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Extended Downtime gets Extended – EVE Echoes (Update)

August 26, 2020

A planned Extended Downtime, started off on the right foot. Players were warned in advance and items listed in the update during the downtime had large support from the game’s player community. However, problems started to arise 10 minutes after the scheduled uptime.

In response to players’ questions the developers posted a statement about the extended downtime:

Dear Pilots,

We are still fixing an expected technical issue. Unfortunately, we have to further extend the maintenance time and are unable to provide an exact completion time at this moment. We apologize for all inconvenience caused, and promise all players will get compensated for the extended maintenance, as listed below:

  1. All players will receive 20,000 Skill Points as we planned ealier, due to the extended regular maintenance.
  2. Since the maintenance is extended again at this point, all players will receive another 30,000 Skill Points.
  3. If the server is not up until 16:00 UTC, 26 AUG, for every extra hour of maintenance, all players will receive extra 5,000 Skill Points.
  4. In conclusion, all players will receive at least 50,000 skill points, depends on actual maintenance duration
  5. We will create an exclusive badge and deliver to all players who created their characters before 26 Aug, to thank you for staying with us.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

(Only edits to the post were for formatting)

EVE Echoes went further adding any ship lost due to the downtime will be recovered. Tweet:

Within the discord servers reviewed, this reply has been viewed as very positively. Transparent communication is winning a lot of capsuleers hearts and minds for this fledging mobile game.


An update on the latest progress:

Q: What is happening now? Why is the maintenance taking so long? A: After today’s version update, we had encountered a bug that randomly caused certain star systems to crash. Upon further analysis, it was shown to only occur whenever a star system had a huge number of pilots.

Q: Is my Omega Time being wasted while the server is down?

A: Fortunately, your Omega clone time isn’t being wasted at all. Please rest assured: Your skills are still being trained during this period. If there is no skill in your queue, then free skill points will be generated as normal.  

Q: So it’s 5,000 SP/hr now?

A: Yes it is. It’s also separate from the SP accrued by your characters. For example, if your character accrues 4500 SP/hour, then you will receive an additional 5000 SP/hour (for a total of your normal SP/hour + an additional 5000 SP/hour). Please note that this compensation applies to both Alpha and Omega players.   A

gain, we will keep everyone updated ASAP once we receive news on the progress. Thanks again for your continued patience and support.

Via Discord Post: https://discord.gg/eveechoes

While it was not noted in the original downtime patch notes, the issue with PVE Resistance Modules was slated by the developers to be included in the update.