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Our archive encompass up to 2010 when we EN24 was first founded, as such you might notice some weird formatting / artifacting issues within the articles.
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BREAKING NEWS: 3 NC. Titans down in 667 Billion ISK Loss
November 4, 2018 BREAKING NEWS: Da Imbalance Titan & Mining Fleet Whelped
November 3, 2018 EVE Online: Citadel – Citadel Fly By
May 6, 2016 Delve: Northern Coalition. Super Capitals Ambushed in 1-SMEB
January 20, 2016 Vale of the Silent: Pandemic Legion Downs a Circle-Of-Two Ragnarok and Nyx
January 3, 2016 Insmother: Ragnarok Titan Down to Pandemic Legion
December 17, 2015 Snuffed Out Downs a Shadow Cartel Titan in Iges
November 6, 2015 Pandemic Legion and DARKNESS. Down a Titan in F2OY-X
October 29, 2015 Project.Mayhem. Downs an Avatar in Hakonen
October 23, 2015 Low Sec Rumble: Battle of Dour
October 14, 2015 Northern Coalition. Loses a Titan in Aridia
August 7, 2015 Snuffed Out Destroys LowSechnaya Sholupen Leviathan in The Citadel
July 20, 2015 REKKINGCREW Downs an Erebus in Camal
July 4, 2015 Systematic-Chaos Erebus down in Aridia
March 27, 2015 Ninja Unicorns Take Down TISHU Erebus in Vestouve
December 10, 2014 PL Titan and Aeon Down To HERO and Men.
November 30, 2014 Dead Terrorists Catch Ineluctable Avatar in Ansen
November 30, 2014 I Used To Have a Titan, but Then I Got High *Update*
October 27, 2014 No Value Erebus Destroyed, Very Valuable Killmail Generated
October 19, 2014 S2N Erebus Down to Shadow Cartel
October 15, 2014 USA Number One: Black Legion. Baits Out CFC Titan Fleet
October 11, 2014 Drive-by-Gone-Wrong, Stainwagon Dunks Happy Cartel Titan
October 10, 2014 Nulli Titan Reimbursed, Soul Taker Pilot Banned!
September 21, 2014 Avatar down in the forge
September 5, 2014 PL Kills Titan In CFC Space!
July 25, 2014 Triumvirate: Drive By VFK
February 7, 2014 Another Nulli Titan Bites the Dust.
November 27, 2013 EVE Online 4 Titan Kills Y-2 + capital fight!
July 24, 2010