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EVE Echoes One Month Recap – 2

September 15, 2020

EVE Echoes Facebook page posted a video this morning titled: EVE Echoes One Month Dev Recap – 2. A pair of EVE Echoes Game Designers provided some insight about the game, both currently and future plans. Melos, voiced the first part of the video discussing the Aug 26th Support Medal and player popular requests. Nero August finished the video discussion the fact they, the developers, are targeting only 2-3 balance patches per year, with the next one being in a November release.

For anyone not wanting to visit Facebook to watch a video, a full transcript of the video can be found below:

Hello pilots I’m Melos. Today I will talk about some frequently asked questions in our community.

First, the medal design for players who keep supporting us during the server accident on August 26th is under design. And this medal will be sent out in the middle of September. So you may be curious about what we are doing recently and what we have planned for the future.

So recently we are performing a series of optimizations to the existed feature. Based on your feedback and the gameplay data we have gathered through the past few weeks such as improved application list to the corporation and more stable corporation wallet permissions. 

Another popular topic is about corporation hanger logs. To be honest, the hanger log is a big challenge to us due to the huge log size of moving items. And we are trying to find out a good solution to this and it will take some time. As for the fleet size and alliance size, and a new management skill to the alliance. At that time, the fleet size will be increased to 50 and the alliance size will be increased to 30. These two features are under development and the release time is to be decided.

Beside that we also received a lot of valuable feedback for our new players. And we will improve our tutorials to make them more fun and easy to understand. We have come up with several ideas, such as simulation combat, which can teach you about modules and fittings, and advanced combat skills. You can also find a lot of tutorial-related content in our community. If you have better ideas and feedback, you are welcomed to post your own tutorials and experience in our community.

Next, let’s welcome Nero to share his ideas about economics and balance. 

Fly safe!

Melos – Game Designer

Hello, I’m Nero August, one of the game designers of EVE Echoes. EVE Echoes has been online for a while now, during which we received a lot of player feedback rewarding game balance. 

These are the two main complaints we’ve gathered: 

The first being that missiles are too powerful, and the second being that the production of drone blueprints may be too low.

Many players hope that we change this status quo as soon as possible. However, we are concerned about the inevitable impact such frequent balance changes will have on the game’s entire ecosystem. For example, some players who have invested heavily in developing may need to learn new skills from scratch. Some players may have collected a large number of drone blueprints waiting to put them into production. They might suffer losses if we change the game balance too frequently.

Thus, after much consideration, we decided to make balance changes 2 to 3 times per year. If these balancing patches made significant improvements in the game, we would further minimize the number of balance changes from then on. The closest upcoming balance patch will go live around November. By that time, we will be checking the data to see which ships are popular and which ones are not. There will be an AMA on Discord so we can collect your feedback which will be the basis of the upcoming balance changes.

Speaking of November, we have big plans in mind. Our design team has had stimulating discussions about fleet ranks. There are many factions in the world of EVE. Each of them has its own military system. We’d like to imagine that they have their military ranks, similar to what we have in the real world, in the likes of Colonel, Captain, and such. Similarly, in the game world, you may encounter Tier IV fighters, Tier V commanders, and Tier II repairers. We have already implemented some aspects of this idea into the game, though we still need to polish some of the rough edges.

And after thorough discussions, we came up with new plans to improve the smart ship/weapon selection system. With the new update, we will also be introducing new modules, as well as improvements to monsters in Cosmic Anomalies and Encounters to accommodate the fleet ranks system. 

In addition, we will introduce a new type of delivery mission where you can help NPCs transport cargos, and you’ll have a chance to get some module blueprints along the way.

Thank you very much for your support. We are now working n the new update and gameplay features.

See you next time!

Nero August – Game Designer