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GM Week – CONCORD See Nothing

August 21, 2018

Aug 20th, the opening day of GM Week – Saw CONCORD continue to turn a blind eye toward Botters, but GM’s, testing their new freedoms, thought capsuleers would be happy to dull out justice.

[18:56:00] Odo Korachi > This evening the Directive Enforcement Department will be running several tests.

[18:57:52] Odo Korachi > These tests will be used to assess the functionality of new Cynosural Projection technology that is currently under development by the CONCORD Assembly.

[18:58:55] Odo Korachi > We’ll need some willing test subjects, and as such we’ve selected from a list of wanted indviduals who are known to be in violation of the Yulai Convention, and are utilizing illegal Rogue Drone Automation Technology.

Having gained the attention of local, capital ships were -for lack of an actual in-game mechanic- teleported into the High Security system of Yulai. This would have been a great event simply to have capitals in HighSec, but it continued to get better. Odo Korachi invoking some yet unread Yulai Convention rule, had CONCORD flag these “test subjects” suspect. “Seems fitting for CONCORD to continue to pretend they didn’t exist.” Madame Erika, flying a Thanatos Carrier was the first to feel the justice of the capsuleers.

For more of the juice visuals check out the Twitch VOD starting at 11 minutes in.

Watch Solo PvP (and some Abyssal Sites) from CCP on www.twitch.tv

Justice Applied to Four Super Carriers

Along with multiple other carriers, a few “shiny” Tengus, a 2.5 billion ISK pod and four Hel Super Carriers were dispatched by the collected capsuleers.

Top ISK Killmails:

A common theme between the carrier pilots, is a history of losing VNIs. Additionally, some pilots have noted that Goonswarm Federation suffered the largest collective loses. However, with their recent major victories both individuals and corporations have swelled the ranks. EveWho.com shows a 299 player delta over the last 7 days. Under closer examination, the loses for Goonswarm Federation centered around the corporation Peoples Liberation Army, oddly sporting a Chinese language website.

Yulai Convention

Why, you maybe asking, have the event in Yulai? Odo Korachi made direct reference to the Yulai Convention through his communication via local chat. As there often is with Eve, the Yulai Convention is a lore piece, most notably it is included in the ending of War Decs.

One know example of the Yulai Convention explains why Faction Warfare pilots become locked out of stations:

Article 37a: Vessels of national navies are explicitly forbidden from docking at other national navies’ stations if those stations are within the confines of the owning navy’s borders. Exceptions are granted only through specific written permission and statement of intent, both of which must go through proper CONCORD channels beforehand.

The Yulai Convention has been at the core of Eve lore, mostly players see it in War Dec evemails.

What’s Next This Week?

If this is a glimpse of what GM Week has in store, I am very excited. Want to be ahead of the action? Drop a follow on CCP Customer Support. Possible information on the next site for GM Week maybe sourced from the Twitch Feed. “Latest News: Riots Erupt on Tierijev IV over “Bad Taste Bets,” in my opinion this could be a clue to the next event system.