile device players tend to be AFK while in autopilot, the PvP aspect of the game under these circumstances seem a bit one-sided, rather than mutual. We’ve always encouraged players to do offline autopilot in safer areas, but we also understand that “high risk, high reward” is a vital aspect of EVE. With this duality in mind, we’d like to hear the community out.

To help further guide our decisions regarding offline autopiloting, please offer your suggestions through our form -> -> -> https://forms.gle/8dXV3V8hbek4Yfzt7 <- <- <-

Please note: All solutions only represent the overall direction of our changes, and we will communicate any important details about these in the future as we go towards these development milestones.

Joseph – Official EVE Echoes Discord

The 3 possible options were presented to Official EVE Echoes Content creators a few days ago. The developers seem to have listened to some of the feedback as the options presented have changes, and updates.

Options Presented:

  1. Retain the current setup. Players should expect risks when venturing into low-sec and null-sec systems.
  2. Increase the power and range of the low-sec system stargate guns, and enable the stargate guns to disrupt warp (criminals cannot jump). There is a price to attacking others, and only the boldest (possibly craziest) pilots will consider attacking other players here. We will also optimize the ability for space stations to protect as well.
  3. Based on option 2, in the future, a Sovereign will be able to choose what type of guns a nullsec stargate has. Enhance overall security near stargates by further enhancing the firepower of gate guns (includes high, low and nullsec systems). These changes will enable the surrounding areas around stargates to become safe zones (PVP still not allowed in high-sec). For this, however, gate guns near nullsec systems require the Sovereign’s installation after our Sovereignty update is released (DETAILS COMING SOON).

Additionally, the developers have included a section to leave a text version of your ideas. Please take a minute and vote!