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Oct 14th Game Update – EVE Echoes

October 14, 2020

We will be having our weekly maintenance on Oct 14 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won’t be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

New Features:

  1. Added the reset Skill Point feature.
  2. Protection will now last 60s after leaving a space station. Changing direction will no longer dispel the protection.
  3. Fixed an issue where delivery containers cannot be delivered from the ship inventory.
  4. Guests are required to link their accounts before joining a Corporation.
  5. When a guest player jettisons into space, a 2-hour lock will be automatically applied to the item, preventing it from being transferred to another player.
  6. Improved the loading speed for ships.
  7. Tier VI or lower Alpha players can no longer start planetary mining in areas with security level lower than 0.5.
  8. Improved rendering efficiency.
  9. Guest accounts can only create one character for security purposes.
  10. Improved the damage number display when the ships are hit.
  11. Added basic recommended fittings for all ships.
  12. Autopilot notice added for planetary mining in high-sec areas.
  13. Changes have been made to some entries in CONCORD’s Guide to New Eden.
  14. Added notification for oversized cargo when requesting shipping containers.
  15. The description signifying that skill effects don’t stack has now been moved to the top of the TIPS. The skill training queue now shows the overall training speed.
  16. Fixed the issue with the direction of the jump effect when using stargates.
  17. The Create Corporation using mortgage feature is now removed.
  18. Appeal function added: Deal with the unsatisfactory ticket. You can apply for a ticket number and reason from Settings->Customer Service->Bug Report->Submit New Issue->[Ticket Appeal]. We will review it again and reply to the player again.
  19. Sell now order function added, it will not charge fee intermediary, unsuccessful match will return the item.
  20. You cannot Place a Development Array from the guest account. It can only be launched after binding the account


  1. Fixed the issue caused by irregular data when closing the Fitting screen.
  2. Fixed the issue with resource extraction caused by shutting down the server.
  3. Fixed an issue where object locations in client were not displayed in sync with the server.