Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Ashmarir

Ashmarir system, Khanid region. On the 2nd of January at 9:00 EVE Standard Time, Pandemic Horde [REKTD] and DropBear Sanctuary [DROP] forces clashed in what rapidly became an impromptu capital fight in the system.
Having recently arrived in the region in order to help Darwinism. [DRWIN] combat …

Rest in Peace Shonion (1981-2015)

2016 started off with some very sad news. Shonion, Leader of the ”crazy huns” Hun Reloaded, now known as FREE GATES COALITION has passed away.
Shonion was a great leader and he will missed by the whole EVE Community! A reddit thread was made for people to post their respect and you can …

Vale of the Silent: Pandemic Legion Downs a Circle-Of-Two Ragnarok and Nyx

IPAY-2 system, Vale of the Silent region. On the 2nd of January at 03:00 EVE Standard Time, a Ragnarok titan and a Nyx supercarrier belonging to Circle-Of-Two [CO2] were destroyed by forces belonging to Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in what turned out to be a well designed trap.
Imperium forces attempted …

First Fiend Goes Down In The Citadel

Last Thursday, Judas II member of Dark-Rising lost his Fiend to the hands of The REKKINGCREW.
The Fiend is a ship that was rewarded to the champions of Alliance Tournament XIII. They are Heavy Interdictor cruisers, which means that they are basically a HIC on steroids. Judas II is still to this day …

Video: EVE Online December 2015 Nullsec Recap

Hendrick Tallardar created an amazing video, showing you all you need to know about the December month in EVE Online. I really liked the video and I hope you do

Submission: 3 Fun Fights – New Year’s Solo PvP

An amazing video, showing of some great solo pvp

Tell Your Story at EN24

Here at EN24 we periodically put out a fairly standard call for writers. However I wanted to go beyond that by sharing some thoughts and personal experience regarding the role of EN24.
I started writing here in 2011 as a newer player. I had just finished training the skills to fly a stealth bomber …

Low Sec Rumble: Disaster in Maut

Maut system, Placid region. On the 29th of December at 22:00 EVE Standard Time, an attempt by Syndicate residents to nab a few Imperium super capitals in the system went terribly awry.
The battle took place on a staging tower used by Imperium forces to house one of their super capital fleets. As …

Battle Report Round Up #12

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
21/12 Hole Control versus Sleeper Social Club
Besides riches, the vast expanses of wormhole space also hide a great deal of small and medium scale fleet warfare where …

Venal: RAZOR Alliance Ambushed in 9-266Q

9-266Q system, Venal region. On the 29th of December at 22:00 EVE Standard Time, a small RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] fleet was ambushed and subsequently destroyed by forces belonging to Northern Coalition. [NC] and Out of Sight. [OOS].
In a continuation of their attempts to remove Out of Sight. from the …

Events: The Meets and Events in January!

How to kick off a new year? By going to a good old EVE Online meeting or event of course! Fanfest is coming up in April and for those who simply can’t wait or are unable to go might find the following meetings or events an amazing opportunity to spent some time with fellow EVE Online players. …

Cloud Ring: Clash in DY-F70

DY-F70 system, Cloud Ring region. On the 28th of December at 22:40 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to the Imperium fought a make-shift coalition of alliances over a tower in the system.
The battle was sparked over a The-Culture [-T C-] tower in the system which Imperium forces were in the …

Low Sec Rumble: Battle of Ikoskio

Disclaimer: Due to multiple fleets and participants present in the fight, all the numbers supplied in this article are estimates only.
Ikoskio system, Black Rise region. On the 27th of December at 22:30 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces fought the inhabitants of low security space and their allies …

Providence: Ganked #200 and Pandemic Legion Clash in KBP7-G

KBP7-G system, Providence region. On the 26th of December at 22:20 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to the NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) community clashed with Pandemic Legion [-10.0] head on in the system in what became a rather bloody and one sided fight.
Celebrating another milestone for the …

Submission: Rooks and Kings: Gridline Bombing (One Night Only)

A Goodbye to Gridline. Those curious about other fronts might be interested in today’s write-up here
With the grid system undergoing dramatic changes in December 2015, we take time out to give a brief and final airing to a long developed weapon, hours before the window of opportunity

Providence: Battle of D-GTMI

D-GTMI system, Providence region. On the 26th of December at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc forces engaged Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in a long and arduous battle over the system’s station.
The battle was sparked after the system’s infrastructure hub and station were reinforced …

Watch These – Weekly Video Round Up #25 (Christmas Edition!)

Happy Christmas space friends! So while rolling around in gastronomic agony after stuffing my face with too much food and alcohol the only thing I could do was trawl through YouTube to find some Christmas eve

Have Yourself A Merry Little EVE-Mas

Merry Eve-Mas everybody!

Video: Hendrick Tallardar
Song: Sindel

RMC+SW vs. DRF; The war for Russian supremacy

Many people see this war as merely the first war in the new Aegis Soverignty System, a war that was started to generate content for the individuals involved. While this is partially true, the war quickly escalated into so much more, a war to answer the question of who would be the apex Russian …

Why I Started Hi-Sec Ganking, and Why You Should too!

Years ago, when I began my EVE journey I was content to just let the PvE content roll in and grind night after night anticipating the flashy wallet every twenty minutes. But as I imagine some of you experienced yourselves, the grind becomes tiresome.
I branched out. Tried faction warfare for a hot …

Battle Report Round Up #11

The passing weeks supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
13/12 The OSS and Suddenly Spaceships. versus Ivy League

The Battle from the Perspective of the Ivy League Fleet

The Battle from the Perspective of the Joint Battleship …

UPDATE: Viator Carrying 66 Billion ISK in Sleeper Loot Destroyed in Hirtamon

December 14th, 18:24 EVE Standard Time in the Hirtamon system, The Forge Region: a Viator piloted by the CEO and sole employee of the Hotdroppadipop corporation; Kilksti Kolksti was the victim of a hi-sec gank.
It is not uncommon for blockade runners to be singled out, as their hulls have a very …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Shafrak

Shafrak system, Aridia region. On the 19th of December at 18:45 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Northern Coalition. [NC] clashed with LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-] and their allies in the system over towers in the region.
The battle was sparked over three towers in the neighboring Nalnifan …

Interview with SUAS of Black Omega Security/OSS

Eve truly is an amazing game where you can find unique cultures and histories much the same way you can IRL. I view Eve as the “best version of chess” we have. As a student of history and international relations, it’s a very valuable platform for social experiments and engineering …