The Discourse – Multiple Damaged Drifter Fleets Spotted Across New Eden

Multiple damaged Drifter fleets were spotted in New Eden and Anoikis during the last weekend. The fleets encountered are the largest concentration of Drifter battleships since the Throne Worlds campaign in YC118 and the message of Hilen Tukoss in YC116.

Voices: Elinari Rhodan, Cyrillian …

Dev Blog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement of EVE Voice

We’re fast approaching the half way mark of the Second Decade of EVE Online and as part of the preparations for the Third Decade, here at CCP we’re looking at how to strengthen the foundations of EVE and build on updating and optimizing the EVE Online client as we chart the long-term future of …

Dev Post: * New Ship * [March] The Monitor Flag Cruiser

Hello folks! This thread will serve as the discussion point for a new ship scheduled for the upcoming March release: the Monitor-class Flag Cruiser.
The goal of the Flag Cruiser class is to provide a new specialized tool for fleet commanders in large battles to counter “headshotting” tactics. …

Dev Blog: Balance Changes Coming In The March Release!

Hello Ship Balance Fans!
The February release has just landed and hopefully many of you are busy working out new Assault Frigate fits and Assault Damage Control doctrines, but we are already looking forward to March where we have another package of ship balance updates coming your way. This set of …

EVE Online’s Gerontocracy. How can we deal with it?

EVE is a gerontocracy. That is, old people govern it. Well, no – because all major alliance CEOs are probably all under 50.  Old capsuleers govern EVE. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of when major power players were ‘born’:

UAxDEATH (2005) – DRF
The Mittani (2005) – Goonswarm …

A Great Game?

Hello, my name is Hugh Caswakk and I’m a writer and part-time conspiracy theorist for EN24. The half-mad ravings here are my own and do not represent the official view of EN24, my corp, alliance or coalition.
I put the disclaimer in because I’m going to try some analysis which may verge on …

Horde Moving to Geminate: An Explainer

Pandemic Horde is moving to Geminate. As far as we can tell, it is legitimate. This writer will seek to answer three key questions:

Why is this happening?
What does this mean for Horde?
What does this mean for the North?

Why is this happening?
There are two reasons why this is …

PSA: Important Information For Pilots Who Pre-ordered The Levitating Nyx Model From Triforce

Due to repeated delays and uncertainty that the Nyx model would ever reach the hands of our pilots, we unfortunately have ended our relationship with TriForce and cancelled the project.
TriForce has pledged to reimburse those who have already pre-ordered the model. We recommend you contact them for …

Meet the North: Guardians of the Galaxy

In the recent battle at 9-4, Imperium forces were stopped by ‘The North’. But who exactly is ‘The North’? For some players, the answer is obvious. For others, the mess of New Eden geopolitics makes it a difficult question.
At EN24, we like to cut through mess, so …

Dev Blog: Security: Different times, Different ways

Greetings Capsuleers!
Due to various important changes EVE Online has undergone in the last couple of years, there are new challenges to contend with in many areas. Unrestricted Alpha access and Skill Trading have led to an increase in account hijacking issues and lowered the barrier of entry for …

PSA: Patch Notes for Feb. 13th release.

Patch Notes For February 2018 Release 1.0 Released on Tuesday, February 13th 2018
Features & Changes

Updated Wwise audio engine to the latest version for improved audio stability and performance.


This patch contains a balance pass affecting Assault Frigates and Heavy …

Dev Blog: CSM Winter Summit Minutes & changes to the election process

Dear voters,
The Winter Summit for the 12th democratically elected Council of Stellar Management took place at CCP HQ in Reykjavík from Jan 15 -18, covering a wide range of EVE topics chosen by both the CSM and CCP.
The meeting minutes for the summit have been released and you can get them HERE. …

PSA: Reminder – Structures Changes Coming On February 13th!

