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Corp Short Video Contest – EVE Echoes

October 6, 2020

Want to have your very own uniquely customized corporation ship SKIN or flag? How about a custom medal designed by you? Get your corporation an awesome custom prize by participating in our Corporation Shorts Video Contest! Want to give it a try? Read below. Contest Details:Post your creative corporation videos (recruitment, introduction, etc.) on YouTube with the hashtag #EECorpVideo. Full list of contest details can be found here: https://www.eveechoes.com/contest/ Sign up NOW: https://forms.gle/tSkSB45dfK29RgtX7

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Take part in the Corp Short Video Contest between September 24th and October 25th to celebrate your corporation with creative short videos! Submit your videos for a chance to win an exclusive custom corporation skin, customized medals, a customized corporation flag, and more!

If your corp has already created one, post a link to it in the comments and we will update the article to include it as an example.