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Gate Blockade Busting Patch – EVE Echoes

September 27, 2020

Greetings Capsuleers,
As a countermeasure to relieve the blockade near the stargates that causes unwarranted fatalities during autopiloting and transportation, we will be launching a hotfix today to adjust the damage dealt by gate guns. Any crimes committed in proximity to the stargates in low-sec systems will be subjected to heavy fire.
A scheduled time for the hotfix is yet to be decided. An announcement will be made 30 minutes before the hotfix.
Fly safe, pilots!

Rabbit- EVE Echoes Officia Discord

Many are still wondering about the final result of the vote. With the hotfix only containing a change to the Low-Sec gate guns some believe that option #2 won. However, there wasn’t any talk about the warp disruption that was core to that options idea. Therefore, a fair number of “pilots in the know” are saying this points to option #3 or some form of it being the primary pick. If you need a refresher on the options, you can find it here. However, if the guns’ range, application, or targeting AI were not changed a small fast ship could still perform the same 145-150 km tanking that many camps put into use.

The hotfix for gate guns damage adjustment will be released 15 minutes later at 10:00 (UTC+0). The DPS of Sentry will be the same as Concord after the hotfix. Remember to fly safe!

Rabbit- EVE Echoes Officia Discord

While Rabbit’s statement about Sentry DPS being equal to Concord, gives us some idea, the true measure of changes was listed in an in-game announcement. “The damage os sentry guns in the low-security region will be increased to 160 times after the hotfix.” I hope this means that the Gate Guns have 160 times the DPS they did before, and that they have better application.