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Server Maintenance Sep 24th – EVE Echoes

September 23, 2020


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Sep 24 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won’t be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

  1. Since the base mechanics in the High-Sec areas were widely exploited, the chance for players to see the Scout and Inquisitor has now been reduced for Level 1-3 bases.
  2. Improved the game client’s rendering efficiency.
  3. Updated estimated prices in the Market.
  4. While on autopilot, busy systems will be avoided.
  5. The Trade Lock won’t be triggered for account contracts which are under the same account.
  6. Sliding function is now supported when switching tabs on the Overview list.
  7. Now if the player loses connection in a Cosmic Anomaly, ship will try to warp out.
  8. Added: the entry “4.8.7 The First Disruption on Wormholes” to the CONCORD’s Guide to New Eden. Specifically, players who experienced the maintenance on August 26 will receive a commemorative stamp for their entry.
  9. Improved AI pirate’s target-switching efficiency.
  10. Added a limit to the number of module special effects that can be shown in the same scene.
  11. Guest accounts are now banned from transactions. They will need to link their accounts before using the feature.
  12. Added a commemorative stamp related to the server breakdown on August 26.
  13. Added warning confirmation for locking allies.
  14. Guest accounts need to carry out account linking before they can transfer supplies.
  15. Players will receive a confirmation when their autopilot route includes low-sec or dangerous system in the navigation.
  16. Added notification for when player’s Resource Extraction container is stolen.
  17. Changes have been made to some entries in CONCORD’s Guide to New Eden.
  18. Added stages 8 and 9 to Advanced Missions.
  19. Added an option on the Fleet page to enable/disable equal bounty distribution among fleet members.
  20. Added a feature for issuing maintenance support rewards.
  21. Players’ choice of transportation from their previous order will be remembered for their next order.
  22. Added a portal for selling PLEX on the Market page.
  23. After completing the Pilot Cultivation Program, players can enable monthly cumulative log-in rewards.
  24. Changed the name of the log-in reward to Pilot Cultivation Program. Also, the process for claiming the reward (game client) has been simplified.
  25. Added notification to let players know when they forget to load their shipping containers.
  26. Changed the button order on the player business card, which can be accessed by tapping player avatars in the contact list or private chat.
  27. The Combat Log page now contains more content.
  28. Player can change their name and avatar.
  29. Corporation are allowed to change logo, name and Corporation Ticker.
  30. Market order display has been adjusted from 30 days to 7 days.
  31. Estimated price will display in the Market list.