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50,000+ Concurrent Players -EVE Echoes

August 23, 2020

EVE Echoes sees massive growth in its first week, and with over 5 million users pre-registered for the mobile app is it really a surprise?

CCP Rax and CCP Dopamine joined the Talking in Stations Live Stream and revealed some amazing stats for the fledging EVE 2.0 app. WhoisAFish wasted no time and asked about the stats the CCP developers could share. CCP Rax didn’t disappoint, stating that on launch the concurrent user count was over 50,000, will more than a million players entering this mobile NEw Eden. In comparison, the EVE Online standard count of mid to upper 30 thousand is being dwarfed. CCP Rax continued to provide more information on the activities of the EVE Echoes player base.

Stats of the first 4 days:

  • 1500 Corporations active
  • 5 million encounters cleared
  • Nearly 50,000 deliveries made
  • 3 Billion units mined
  • 28,000+ Killmails
  • 155,000 deaths to just PVE content
  • 13,000 deaths in mixed PVE / PVP
  • 60,000 Contracts (Which are limited to Omega Characters)

Other notable stats included 100+ corporation created on the first day alone. Now for long time EVE Online players this does sound like a feat, but understand it costs 200 million ISK or 3 million down and 220 million paid over 3 months to start a corporation in EVE Echoes.

This will be updated as more information is gathered.