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Breaking News: Triumvirate Acquires WinterCo Fortizar in Vale

June 13, 2020

By Seraph IX Basarab

Reports are coming in that Triumvirate has been given ownership of a WinterCO Fortizar in 0R-F2F, in the Vale of the Silent region. Furthermore, at least some 100 Dreads have been spotted docking presumably suitcase fit. For the past six months, Lords of Worlds Alliance, in conjunction with their WinterCo allies, have been pursuing a campaign of eviction against Forsaken Empire. While the results have been mixed, the arrival of Triumvirate in the region could mean further escalating the conflict. Although it is possible Triumvirate may instead just be “passing through,” eye witness accounts cast doubt on this as the alliance seems to have settled in and taken fleets out in the region.

As per our previous reporting in the region, Vale is home to several small and medium-sized alliances that have taken portions of the region in the wake of the Imperium’s destruction of the region and the subsequent PanFam withdrawal. More recently, Federated Alliance of Mafias membership has merged into Freight Train Diplomacy after a series of systems and moons had fallen to Deepwater Hooligans. This consolidation has bolstered Freight Train Dipomacy’s numbers even further after acquiring Quarantine Fleet. The arrival of Triumvirate to the Vale region if in partnership with Fraternity and Lord of Worlds Alliance could potentially see the “West Vale” groups taking losses and having to cede territory.

Another reporting suggests that Triumvirate is merely vacationing in the area for some content, and Lord of World’s Alliance is retreating to Perrigen Falls abandoning their campaign.