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Customer Service Update – EVE Echoes

October 11, 2020

A new label for the FAQ area has been added, “Hot!”. Tapping on Customer Service jumps the user right into the list of Hot Issues and provides fast answers.

Hot Issues:

  • Q: Why my day 7 login rewards reset to day 1 ?
  • A: The Monthly login rewards will be reset on 1st per month. Currently the September login rewards was over, then the new October login rewards will replace it. Please log in more days to get daily rewards. As for the missing rewards of September, our team will offer a way to late claim them in coming days. It will be announced in our future maintenance notice.
  • Q: Why I can’t get into the next new run of daily login rewards ?.
  • A: Pilots need to claim both Alpha Clone and Omega Clone daily login rewards all in totally 60 items, so as to get into new login rewards run. Please check whether the requirement is met or not.

Additionally, Joseph made note of a new system to allow users to appeal the decision of a submitted ticket.

For those of you who submitted a ticket and felt that the decision was wrong, you can now directly make an appeal to the current decision made on that ticket.

To do this, tap your portrait -> Settings -> Customer Service -> Bug Report -> Submit New Issue (below the FAQ list) -> [Ticket Appeal]. From there, you can begin the process of making an appeal on your previous ticket.

Have a great weekend!

Joseph – EVE Echoes Official Discord