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Gate Blockade Busting Patch – EVE Echoes

Dev Blog: Resource Distribution Update

Greetings Capsuleers. “A healthy economic environment where players can find opportunities by making interesting choices is the goal. One of the key pillars of EVE is that loss has meaning […]

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Autopilot Solution Questionnaire – EVE Echoes

Capsuleers – we have been seeing a trend in the amount of feedback regarding our offline autopilot system. As you all know, the star systems in the EVE universe are […]

Dear Capsuleers, In September 2018, we updated our Real-Life Harassment & Threats Policy and introduced a zero-tolerance approach to dealing with these issues. After two years of this zero-tolerance policy, there have […]

The upcoming balance changes to EDENCOM ships and daily login rewards that will be available for you from 25 – 27 September. The changes will be available on our Singularity […]

EVE Echoes Facebook page posted a video this morning titled: EVE Echoes One Month Dev Recap – 2. A pair of EVE Echoes Game Designers provided some insight about the […]

EVE Online Tuesday maintenance downtimes are a long running staple of the game. However, for the New Eden cousin EVE Echoes the maintenance day is a bit less predictable. The […]

New Abyssal tiers, 2-player Destroyers, NPC groups and more

EVE Echoes Facebook page posted a video this morning titled: EVE Echoes One Month Dev Recap. Wei Su, aka Exile, an EVE Echoes Producer voiced the first part of the […]

With more than 5 million users having pre-registered for EVE Echoes, we know there would be some very interesting numbers to see. Just after completion of the first month, the […]

30-day Community Pre-registration Event | EVE Echoes

Greetings Capsuleers! 1) The rewards from our 30-day community pre-registration event will be issued on Sunday, September 13 at 00:01 UTC. All pilots will receive the following: 2 Medium Ship […]

The Imperial Navy Slicer Providing Ground ran from August 7 through the 11th, designed to celebrate Amarr Foundation Day. Even CCP joined into the melee, with CCP Fozzie, CCP Signal […]

Masterful Capsuleers, The awesome GM Week is nearly upon us once more, and that means competitions, prizes, events, and more to look forward to from 14 – 19 September! Get […]

Today, 10 September, is World Suicide Prevention Day, and we at CCP would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of this delicate, yet extremely important subject. Nobody is immune […]

For some it is the end to a grand dream, others it was the final note in a dying age of EVE Online. The storied Keepstar ‘Eye of Providence’ was […]

Today’s patch included a fairly lengthy list of updates to the New Eden mobile game, EVE Echoes. One such change was labeled: “Fixed the issues where warp disruption didn’t work […]