Dev Blog: The First Citadels: Help Upwell Consortium build the world of tomorrow

Greetings Capsuleers,

Would you like the chance to help build the world of tomorrow?

Your friends at Upwell would like to help make your dreams a reality.  

This is a very exciting time to be a citizen of New Eden! The Upwell Consortium has completed the design phase of the Astrahus …

Battle Report Round Up #16

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
18/1 Northern Coalition. versus Aridia residents
Though already covered in another article, this video gives the Northern Coalition. [NC]’s point of view of the …

Seraph IX Basarab: Darius JOHNSON – Written Out But Not Silent

Each nation has its own origin myth that people look back to and draw inspiration from. The Romans had Troy, the Caliphate had Mohamed, the United States had Washington’s Cherry Tree and so on and so forth. Many entities in Eve have a similar sort of origin myth. Perhaps the most well known …

Detorid: Vanguard Coalition and Test Alliance Please Ignore Clash over ZLO3-V

ZLO3-V system, Detorid region. In the early hours of the 21st of January, forces belonging to the Vanguard Coalition (VC) led by Triumvirate. [TRI] clashed with Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] forces over a tower in the system.
With the Red Menace Coalition (RMC] forces in retreat, having …

Dev Blog: Project Discovery needs You!

Scientific EVE community!

We are here to tell you about the next milestone for Project Discovery which is arriving on the test server Singularity. Those of you who‘ve followed news about this feature may have seen our presentations on it at EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas last year. …

Submission: Di-Tron Heavy Industries Turns 10 Years old!

I am Lucia Tarjin, A Welshman with a rather handsomely groomed beard masquerading as a hot pixelated female. I like long walks on the beach and autistic nerdery. I spend my days warrioring the fuck out of my keyboard in work and at home. I also have the pleasure of being Di -Tron Heavy …

JonnyPew: What is Skill Trading?

Our good friend Jonny Pew gives us a 101 on skill points, skill point trading and a fine explanatory of the new skill point trading system proposed by CCP Games.
This illustrated exposé is pretty cool, specially for this players who haven’t really sat down and read the finer points on the …

Flight School: Ice Harvesting Primer

CCP Antiquarian guides us through what is needed to start a career as an Ice Miner, where to find Ice, and what these products can be used for in EVE Online.

0:06 Ice Mining equipment
0:31 Improving your Ice Mining efficiency
0:39 Finding Ice Belts
1:09 Ice Products and their

Seraph IX Basarab: The Mittani’s Love/Hate Relationship with reddit

I’ve made part of my Eve “career” off of being a critic. I hate ratting, I’ve never done it and I prefer to write to make my ISK. I enjoy looking at different groups or individuals within Eve and writing commentary on what I observe. Naturally when looking at the different …

Delve: Northern Coalition. Super Capitals Ambushed in 1-SMEB

1-SMEB system, Delve region. On the 18th of January at 13:00 EVE Standard Time, Northern Coalition. [NC] forces suffered a heavy blow by the residents of the Aridia region and their allies, resulting in the loss of a titan and 4 supercarriers.
Northern Coalition. and local Aridia alliances such as …

Bob’s Corner: Episode 3!

Yes, it’s that time again, A new episode of Bob’s Corner is ONLINE!

EVE Online: Jump Clones

CCP Puck discusses Jump Clones and how to use them to your advantage in Eve Online.
0:14 Skills required to install Jump Clones
0:30 Installing a Jump Clone
0:50 Keeping track of your Jump Clones
1:02 Clone jumping restrictions and how to reduce them
1:12 Moving between clones
1:44 Implants and …

Low Sec Rumble: Major Clash in Nalvula

Nalvula system, Lonetrek region. On the 16th of January at 22:30 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Northern Coalition. [NC], Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and allies fought Imperium forces in the system.
The battle was sparked over two Project.Mayhem. [16-13] towers which were reinforced by the …

Watch This: An Update from CCP Seagull – 2016 Roadmap

An update on the roadmap and the start of 2016 from CCP Seagull
CCP Seagull’s first video update of 2016, where she explains a little more about what’s coming to New Eden over the course of the next few releases and what everyone is busy with here at CCP Iceland in the run-up toward Fanfest …

Dev Blog: Skill Trading in New Eden

Good day Capsuleers!

A couple months ago we published a dev blog introducing you to the idea of Skill Trading. The blog sparked a really great discussion in the EVE community. We decided to be fairly hands off and see where it would lead without us trying to persuade anyone. We weren’t …

Battle Report Round Up #15

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
14/1 Providence Bloc versus Bad Intention
Another fight between Providence Bloc and the denizens of low security space, this time taking place in the Tirbam system of the …

GUIDE: EVE Online: Intro to Incursions Part 2

This is part two of the Incursion series, To watch part 1 of the guides click

The Vault: Submission Rundown #2

Another month and another Vault Submission, collecting a few other works which for one reason or another I couldn’t feature in my other articles. Please enjoy:
NC. vs LSH/The Afterlife – 19 Dec 2015
This work was brought to my attention on my write up of the battle of Shafrak and …

Opinion: SMA SOTA Analysis

Disclaimer: The opinions within this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of EN24, its staff or writers. Seraph IX Bassarab is a member of Angry Dragons, Psychotic Tendencies..
“We are the thinkers, the builders. We are the strength and the conviction. We are the …

PFR announce evacuation of Scalding Pass in latest SOTA

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a former member of PFR)
In a State Of The Alliance (SOTA) held at 18:00 on Saturday the 16th of January, Walter Cohen, leader of Phoebe Freeport Republic [PFR], announced plans for PFR to abandon their home region of Scalding Pass (and holdings in nearby …

Propaganda: Pandemic Horde & Concordiat Winter 2015/16

Below is a video from Pandemic Horde, an excellent place for new people to learn the game alongside experienced and new players

Low Sec Rumble: Imperium Forces Defeated in Multiple Engagements

On the 13th of January, Imperium forces attempting to continue their campaign against the residents of low security space faced stiff resistance from local forces, resulting in a string of defeats throughout the day.
First Engagement: Pynekastoh 11:30
The first battle occurred in the Pynekastoh …

Jin’talks: Battlecruisers & The September Rebalance

Hi, I’m Jin’taan! Thanks for reading my article. I’m an FC within ProviBloc!
So, I’ve been asked a few times now what my opinions were on the Battlecruiser changes, referring to the changes made in September. These changes gave some light agility buffs, a few fitting changes, …

Battle Report Round Up #14

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
7/1 Did he say Jump, FETID and allies versus Dead Terrorists, Shadow Cartel and allies
Another clash between the two sides over the moons in and around the Heimatar region …

GUIDE: EVE Online: Intro to Incursions

A pretty basic overview of Incursions in CCP’s EVE Online, intended as a primer for people who have never run incursions before, and would like to know what they are getting in