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Auto-Pilot Update Public Service Announcement – EVE Echoes

September 9, 2020

Today’s patch included a fairly lengthy list of updates to the New Eden mobile game, EVE Echoes. One such change was labeled: “Fixed the issues where warp disruption didn’t work on ships using autopilot.” If history has taught CCP anything, it’s an EVE player finds a great way todo something, their going to use it on a massive scale. Autopiloting out of a warp scramblers was an “I win button” for most miners outside of High Sec space. Post patch, over 3 thousand messages (on the Official Discord server alone) talking about the change singled there were going to be problems.

WARNING Due to the recent fix during maintenance to the bug where pilots had unintended immunity to warp scrambling in the middle of autopilot, they are now treated like other ships and can be warp scrambled. It will be extremely dangerous to autopilot through low (0.4-0.1) and null sec systems (0.0 and below). We suggest you not use autopilot when going through these systems.

– Joseph EVE Echoes Official Discord

EVE Online’s Autopilot is far less helpful than its mobile counterpart, as it drops out of warp 15 km from gates. Within EVE Echoes players can autopilot while outside of the game, and jumps are gate-to-gate. Sometimes autopilot is the only way to get in traffic jammed systems, “Auto Spamming”. The root cause of the change, and the PSA came from EVE Echoes players determining that while in Autopilot their ships had a +9000 warp core strength. Therefore, one could get into a belt (outside of High Sec as there is zero PVP in High Sec) setup their Autopilot and even if they were asleep and became tackled, they could hit the button and any attackers would be without a playmate.

Where you surprised by the change, or had you read the posted announcement?