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Chat & Local Broken – EVE Online

August 27, 2020

Shortly after 7am this morning a post detailing the state of Chat and Local (the count of players within the same system) was made. Within 15 minutes some functions have been restored to chat, but Local was (is at the time of write) not counting correctly. Multiple pilots reporting they would dock to see a guest count in station more than double that of Local.

CCP Dopamine replied to the thread, 2 hours after it opened, asking for more information confirmed the issues was not intended nor part of the new Metaliminal Storms update.

Some reports have the problem extending all the way into Corp and Alliance chats. CCP’s games are not having a good day with EVE Echoes also having extended extended downtime and a series of server shutdowns.

11 hours after the first post and pilots are still reporting issues with the both Char & Local. While the issues with EVE Echoes may not have been connected, one can believe CCP has had a hard day.

We will updated as this story develops. Please share any information on the forum thread.