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Sept 16th Maintenance – EVE Echoes

September 15, 2020

EVE Online Tuesday maintenance downtimes are a long running staple of the game. However, for the New Eden cousin EVE Echoes the maintenance day is a bit less predictable. The player announcement of an extended downtime tomorrow, Sept 16th posted less than 24 hours before hand. The last patch rocked the foundation of the game for a large group of players and there where hopes that those changes would be smoothed out. However, the list of fixes / updates feels underwhelming.


  1. Improved non-offline autopilot. Now, the autopilot will not automatically begin the next setup upon entering a new system. Instead, it will wait for the game client to finish loading first.
  2. Fixed the collision issue out of the ITC Market.
  3. Skill point compensation have been sent out to all players who failed to gain profits from the skill point bug that profited some players.
  4. Improved AI’s weapon logic, reducing the server load.
  5. Fixed the issue of the volume for repackage Ventures being too high.

The Scope