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Overview: Vale of the Content

May 31, 2020

By Seraph IX Basarab

Since the Imperium’s campaign in Tribute and Vale of the Silent last year, the two regions were left with a power vacuum. NCPL’s claims receded eastwardly, allowing several smaller alliances to take hold in the regions.

A third of Tribute is owned by Trigger Happy, another third by Toilet Paper, and the remaining space is owned by Rote Kapelle and Unspoken Alliance. Where things get a bit more complicated is in Vale of the Silent.

Forsaken Empire has been the nominally dominant power in Vale and absorbed several former ally ECHO remnants. They hold some of the most valuable space and have been locking horns with almost every entity surrounding them. The conflict between the Forsaken Empire and PandaFam continues to escalate as Lord of Worlds alliance and Fraternity press their assault. Fraternity had moved away from the south after their long war against Legacy Coalition led by TEST. Furthermore, they are supported by Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion directly or sometimes indirectly through proxies like Scumlords alliance. “Corelum Syndicate” occupies the Amber gas constellation but seem uninterested in the conflict.

Recently NCdot was present and, in large part, responsible for destroying a critical strategic Fortizar belonging to Forsaken Empire, but has since limited their participation in the region.

Forsaken believes that Fraternity and Lorde have invaded Vale of the Silent to establish the region as a revenue source through renting and other means. Lorde/Frat, however, claims to the contrary that they only wish for a NIP to be agreed with WinterCo by the neighboring entities. Elements hostile to either NCPL or WinterCO have been known to give opportunistic support at times. Whatever the case, the war between the two sides continues and will likely escalate further as other entities get pulled into the conflict.

Vale of the Silent is also home to Federated Alliances of Mafias (FAM), a new-player friendly alliance with some veteran elements that had left Legacy Coalition in the south to strike it out on their own in the north. Although they have proven resilient so far, their dreams may be dashed by Deepwater Hooligans, who continue taking systems and moons from the alliance. Deepwater is led by Fullbroadside’s Timoxa Zero following the joining of Kentucky BBQ, a former FAM corp, into Deepwater. The nature of the departure has ensured the conflict has evolved into a personal level, making it very likely to continue.

Forsaken Empire had warm relations with Fed Mafias but has cooled since becoming closer to Deepwater. This, in turn, has led Fed Mafias to grow closer with Freight Train Diplomacy, a sov holding alliance at the Obe entrance of Vale. Although relations between Forsaken and Freight seem mild, both entities are pulled into supporting their respective allies when conflicts do occur. This may conclude or settle also depending on how far Lorde and Frat expand in the meantime.

To the northwest of the dotlan Vale map, we have Toilet Paper, a French-speaking alliance, and Quote Alliance representing the region’s Russian element. Their relationships with their neighbors seem nominal and vague, not directly threatened by a possible expansion of Frat/Lorde.

Lastly, V0lta has emerged from Thera and deployed into the neighboring lowsec area, almost as if part of the Triglavian invasion itself. They’ve not wasted any time in clashing with local entities. V0lta was part of SkillU’s takeover of the Drone Lands but had since returned home to Thera carrying out wide-ranging terrorist attacks against various null-sec entities.

Their initial attempt to anchor a Fortizar saw nearly 500 PanFam members/affiliates striking at the structure. Undeterred V0lta has continued utilizing lowsec stations and has begun encroaching upon Vale sov claiming IPAY-2. Skirmishes with local entities have been relatively small and medium-sized with the more significant fights occurring with WinterCO elements such as Fraternity.

There is no word on V0lta’s ultimate intent in the region or if there is even one beyond maximizing destruction before again vanishing into Thera.

Vale of the Silent is likely to remain unstable as the various factions continue vying for control while external coalitions are likely to interfere with their own designs. The coming months will prove crucial as to the fate of Vale.

Will it fall under WinterCO’s influence, remain fractionalized, or something altogether different? We’ll see.