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October 2, 2020

The September 24th patch listed 32 items, most only being given a single line of explanation. While many of the listed items required a few days of testing to gain an understanding of the exact level of change, items #28, and 29 seem straightforward.

28. Player can change their name and avatar.
29. Corporation are allowed to change logo, name and Corporation Ticker.

Sept 24th EVE Echoes Game Announcement

Where EVE Online tends to post the details of updates, sometimes months in advance, EVE Echoes, the mobile New Eden Cousin, leave much to be desired. However, more than a week after the update, the EVE Echoes’ Developers posted a message to illuminate this change.

Capsuleers: Based on all of your feedback since launch, and to further support all pilots, we’re pleased to announce that you can now change your name and in-game appearance!

To do this, tap your character’s portrait -> Character -> tap the edit icon (box) next to your character’s head in the Character screen to begin!

Please Note: Your first name/appearance change for each character is FREE.

Joseph – Official EVE Echoes Discord

If you are so inclined, while the first change is free, the next one cost 500 PLEX. Editing a Corporation information costs 2000 PLEX. Did you take advantage of this option, if so can you share why?