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Alpha Players Getting Nerfed – EVE Echoes

October 5, 2020

Alpha Player need to be ready for a nerf to their possible income sources, Planetary Production. With the September 24th Game Update High-Sec income was diminished through the reduction of very profitable Anomaly spawns. Now there this a suggestion to limit the ability for Alpha players to take part in Planetary Production to just High-Sec.

Alpha Players are Getting The Smack Down

So this week we received additional information on the October 13th update, which was also covered today in a video by GicaForta, which outlines that as an additional step to fight bots in Eve Echoes Alpha Players will no longer be able to take part in Planetary Production outside of High Sec space.
This concerns me, because a lot of legitimate players who are not bots take part in Planet Production. If they want to assume the risk of jumping in and out of null, let them. Also, although we have the option of paying for Omega for extra perks, this game was marketed as a free to play mobile game. If these types of policies are adopted, you’re starting to take away the ability of Alpha players to enjoy and learn about the game, basically strong arming people into paying for Omega.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Omega player who lives in null. And I know that I’ve been critical of making the game too easy, or deviating too far from Eve Online, but this just seems wrong. What do you guys think?

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The developers have been fairly good at listening to the player community feedback. Therefore if you wish to speck, either for or against this change please take to the Official EVE Echoes Discord.