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Opinion Piece: Knock Knock

Reasons why CCP should open the door.
A cute video from back in the age of Incarna.

We have been looking at that door for a long time now. Occasionally jiggling the handle in hopes the maintenance man has finally gotten around to fixing it. Alas, it remains firmly sealed. The advent of CCP’s new …

T2 Insurance Is Now Worthless Again

Today is a sad day indeed, we have been sent back to the dark days of completely worthless T2 insurance. For those of you who had not realized, after the Crius patch the value of T2 insurance increased, this increase has now been reverted back to almost it’s pre-Crius amount.
The increase in …

Leaks: Spaceship Samurai SOTA

1) The past few weeks was great
2) We need time to develop on our own and so we will move
3) Diffrent phases, First phase is Tama
4) Make money through Caldari Malitia
5) Move non-essential assets to Highsec
6) No resets will happen

[DEV Video] In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Rhea Release

CCP Fozzie and the EVE Dev Team take you behind the scenes of Rhea, EVE Online’s massive December 2014 release.
– The expansive, new Thera system
– 100 shattered wormhole systems
– New, redesigned and remodeled ships
– Roaming sleeper scouts
– Modernized user …


Posted at 2014-12-02 15:32 by CCP Terminus
Hello Capsuleers!
CCP Terminus here to talk to you about the changes coming to medical clones in Rhea on December 9th.

The Current Medical Clone System
When a players capsule (known colloquially as a pod) is destroyed, their clone is killed, leaving …

[VIDEO] Bastionnades (Solo Marauder PVP)

I came across this video on r/eve this morning, and thought it was so good, I wanted to share it with the wider EvE Community.
This Golem pilot shows his ship off to great effect and manages to take on large fleets either solo or with a small gang backing him up. Module management is something I …

DEV POSTS – [Rhea] Corp Invitation Changes and Standard Sleeper Cache, explorers needed!

Posted by CCP Lebowski 2014-12-01 16:13:35 UTC EVE Online Forums
Afternoon perfection passionate pilots!
This thread is for feedback and issue reporting on a small change team Five 0 have done for Rhea to the way joining a corporation works.
Until this change the process for joining a …

Disavowed.: Outnumbered, But Not Outgunned

Wormhole ganks are nothing new in the reaches of W-Space. Infamous groups like Blood Union. and Hard Knocks Inc., Sleeper Social Club, and others have rolled through wormholes like raiders, catching and butchering unfriendly capitals caught in the sites within. Many have come to accept this sort …

HERO Defends Against PL’s Assault on HED-GP

The ongoing skirmishes between HERO and Pandemic Legion (PL) continue to bubble away down in Catch, still one of the most dangerous regions of New Eden. PL has used its Supercapital superiority to capture the systems of U-QVWD, 1P-WGB, and after a spectacular battle F4R2-Q. HERO, which was able to …

Leaks: Cult Of War CEO Steps Down!

I just received the official alliance leadership mail of Cult Of War. ENJOY!
Hey dudes with a heavy heart i come to talk to you about a serious issue.
I have decided that either it is time for new leadership or time to close down Cult Of War, So one of two things are gonna happen by the end of …

PL Titan and Aeon Down To HERO and Men.

Early Sunday morning at around 5.00 EvE time a Pandemic Legion Avatar belonging to Hurley, the alt of Perseus Kallistratos was baited out and killed by a mixture of HERO (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization) and Black Legion.
When a rather well placed wormhole was found with a direct connection …

Dead Terrorists Catch Ineluctable Avatar in Ansen

On the 29th November 2014 at around 1740 EvE time, Dead Terrorists, (<IKILU>) a well known low sec alliance managed to catch a member of the Ineluctable. (<NOWAY>) alliance, Savon Vatare jumping in 200km from his POS onto a suicide cyno. While the titan pilot did try to minimise the …

Battle Report: CFC Assault LBGI-2

Yesterday, CFC made a push for LBGI-2 in Fountain, which was recently taken by N3 Forces.
The events leading up to this fight in LBGI-2 is that the CFC had managed to place SBU’S (Sovereignty Blockade Units), which would give them the ability to reinforce the systems Infrastructure Hub. N3 …


Test Alliance Please Ignore held an SOTA in to inform their players about the foreseeable future. Feel free to listen to the recording yourself!

EN24 LOTTO: Draw At 19:00 – WINNERS Announced

UPDATE: Currently having some troubles unlocking the page, contacting chribba as we speak
you here?
[20:10:02] Bobmon: my http://eve-files.com/tools/dice/view/EN24PLEX again doesnt wanna unlock
[20:19:14] Bobmon: im 100% i typed the right password
[20:19:20] Bobmon: so im really confuced …

Target Caller: What Newbies Need to Know About Eve

After reading a lot of the comments on Reddit and seeing a lot of new players come into the game, I wanted to share a few insights that will help set new players’ expectations and set them on a path to success very quickly.

I’ll give full-disclosure here. I want you to stay long-term. I …

Rhea: Pulse Lasers and Scorch

Hey everyone.
We’re making some tweaks to Pulse Lasers of all sizes in Rhea, as well as Scorch ammo.
At the moment Pulse Lasers are quite reliant on T2 Scorch ammo to be viable and powerful. The main goal of these changes is to reduce the reliance on Scorch for Pulse Lasers, making other ammo …

Submission: RUS Kills A Fraternity. Baby Titan

Earlier today a baby Titan, along with its building POS, was destroyed by a combined Russian force. The POS belongs to a building corp for Peoples Liberation Army in Fraternity..
Many of the Russians hunting in NA space have noticed this POS for a while. There is even a thread for it where the …

Mistakes were made: At last, #justiceforrayonar

So it would seem even the great spy master himself is prone to making mistakes. Coming off one of the worst press situations ever for the CFC they have had to admit now they were, in fact, wrong. As everyone by now should know they killed their titan, purged the pilot and blacklisted him. This …

Examining the current State Of The CFC

Currently the CFC find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They are attempting to hold their sovereignty on two fronts in a way that is just not feasible post-Phoebe, and they are suffering for it.
When they first deployed to QPO, they stated their intentions to wipe out Black legion and …

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving I realize Thanksgiving is an American holiday and the majority of my stellar brethren are not Americans but I feel there some value in taking a look at this, my favorite holiday.  Plus, as an American, I am inherently self-centered enough to feel the rest of the world is just …

Get ‘em: EVE – The Second Decade Collector’s Edition, currently selling for $50.

Wow! here is a nice “Black Friday-ish” deal for you all EVE Online aficionados, the EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition is retailing on Amazon for just $50, which is nearly $100 off!
The EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition package which contain a amazing …

Seraph IX Basarab: Grand Strategies in this post-Phoebe EVE of ours…

There is no question that Pheobe has changed the face of warfare in Eve. The LY limit imposed upon capital ships has sent leaders and strategists across Eve scrambling to the drawing board to figure out new travel lanes and choke points. Contrary to what some have predicted, Phoebe has not …