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EVE Echoes Launches Recruit a Friend

August 29, 2020

In a tweet showcasing 4 shiny in-game medals EVE Echoes announced the launch of the Recruit a Friend Campaign. As the game is played on mobile the website walking people through the process is designed with only mobile in mind, which is sad. If you visit the pages on a desktop you will still be able to use it, but it will look odd and some graphics don’t upscale well.

How to participate:

1. Choose a faction to fight for.
2. Tap the faction insignia to illuminate it.
3. Share your link and recruit two friends to illuminate the rest of the insignia.
4. You and your friends will get a special in-game badge after you successfully illuminate your faction insignia
5. Each account can only get one badge during this event.

As the site doesn’t show you which medal you will get until after you select a faction we have you covered.