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Skill Point Bug Compensation – EVE Echoes

September 16, 2020

Skill System Bug Compensation Explanation

Between the official launch and August 14th, we’ve noticed a bug in the Skill System: some players who placed multiple skills in the queue before they went offline have gained more skill points than intended.
We’ve detected this issue on August 14, 6:16:35(UTC+0), and the issue has been resolved on August 14, 12:16:04. The bug has influenced a large number of players and we established a special team to calculate all player’s SP status. This process took around 3 weeks. After Sep 16’s maintenance, all players will be compensated with different amounts of SP.

Detailed Compensation Plan:

  1. We will not punish players who gained the most Skill Points through this bug, because all players have more or less gained extra Skill Points. We consider it as a passive behavior.
  2. We have already delivered 200,000 Skill Points to all players on Aug 28.
  3. On September 16th, each and every player will be compensated with the difference between the extra SP that the player has already obtained and the maximum extra SP. For example, if player A has received 350,000 extra SP, and it makes him the player who received the most extra SP, he will not be compensated with any SP. And if another player has received 340,000 SP, he will receive 10,000 SP as compensation.
  4. Taking into account the fact that Alpha players have slower training speed, Alpha players will receive less skill point compensation. This will not be in effect for players who have ever purchased any Omega Clone.

How to receive compensation? Simply open the in-game Skill interface

After receiving compensation, players’ SP level will become relatively balanced (there might be minor differences, of less than thousands of SP). Thus, after the maintenance, EVE Echoes will see a high number of players entering tech level 7 by fair means. Once again, thank you for your understanding and support.

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