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EVE Scribe: Providence Bloc Suffers Defeat in 9-F0B2

9-F0B2 system, Providence region. On the 2nd of June 20:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition. [NC] met in battle in the system, in a fight that saw Providence Bloc soundly defeated.
[NC] had once again deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units in the G-5EN2 system, prompting …

The Battle for ED-L9T Continues

I1Y-IU system, Querious region. In the early hours of the 3rd of June, forces belonging to Guardians of the Galaxy coalition clashed with Imperium forces in a battle over the shield timer of the ED-L9T station, paradoxically in their own staging system of I1Y-IU.
The Guardians of the Galaxy …

Vince Draken Returns and Ignites NCdot

Author’s Note: The writing style is for EVE and non-EVE players.
In typical form, Northern Coalition. [NC.] dropped Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBU) in the Providence region (9-F0B2) to provoke a fight from the locals. “Providence Holders” [Provi] had three hours to respond …

Medium Projectiles: Why They are Terrible and How to Fix Them

Medium projectiles used to be a decent weapon system a couple years ago, but in recent times they have fallen to the wayside. Autocannons are out brawled by blasters and artillery is a lesser kiting weapon when compared to both laser weapon systems, rails and missiles. The main issue with …

May Super Capital Kill Summary

At the end of March I originally created my first monthly summary on the super capital kills taking place, since then this has now expanded to a weekly event. This article will therefore begin this month as a summary of the previous month’s weekly articles before expanding on the comparison …

EN24 Podcast, ep.12 – Patch Notes for Carnyx Release

EVENEWS24 podcast where we talk about the top stories in Eve: Online. In this podcast we talk about the new things coming on June 2 with Carnyx.
The full patch notes can be found here: http://evenews24.com/2015/05/29/patch-notes-for-carnyx/
Writer: Hona Chaginai- Dreddit [B0RT], Test …

Weekly News Recap: 24/5/2015 – 30/5/2015

The last week of May saw heavy fighting continue across the Cluster. Battles grow ever more violent with Capitals and Super Capitals deployed frequently. Even though the promised sovereignty mechanics changes keep being postponed, the warring factions of Null Security space remain locked in their …

Capital Scrape in Oasa

P-ZWKH system, Oasa region. On the 31st of May, at 18:30 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Alternate Allegiance [ALTS] and their allies clashed with SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] over the system, in a bloody battle that saw the loss of many Capital ships.
The battle occurred over the P-ZWKH system, …

New Details on July Sovereignty Release Schedule

Hello capsuleers!
As most of you will already know, we here at CCP are currently in the midst of preparing and releasing a major rebuilding of EVE’s Sovereignty capture system.
We’ve released two dev blogs (here and here) detailing these plans so far, and your feedback and contribution …

May Week 4 – Super Capital Scrapheap

Welcome once again to this week’s super capital kills summary. You can find the previous week’s post here.
This report will include super kills which occurred between May 25th and May 31st.
26/05/15 – 6 Aeons destroyed. – 171B ISK
A Aeon piloted by Fasev …

[SMA] Leviathan Down

On 2015.05.31 a Black Ops fleet from Snuffed Out [B B C] alliance dropped on a Leviathan belonging to SpikeyWelsh from SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA] in low-sec system Arderonne.
SpikeyWelsh does not have any kills with his titan and his killboard activity suggests that it was recently acquired as …

An Introduction to Electronic Attack Frigates

Electronic Attack Frigates, otherwise known as EAFs, are amazing force multipliers for small gangs. With massive bonuses ranging from neuts to damps to jams and webs, they are very versatile and amazing ships. The four EAFs are the Amarrian Sentinel, specializing in neuts and tracking disruptors, …

LIVE EVENT: Moosehouse & EN24 Carrier Kill This Sunday at 22:00 EVETZ

The event will start in Jita with the final location to be announced during the stream! The pilot who manages to get the final blow and/or top damage gets a free PLEX!
Watch live video from MOOSE_BANK on

Solo Clip: Rattlesnake

Once again Mr Hyde created an amazing solo pvp video of him flying around in his Rattlesnake!

Bloodbath in 4-CM8I

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a member of Diplomatic Immunity.)
On the evening of the 29th of May, 4-CM8I and the next-door system of 1QZ-Y9 was home to the scene of a bloodbath as 100s of pilots from PFR, TEST, RED, DIP and more brawled it out resulting in the destruction of some 400 …

Black Legion. and HERO Conflict Escalates to a Capital Brawl

DISCLAIMER: Stats and figures have been pulled from battle reports on zKillboard and true at time of writing. This information may still be subject to change. Additionally, due to the large amount of re-shipping done by HERO forces numbers should be considered mere estimates.
The continuing tug of …

Massacre in Geminate

9-KWXC system, Geminate region. On the 29th of May, 19:00 EVE Standard Time. Pandemic Legion [-10.0] forces ambushed an Imperium fleet mainly consisting of Circle-Of-Two [CO2} and RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] in the system, resulting in what can be described as a one sided massacre.
The Imperium fleet …

EVE Scribe: Heavy Fighting in G-5EN2 Leads to Costly Victories for Providence Bloc

9-F0B2 system, Providence region. On the 29th of May, at 20:00 EVE Standard time, Providence Bloc clashed with Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] in the system, resulting in a sound defeat on the battlefield, but at the same time, a strategic victory in the region.
A few days …

2 Gentlemen’s.Club Super Carriers Destroyed in Immensea

DR-427 system, Immensea region. On the 30th of May, in the early hours of the morning 2 Gentlemen’s.Club [GCLUB] Super Carriers, a Nyx and a Wyvern, were destroyed in the system to a combined Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Dirt Nap Squad. [-DNS-] fleet.
[-10.0] forces had a Black Ops Battleship …

EVE in The Guardian

Describing EVE Online to new or non players is torture for an EVE vet. Where do you start? Fortunately, professional journalists have written a few notable articles that really lay out what EVE is. In case you missed them, here’s a recent example from The Guardian:

“Eve Online: How a …

Watch This: Amarr Empire releases new technology

Alton Haveri reports on the Amarr Empire’s surprise release of DED based shielding technology to capsuleers, with many believing it to be a move to improve relations and garner their assistance against the impending Drifter threat.
Meanwhile, the absence of Empress Jamyl Sarum from public …

Patch Notes for Carnyx

Patch notes for Carnyx 1.0, released on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The next stage of Sov 5.0 introduces changes to station services. For more details see the previous dev blogs SUMMER 2015 NULLSEC AND SOV STATUS REPORT and POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS: SOVEREIGNTY …