Next Tuesday on February 13th, the Upwell Firmware Update will be deployed. The full details of everything included in this update can be found in this devblog, but there are a few things we wanted to remind pilots about:

Changes are being made to the Reinforcement mechanics of Upwell Structures. …

Watch This: Battle over the Triumvirate Keepstar

The final Triumvirate Keepstar battle took place on 5th of February 2018.
DRF, Legacy and friends (attacking side) had successfully brought the station in to it’s final timer, but with heavy losses.
When the battle began, the defenders (Triumvirate, Lumpy and friends) almost initially …

Watch This: In Development February 2018

This EVE Online in-development video features everything coming out this month, leading up to the February release.
Features include the Upwell Structure firmware update, the results of the Christmas Gif competition, as well as updates to Assault Frigates and the upcoming Guardians Gala in-game …

PSA: Bloody hands of Matar skins now available!

Freedom Fighters. Revolutionaries. Terrorists. Dissidents. The Bloody Hands of Matar are described as various things across New Eden, but what is certain is that they adopt a hard-lined opposition against the Amarr Empire and its allies.
Responsible for numerous attacks against the Amarr Empire and …

Krabs in the Nation and State

[Disclaimer: Hugh Caswakk’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Eve News24, his alliance or his corporation.]
In 1829, The Edinburgh Review published an article written by the philosopher Thomas Carlyle called “Signs of the Times”. In it, he argued that the …

PSA: Calling All EVE Online Designers – Fanfest 2018 Mouse mat Design Contest

If you'd like to discuss this dev blog or the contest, you can head on over to this thread on the EVE Online forums!
The t-shirt design contest that we held prior to Vegas was incredibly well received, with over 150 designs submitted.
As we head toward what is already shaping up to be one of …

Watch This: Lasker Emanuel vs. the World

How about we start the day with a fight against the odds. CVA’s brand ambassador “Lasker Emanuel” is no stranger to fighting outmatched and outnumbered.
We (NCDOT) were retaking the take over project of northern providence when one of our scouts pointed out a lone CVA Phoenix …

Interview with Famed Eve Photographer Razorien

The 24-7 total-immersion Sci-Fi universe that is EVE Online creates a wealth of opportunities for streamers, youtubers like the author, even fiction writers setting tales within its universe. Less attention is given to the photographers of EVE Online. While just about anyone can press …

Dev Post: Februrary Balance Update – Assault Frigates and Assault Damage Controls

As many of you have already noticed, we have some changes coming in February to Assault Frigates as well as a new Assault Damage Control module type, which can only be used by Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers.
Assault Damage Controls
Assault Damage Controls are a new module type …

Upwell Changes: A Lesson to the Community

Yesterday, CCP Fozzie announced on the official forums concerning the Upwell 2.0 changes. You can read it in full here. In summary, three modifications were announced:

No GTFO module
No 5-minute fitting period after anchoring
Doubling final vulnerability timer to 15 minutes.

So, this is clearly …

Dev Post: Upwell 2.0 – Structures Changes follow up

Hello again everyone! Thanks again for the continued discussion. I’ve finally caught up with the new posts in this thread and today I’m able to share with you all a few changes to the the plan that we’re making based on your feedback so far.
We’re removing the Standup GTFO from the plan. We …

Watch This: The 9-4RP2 Keepstar Defence Part 2: The Vulture Patrol

[Disclaimer: Yossarian Yassavi is a member of Darkness., an alliance fighting on the Northern side of the conflict, but his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Eve News24, his alliance or his corporation.]

So much hype went into the buildup of this fight, only for a somewhat underwhelming …

Dev Blog: Encouraging Signals – A Project Discovery Update

To discuss this Devblog, click this link to head over to the EVE Online forums.
A message from François Bouchy, Maxime Marmier and Oliver Turner – members of Michel Mayor’s team in Switzerland.
In July 2017, all 176,802 light curves obtained by the CoRoT space mission were injected into EVE …