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Gate Guns Are Bumpable – EVE Echoes

September 22, 2020

As many miners and a great deal of freighter pilots know about the EVE Online “mechanic” of bumping. Bumping is where one ship collides with another, in most cases to move the target ship. This is achieved through use of velocity and mass compared between the two ships. I have seen an Orca travel at well over 1200 km/s after a successful bump. However, this hadn’t been an issue for stationary items like stations, gates, or even gate guns. Well, that was until EVE Echoes, as gate guns are labeled ships, even in Kill Mails they show up as frigates may have lead to this being an issue.

Capsuleers: We’re aware of the current issue regarding the stargate guns being knocked away and are currently fixing it right now. In the meantime, please stay safe while navigating low-sec systems. If you think your losses are due to this issue, please contact customer support in the game to appeal for a recovery of your ship and modules. We will review the actual situation and decide the level of compensation provided. You can contact customer support in the game by tapping your portrait -> Settings -> Customer Service -> describe issue in text input field -> Contact Support.

Joseph – Official EVE Echoes Discord

Within 5 hours the Game Designer Melos, the same one from the Month One Dev Recap video 2, stated the issues had been fixed.

Hotfix: The sentry gun will no longer move when colliding with ships. Please still stay alert when traveling in low-security regions. Fly safe!

NE Melos – Official EVE Echoes Discord

This short reply, come with a lot of questions. Was this responsible for the issues with Low Sec gate guns over the last 2 weekends? Had players been using this knowledge to move the guns out of range to protect ships, or was this a recent development steaming from another issue? We don’t have answers, but will be digging deeper.