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Breaking: Legacy Coalition/Imperium NIP Ending

June 21, 2020

By Seraph IX Basarab

According to a statement posted on reddit, Test Alliance Please Ignore and presumably the entirety of Legacy Coalition by extension, have decided to end their Non-Invasion Pact with their once enemies turned allies, the Goon led Imperium Coalition. The announcement which will be posted at the end states that TEST will officially end the NIP on July 5th and is willing to give their former allies two weeks notice to prepare any defenses they deem necessary.

Rumblings within TEST and other Legacy members over their diplomatic ties with Goons and the Imperium have been growing in recent months more and more. TEST was one of the notable alliances within the temporary Money Badger Coalition which saw the end of Imperium rule in the north. Furthermore they were the one major entity that followed the retreating Imperium coalition to Delve in an attempt to ensure their demise. However opportunist attacks against their holdings in Vale at the time ensured this would not be possible.

Resources were instead shifted to defend their holdings before retreating to the south themselves. In that time relations warmed with the Imperium and the Legacy Coalition flourished focusing on fighting both PanFam and Winter Coalition forces. A somewhat uneasy relationship of necessity kept the two coalitions aligned which if the notice of today is to be believed has just ended.

No public statements have been made to confirm if TEST and Legacy will be pursuing escalating military action in partnership with former MBC groups but it seems likely.

It may also be likely that TEST and Goons are falsely claiming their relations have ended in order to bait the Imperium’s would be attackers to push J5a in Fountain where Mittani, leader of the Imperium, has proclaimed he is fully prepared.