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Jonny Pew: New Cloaking Effect Variants for Cloaking Devices

Just published a video today demonstrating the new cloaking effect variants of cloaking devices in the Phoebe release coming November 4th. These are also available in the Sisi server right now. Check

War Update: ProviBlock/HERO War Progress

On the 19th October 2014 a propaganda video was released by Yulai Federation, one of the main members of Provibloc.

HERO Coalition and Provibloc (which includes The Volition Cult, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and Silent Infinity as well as Yulai Federation amongst others) had a deal that, while …

Greedy Goblin: In-game conflict and game-monetizing

The writers participating in the “save the blue doughnut” campaign on the Goon propaganda site often cite that finding fights will be harder. This isn’t true, fights will happen more often. Actually currently the most fights in EVE happen in highsec between gankers and …

NCDOT Takes A2-V27 System from The Initiative in Querious!

Last week, the NCDOT alliance moved staging systems to be within range of the Querious region. Their goal according to alliance leader Vince Draken is to ”make INIT CRY”. With this goal in mind, NCDOT just took the first system off INIT’s Hands!:
On the 15th of October, NCDOT …

Watch This: EVE Vegas 2014 Keynote

Last weekend witnessed the most recent iteration of EVE Vegas; the next best thing America has had after an actual Fanfest. So join CCP Seagull on the discussions of the EVE Online: Phoebe release and beyond.

CCP Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE, leads the discussion of on the current and …

Submission: Eve Vegas 2014 – Don’t Stop

The unofficial trailer. High fives all around to the pack of Elvises (Elvii?) David Cowen, Sean Conover, Erica Sutch and John Zastrow
Made possible by internet spaceships, special thanks to CCP Games. Thanks for the (blurry) memories. See yalls in

Battle Report: CFC vs N3 in F7C-H0

Late EU/early US time zone on the morning of the 19th October 2014 a small contingent of five or so dreads from Nulli Secunda dropped on a POS belonging to a member of the Cluster Fuck Coalition. CFC formed up almost one hundred carriers and thirty dreads, probably sensing a trap though deciding to …

Stainwagon’s Coalition leader Elazar Keon steps down!

Early today, the 19th of October, Elazar Keon, the leader of Stainwagon Coalition, tended his resignation to the Stainwagon Executive Board, citing personal reasons as the main motivator behind this action.
Elazar Keon became leader of the Stainwagon Coalition after the Halloween War, when the …

Providence Bloc Re-Takes 7MD-S1 System

7MD-S1 system, Catch region. On the 17th of October, Providence Bloc forces captured the system, which was conquered by HERO Coalition at the beginning of the conflict, continuing their streak of victories from S25C-K.
At 19:00 EVE Standard time, Providence Bloc formed an Ishtar Heavy Assault …

No Value Erebus Destroyed, Very Valuable Killmail Generated

In the early EU timezone on the 18th October 2014 an Erebus Titan, belonging to Ciris Pellion of the No Value alliance was destroyed in the VT-G2P system of Querious worth around 108 billion ISK.
While most Titan killmails feature a number of capitals or even supercapitals on them, this one is …

New T3 ships Announced

If some of you have been paying attention to the recent dev-blogs coming out you would of noticed a dev-blog by CCP Fozzie on a research race/competition that players could take part in by donating Sleeper Data Libraries and Neural Network Analyzers to NPC’s from each of the faction Navies.
Well …

LIVE: Eve Vegas Live Stream!

The Eve Vegas Live stream is live! You can find the schedule here!
Watch live video from CCP on

What Could the Phoebe release mean for current renters?

Everyone knows changes are coming, but no one knows exactly what those changes will bring. These developments make for fertile fields of speculation. Most of the thought fodder has been spent on the impact to the big boys, their pets, and the hungry mob waiting just beyond the borders.
There is …

Brothers of Tangra sells the drone regions to Shadow of Death in a massive Sov Transfer.

Yes, that’s right if you have been paying attention to the Sov Map, the big mover was the massive sov transfer between Brothers of Tangra (Pandemic Legion’s Renter empire) and Shadow of Death. According to every source I have talked to, this was the result of a region sale.
Here is the …

I know what you did Last Sunday – Provi vs PL/Hero at S25C-K

riverini’s note: Not really a battle report but more of a war story. The idea of this post is not to report on a given engagement but rather give us a glimpse of what’s goes on in providence / Catch. Hero and CVA has been blazing the regions, Pandemic Legion has also been doing its …

Jonny Pew: Unlimited Skill Queue!

Our good friend Jonny Pew brings us a preview of the Unlimited Skill Queue feature that will be released for the EVE Online: Phoebe update. Check out the video, taken directly from the Sisi

Target Caller: Let’s All Prognosticate!

My name is Talvorian Dex. I focus almost exclusively on PvP, whether solo, small gang, or large bloc warfare. In the past, I’ve been a miner, mission runner, and faction warfare jockey. I’m particularly interested in helping high-sec players get into 0.0 . If you would like to read more …

Thoughts on Clockwork Pineapple’s alleged RMT Operation

Disclaimer: This story has recently posted. Therefore, details are still unknown. EN24 does not support this sort of activities within EVE Online and hence we decided to make this article.
A active user of the Failheap-challenge forums, Duckslayer has opened a new can of worms, outing Clockwork …

Tweetfleet: The Best EVE Online memes so far.

With the jump changes and the following player cry/praise came a lot of gold-standard viral content which we featured in our social networks, here is a summary of the best ones.
The first one and by far my favorite is this picture of CCP Greyscale bathing in null-bear tears:

Winter is …

Dev Post: Let’s talk Stealth Bombers!

Let’s talk Stealth Bombers! As we mentioned in the Travel Changes Dev Blog, we are doing rebalance passes on Bombers and Hictors in Phoebe.
Our plan for bombers in Phoebe has several aspects, all aimed at keeping bombers effective while strengthening their counters and allowing skilled …

Battle Report: The Lazerhawks Wreck the Wicked Creek Frat House

Late in the evening of 14th October 2014 a scout from the Lazerhawk Corporation, a group of wormhole dwellers who also enjoy the sweet nectar of good PVP, found a exit in the C5 they lived in and decided to head through into the connecting 0.0 space and have a look around.
After scouting around for …