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Game Balance Adjustment AMA – EVE Echoes

October 9, 2020

We are getting closer to releasing an important update that contains several game balance changes with the addition of 5 new module types, including Warp Scramblers, Interdiction Sphere Launchers, Warp Disruption Field Generators, Target Painters, and Remote Sensor Dampeners.

This update also opens up the ability to manufacture 8 interceptors and 8 heavy interceptors.

In order to better understand the suggestions of everyone, we will hold an AMA about game balance on October 10 at 02:00 (UTC), (October 9 at 19:00 PDT/UTC-7). The event will be held in #ama-answer. In this event, everyone is welcome to chat with the developers about the upcoming changes. Please observe the following rules of the event:

  1. You can discuss with us all balance issues either about current state of the game or about the upcoming changes. Please use English.
  2. Please list these in the form of a question, so the devs can directly answer them in an AMA format.
  3. Questions other than those related to game balance will NOT be answered.
  4. If you only want to make suggestions on current game balance, please put your thoughts in this form: https://forms.gle/FxAvttn34fppet7XA. We will read each all suggestions carefully.
  5. This event will last for two hours, and we will try our best to answer all game balance questions raised. Be sure not to miss it!

Posted by yiyohoooo on the EVE Echoes Official Discord

Please note that you will need a Discord ID to submit feedback via the provide form. It will be interesting to see what questions are asked and more so, to which are answered.