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BREAKING NEWS: 3 NC. Titans down in 667 Billion ISK Loss

November 4, 2018

In the early hours of Nov 4th, Darwinism baited NCdot with a small sub-cap fleet, a carrier, and Dreadnoughts. NCdot responded by dropping six supers, and as they escalated, so did Snuffed Out. “We dropped our load and bubbled their keepstar at the same time,” commented hy_wanto on reddit. NCdot still managed to field 47 titans, 45 super carriers, plus a stream of FAX and dreads. The number of titans on the field was massive with 36 Avatar, 16 Erebus (including the 3 destroyed), and one Vanquisher. Under attack by that amount of firepower, Snuffed Out was still able extract a fair number of assets.

Battle Notes

Attackers Defenders
Snuffed Out
Snuffed Out
The Initiative.
The Initiative.
Northern Coalition.
Northern Coalition.
M-OEE8 / Tribute
ISK Lose
193,815,607,182.00 473,336,600,325.31
Notable Loses
173.7b 68 Dreadnoughts

(Should they each have been insured, the damage is 105 bil)


Defender Notes

While the battle reports have Pandemic Legion listed, their involvement was limited to four ships. The only recorded kills attributed to Pandemic Legion were seven pods.

Bait Unit

While Darwinism was bait for this operation , they had a reminder for everyone. “Darwinism is no ones pet, that’s why everyone can trust them to help out when required. So if you ever need ‘Piratey’ stuff done, give us a call …” Eye-of-Khanid commented on the actions of Darwinism.

Fight Videos

It is always nice to have the option to watch these fights and determine the narrative for yourself.

Possible Cause

A video from Darwinism‘s POV has surfaced, and the reasoning behind this trap can be clearly heard. The trap was sprung today as TEST was expected to announce a deployment later today, Nov. 4th. This deployment was expected to draw NCdot from their home region, and Snuffed Out‘s attack could be method of pressuring NCdot to “stay home.”


Dreadbomb is the use of insured dreadnoughts to overwhelming a high value supercapital target. Both the fleet and pilots expect that most or all of the dreads will be destroyed during the operation. The tactic is based on the theory their massive DPS output will kill several times their value before dying, thus winning the ISK war (or battle). The key here is each dread loss listed in the battle report yielded a net insurance reimbursement of ~1bil (Platinum costing:425,766,336 while paying out 1,419,221,120), so reduce the effective loss accordingly.

An interesting additional note, is with the state of FAX and insurance:

The same probably applies to the FAX ships NC deployed, so the “true” loss ratio is probably something like 450B to 135B. That kind of K:D is considered pretty successful by most capital FCs. – INITMalcanis

Closing Thoughts

Personally I believe the key here was the attackers allowed a few ships to escalate the fight and closed off the keepstar. Knowing help was so close, but blocked, could have been enough to throw calm pilots off their game. Snuffed Out has a reputation for interesting content generation, but is this something bigger? Possible proof that capsuleers are no longer afraid of NCdot after their showing at X47L-Q? Darwinism pilots out there hit us up, either on social media or here in the comments, we would love to hear more from you!

Nice drop and honestly that bait made it all possible. Gotta respect the darwinism guys for pulling off the bait successfully while snuff took the glory on killing everything. It looks like only one of them survived. – mjedmazga



Grammar and spelling errors have been edited. Clips of a Darwinism‘s POV were viewed and the section “Possible Cause” was added to allow a quick summary of the video. Once a full video link is found, we will update.