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Tweetfleet: EVE Online’s Support: The Good, The Bad, and The Future

EVE Online: Equinox Patch notes – v22.01

In the latest update from EVE Online, a host of adjustments and new features have been rolled out that promise to reshape both the gameplay dynamics and strategic options available […]

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EVE Online: Alliance Tournament XIX – What to Expect

The Alliance Tournament is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! EVE Online’s premier PVP event, the Alliance Tournament XIX, promises to be an exciting and thrilling spectacle […]

This year, New Eden has been more vibrant than ever. To celebrate, we have collected some of the main achievements of the EVE community for the year. Now let’s go […]

Alton Haveri reports on the evolving circumstances in the warzone as the Caldari State moves to occupy Athounon while the Gallente Federation invades Intaki and the surrounding systems, and the […]

Merc Net Launched on the 21st of November and in two weeks we have gained more than two hundred members. For those who are unfamiliar, Merc Net is an Eve […]

In all genres and stories I have enjoyed, I was always most interested in those fulfilling mercenary roles. Outer Heaven and Diamond Dogs in Metal Gear, Wolf’s Dragoons and Grey […]

Welcome to another new look EVE Pulse from inside Jita 4-4!

The gate is green as EVE Fanfest returns to Iceland on 6-7 May 2022!

At the start of August TEST’s leadership along with other elements of PAPI Coalition announced their immediate withdrawal from their campaign against the Imperium. This article will analyze the mistakes […]

I haven’t written anything for a while, and I wish that my return to EN24 were a more positive article. I’d like to think my record when discussing changes to […]

Whatever Happened to Farms and Fields?

Prior to Aegis sov the phrase “farms and fields” was often uttered as a new way forward for nullsec development. It described a new way null would operate in which […]

“When you see contention amongst your enemies, go and sit at ease with your friends; but when you see them of one mind, string your bow, and place stones upon […]

I genuinely enjoy reading interview articles with notable people involved in Eve Online. I have interviewed a number of people myself from Elo Knight, Carneros, Da Winci, Dran and several […]

In my last article I detailed why the new deployable that decloaks ships is simply helping make nullsec/krabbing safer. In this piece I want to address why exactly allowing someone […]

I have always kept an open mind to changes CCP implements into Eve Online. There are those who will jump and scream at any update, claim CCP will certainly kill […]

Narratives, whether true or false, impact and shape future events for years to come. In a previous article we explored how Goonswarm’s current leader, Mittens, rose from a semi-relevant secondary […]