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Eye of Providence died in belly of Freighter

September 9, 2020

For some it is the end to a grand dream, others it was the final note in a dying age of EVE Online. The storied Keepstar ‘Eye of Providence’ was destroyed while in Providence cubed setting, aboard a Providence freighter, in 9UY4-H / Providence.

Neutral Alt Pilot Dies scooping the Eye of Providence

At around 0030 EVE today, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, leading Provibloc, anchored a keepstar named ‘Eye of Providence,’ in the central system of 9UY4-H. This represents a forward step for Provibloc, which faced near eviction a few months ago at the hand of Pandemic Legion.

New Eden Report 07-15-2018

Well that would be one less Keepstar requiring a Quantum Core, maybe the only silver-lining in the story. The Eye fell short of its two year anniversary of operation, and reenforces the idea that EVE Online is lose, and lose makes the game worth playing.

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