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Dev Blog: CONCORD and the Dynamic Bounty Syste

Dev Blog: Howling Interdictors – New Update

Fearsome Capsuleers, The new Howling Interdictors update is coming on 27 October, screaming its way into EVE Online, bringing changes, variety and balance to Interdictors and Combat Interceptors! The choice […]

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Twitch vs EVE 4

Greetings, Another Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE event is imminent, and this time around, things are going to be spooky! The Streamfleet Twitch vs EVE 4 will commence on Saturday, 31 October at 16:00 […]

A new label for the FAQ area has been added, “Hot!”. Tapping on Customer Service jumps the user right into the list of Hot Issues and provides fast answers. Hot […]

Alton Haveri reports as EDENCOM forces remain on high alert despite a lasting halt in major invasion operations by the Triglavian Collective. Monitoring and evacuation operations are underway throughout the […]

Alton Haveri reports as P.A.P.I. and Imperium forces clash heavily in FWST-8, with the invaders twice attempting to anchor a Keepstar-class Citadel in the system. As the fighting has escalated […]

We are getting closer to releasing an important update that contains several game balance changes with the addition of 5 new module types, including Warp Scramblers, Interdiction Sphere Launchers, Warp […]

Want to have your very own uniquely customized corporation ship SKIN or flag? How about a custom medal designed by you? Get your corporation an awesome custom prize by participating […]

Alpha Player need to be ready for a nerf to their possible income sources, Planetary Production. With the September 24th Game Update High-Sec income was diminished through the reduction of […]

Capsuleers: Show us your best moments of battle in EVE Echoes! Leave your in-game battle screenshot(s) in #eve-event-entry, and the devs will select some of their favorite screenshots. If yours […]

Hello everyone, We are conducting a mass test on the Singularity test server on Tuesday, 6 October at 17:00 UTC. Remember that what you see on Singularity is not final and […]

EVE Pulse: World War Bee 2, EVE x Japan, Resource Distribution

Welcome back to another episode of the Pulse, Capsuleers, your source of news in EVE Online!

The September 24th patch listed 32 items, most only being given a single line of explanation. While many of the listed items required a few days of testing to gain […]

Today’s patch was a small one, at least in fixed listed, but above average it download size. Still the EVE Echoes Developers had the servers back up in 136 minutes, […]

Greetings Capsuleers, As a countermeasure to relieve the blockade near the stargates that causes unwarranted fatalities during autopiloting and transportation, we will be launching a hotfix today to adjust the […]

Greetings Capsuleers. “A healthy economic environment where players can find opportunities by making interesting choices is the goal. One of the key pillars of EVE is that loss has meaning […]