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RMT Bans: An Interview

Credit to massively.joystiq.com for the featured image
Despite the best efforts of Team Security and the recent introduction of 2-factor authentication, real money trading, or RMT, is still a large problem in Eve. Sadly this is something that is becoming all too common despite the best efforts of …

Hero SOTC.

The Brave Collective and the rest of the HERO Coalition recently had a state of the coalition meeting. The full recording and transcript can be found here. Some important points can be found below:

HERO will immediately be deploying to Delve/Querious to fight N3, the CFC, BL and anyone else …

N3 and BRAVE Team Up Against the CFC in ZXB-VC

Life in Catch has been somewhat troubling for the members of BRAVE and HERO; the loss of a long-standing member of leadership to the CFC, the ongoing phoney war with Pandemic Legion, who generate timer after timer to force fight after fight on an ever-dwindling number of HERO ships & the loss …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015: RL vs EVE Journalism

A look behind the screens of EN24 at how news is being reported in EVE and the influence of news on the

The Scope: Drifter Activity Intensifies

Alton Haveri reports on location in Hakonen as Drifter activity continues to intensify across the cluster. New Eden watches with fear and curiosity while the strange, deadly vessels begin to pay particular attention to capsuleer activity and decloaked Jove

Systematic-Chaos Erebus down in Aridia

This afternoon, An Erebus piloted by Alexej Stukov died to the hands of LowSechnaya Sholupen in Aridia
It all started at around 05:00 ET with 3Better flying through Yehaba, noticing a Magnate on directional scanner which appeared to be warping around between celestial’s. After checking the …

Dev Blog: CSM X – Voting Results

Hello pilots,
CCP Leeloo here to remind you that during Fanfest 2015, CCP Seagull announced the election results for the 10th Council of Stellar Management (CSM10). For more information about what the Council of Stellar Management is, check here.
During this year’s election we used the Single …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015 – EVE Online Keynote

The EVE Online keynote presented by CCP Seagull, Executive Producer of EVE Online, discussing the sandbox nature of the game and the part that players have within it.
0:04 CCP Seagull, Executive Producer, discusses the current state of EVE
14:37 CCP Quant, Data Scientist discusses what …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015 – CSM 9 Panel

Today, CCP has started uploading all of the Fanfest 2015 recordings! We will soon post the whole playlist but for now we will show some of the more interesting ones such as the CSM 9 panel!

HAX. Down a Nyx in Lowsec

On the 25th of March a Nyx class super-carrier died in the low-sec system of Ignoitton which is part of the Sinq Liason region in New Eden.
This Nyx was piloted by Unbowed Ash, from the SVAR-GA LEG [SVAR-] corporation in the Bora Alis [BORA] alliance. He was primarily killed by members of the Hax. …

Worlds Collide: Fittings Released.

The fitting for both the Tranquility and Serenity teams have been released. The full list of setups and fittings used can be found here. As there is not space to list and talk about all of them, I will focus on the more interesting ones.
[Typhoon Fleet Issue, Serenity Typhoon Fleet Issue]
Damage …

Breaking News: CFC invade Delve!

Earlier this evening a ping was sent out from The Mittani‘s CFC jabber client known as ‘directorbot’, the ping reads:
directorbot: I’m back from Fanfest and I’m FUCKING BORED – this ‘invasion’ we faced last week was the most laughably, pathetically …

*LIVE* IWantisk, ISK Iron Bank & EN24 Nyx GiveAway @21:00 *live*

Ourselves and IWantIsk gave out a total of 100 billion ISK at Fanfest but we are not stopping there! Today, IWantisk, ISK Iron Bank and EveNews24 will be giving away a Nyx!
In order to win you simply need to check out the stream below and follow the instructions. Good luck!
Watch live video from …

Drama in Fountain: CFC Blueballs!

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
The Northern Coaliton invasion of Fountain has largely been stalled by the CFC blueballing everything that is not a important timer. While many players may question this strategy, the CFC has made it very clear that this will …

Video: CoreBloodbrother’s Fanfest Experience

Corebloodbrothers, CSM 9 and 10 member showed us his Fanfest 2015 experiance by submitting these videos! We hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully it convices you to go next year!
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

And the last

Test Alliance Please Ignore SOTA

On the 22nd of March, Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] held a state of the alliance (SOTA) where they announced their departure from the HERO Coalition. TEST had been a founding member of the HERO Coalition and with HONOR’s recent closure + Nexus Fleet closing down at the start of last …

Diplomatic Immunity. steal station from PFR

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a member of Diplomatic Immunity.)
The station of 3Q-VZA in Wicked Creek is in itself unremarkable. A Caldari station located in a constellation full of poor sec status systems however throughout Sunday, 23rd March, it was the location of a series of clashes …

ReWatch: EVE Online 2015 Fanfest Streams / Videos.

Hey guys, in case you missed the original streams we got something for you. Several EVE Online players did record the Fanfest keynotes and they have been popping around youtube throughout the day; so here they are in not particular order.
We’ll replace these streams with CCP Games’s …

Dev Blog: Back Into the Structure

Greetings, dear space friends extraordinaire, my name is CCP Ytterbium and I’m here to talk about our future plan for structures in EVE Online on behalf of team Game of Drones. We have been collectively working on this particular feature prototype (or more to the point, set of features) …

* LIVE * FANFEST 2015 Closing Ceremony.

Well, the Fanfest is coming to an end – stick with us if you can’t watch the whole thing live, we’ll be livebloging:
#en24cc Tweets
!function(d,s,id){var …