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EVE Echoes Promotes Community in Newest Patch

September 9, 2020

Along with a very extensive list of updates, bug fixes, and Quality of life changes, the developer added one more service to stations in New Eden, “Community”. While some have labeled this “Community Growth for Skill Points” as the reward for following / joining / subscribing to an Official EVE Echoes “community” (social media platform), is a one time gift of 1,000 skill points (SP). Capsuleers are only need to joining any one (1) of the options.

Official EVE Echoes Communities Options:

  • Discord
  • VK
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

For reference, an Alph Clone trains at 30 SP per minute and a max Omega Clones can train at 75 SP per minute, meaning the reward is approximately 34 minutes / 14 minutes bump, respectfully.

The EVE Echoes YouTube channel exploded. Within 6 hours of the “Community” service being added to every station it jumping from 5.67k subs to 19.8k. One wouldn’t think that 1,000 SP would have pilots jumping to link social media platforms, but with the race on to Tech level 7, every little bit gets a capsuleer closer.

Is this a good way to help mobile capsuleers to meet up, or is it just a way to hype the game’s social media platforms? Thoughts feelings, share below.