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BREAKING NEWS: Da Imbalance Titan & Mining Fleet Whelped

November 3, 2018

Even with recent battles showcasing 300+ titans, the lose of one can be a massive blow. When a Rorqual hunting group scouted a prime target they quickly engaged. After the first Rorqual death, the attackers slowed down hoping to draw out a response, and their patience paid off. The fight was quickly escalated from bomber, logi, and tackle to a pair of Titans and a Super Carrier.

Battle Notes

Attackers Defenders
The Initiative.
The Initiative.
Initiative MercenariesInitiative Mercenaries
Da Imbalance
Da Imbalance
Not imbalance yet
ISK Lose
1,358,137,142.51 117,802,219,472.53
Notable Loses
420.52m KED-2O
79.43b Ragnarok KED-2O

Details are still coming in. The current battle reports

AAR From Attackers

SharnhorstDW posted the After Action Report on Reddit:

Targets were scouted earlier. It was reported that we had a very close wormhole connect. They rolled it, unfortunately. We found another connect closer. Came over for a quick hello. We had to burn a few jumps (3-4) through two bubble walls. Advance tackle landed on grid and locked up 5 or 6 rorquals. They used some nice drones (3 sets of Geckoes). A few of our advance tackle died killing MJU that they were trying to put down and reffing WETUs. A few rorquals got out, as they cleared tackle as the rest of the fleet arrived. One rorqual died without panic. Then the next went to panic. We applied slowly to the 3rd to see if they would escalate. Sure enough, they did. Two titans and a super landed in a bubble. As we began a focus void bomb run, the Rag started to boson. Lost a few there. Then the Rag bounced off the Avatar, it was kind of funny that it looked like it was kiting our bombs. It was then about 100km from the Avatar and Nyx, so we went for that first. Avatar and Nyx GTFO. Rag for FVB waved repeatedly. It’s batteries went dry. Shields began to buckle and then poof – armor and hull went REAL fast. Waited around for loot trucks to pick up the sets of excavators and titan loot. I guess, isk positive? Remember – INIT2WINIT.

vaminos Added more backstory and commentary to the fight.

The Rorqs in KED-20 had already escaped our Stuka fleet on two occasions by using deployable MJD units – yes, rorqs can use these. Out tacklers couldn’t keep scrams on them for extended periods under rorq damage and neuts, and our fleet couldn’t get in to assist them in time because the only in-gate is bubble-fucked for 70 km in every direction, on both sides of the gate. Also, the deployable MJDs have no cooldown, so even if you scram a rorq mid-spool, he can spool again as soon as you drop scram.

This time we were ready, and brought in several nullified T3Cs to provide heavy tackle and/or kill the MJD units. It worked, and it couldn’t have been a juicier payout.

Closing Thoughts

Initiative Mercenaries have stated that they’re still on the hunt and the area is rich in targets. Do you enjoy these types of stories, battles in NullSec or would you like to read about other topics? Leave us some feedback in the comments, thank you.


Originally, Not imbalance yet wasn’t listed in the defenders, this has been corrected. Another battle report has been linked and a video of the event.