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Resistance Modules Not Working – EVE Echoes

August 25, 2020

EVE Echoes, a mobile game based on the New Eden IP, was release on Aug. 13th, less than 2 weeks ago. Even with a beta test last year, the game shipped with a number of bugs, which came as little surprise. However, a few days ago, a small thread popped up on reddit as a PSA (Public Service Announcement), that shield hardeners were not resulting in a reduction in damage. This is shocking as it is core to the way EVE Online works and one would think that would pass to the mobile game. After consulting a few fellow players, it was confirmed as a bug.

At first it was thought to be limited to shield tanking, having a bit of programming knowledge it would be a bit strange if this was the case. The internet detectives of Reddit tested armor hardeners and found both shield and armor hardening modules are not being registered. This lack of resistance can result in a feeling of “paper tanking” where the game shows players they have 21k eHP and really that have only 15k.

With over 14,000 player loses to PVE content in the first 4 days of the game’s release there is a strong feeling resistance tanking could be a part of why the numbers were viewed as “high”. EVE Online veterans make use of resistance tanking to the point that CCP had to do a series of base resistance nerfs in past updates.

Modules Confirmed to not be Working:

  • Shield Hardeners
    • Reactive Shield Hardener
    • Adaptive Invulnerability Field
  • Armor Hardeners
    • Reactive Armor Hardener
    • Adaptive Armor Hardener
  • Damage Control (Active mode)

There have been some reports that modules altering resistances are working verse other players. However, Damage Control passive was the only module tested.

CCP Raz in a recent interview on Talking In Stations, stated they were making bug fixes a very high priority and this has been backed up with a number of game updates.

If you have further information please leave a comment.