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Greedy Goblin: December ratting analysis

Like in November, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for December:

We can see that highsec ratting continued to increase, while nullsec ratting stopped dropping. I moved lowsec data from 10x magnification to 5x to avoid overlapping with nullsec. What I missed is the drop at Rhea. Noisy gamer …

Dev Blog: Fanfest 2015 and how you can be a part of it!

Fanfest is just around the corner!

EVE Fanfest 2015, the annual pilgrimage of capsuleers to the beautiful volcanic rock of Iceland to enjoy three full days of epic camaraderie, spacestuff and partying, is only three months away. In 2015, Fanfest is taking place slightly earlier and it …

Major Fighter, Fighter-bomber Scan Resolution Nerf in the works

CCP has announced a major reduction to the scan resolution of fighters and fighter bombers coming in Proteus next week.
Read more here.
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Hey everyone. Hope you’ve all had a great holiday season. Most of us are back at the office now, and we’re putting the final …

Dev Post: Improving the Fitting Experience

Happy new year pilots!
CCP karkur and I, under adult supervision from CCP Tuxford have been experimenting with improving the EVE fitting experience.
The fitting window hasn’t gotten much love since Apocrypha and we really want to address that and make it a powerful and fun tool, move it a …

Dev Post: New Player Mining Anomaly

Greetings Capsuleers and a Happy New Year to you all!
As mentioned in CCP Seagull’s blog, Proteus will bring a new type of mining anomaly, specifically designed to ensure there are enough mining opportunities in starter and career agent systems for new players.
Anomaly Details:
Name: Asteroid …

Watch This: EVE Online – The Journey

Its amazing the quality of the videos EVE Online players have been coming up with lately, a good example of this is The Journey, a three minute eye candy galore frapsed by youtuber “The Aggressor” in full 60fps glory. Sit back, crack up the volume and enjoy the visuals:

‘The …

Black Legion. Loses 9 Supers and 1 Leviathan to Pandemic Legion

Yesterday Evening, Pandemic Legion successfully tackled and killed nine Black Legion. supers and one Leviathan.
To understand how this fight started we have to look back a couple weeks, specifically to the day a massive fight went down between Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition (click here for more …

HERO Coalition and Pandemic Legion Clash In V-3YG7

While the rest of New Eden was enjoying the IWANTISK.com Titan Event, things were getting hot down in Catch. The HERO Coalition, comprised of the Brave Collective, Test Alliance, Spaceship Samurai, The Explicit Alliance, Nerfed Alliance Go Away, Of Sound Mind and Bloodline., formed up to defend …

Syndication: Nashh Kadavrs, Titan Smash aftermath…

Let me start off by saying what an amazing night last night! Best fight had in a long time in EVE with excellent attendance! TIDI obviously kicked in but CCP came through in the end and the system held just fine.
Let me continue by explaining my relationship with I Want Isk;
Organising #EVE_NT is …

Drama: Host uses event to farm kills, claim main prize

#EVE_NT received a Titan sponsored by IWANTISK.com for the event held today. However, this event might have gone a little different behind the scenes than intended!!
IWANTISK.com made a sponsorship deal with #EVE_NT which was worth around 700bil. For promotion purposes, 400bil was already send over …

Dead Terrorists and Pandemic Legion Destroy Titan near Hek

One of the most dangerous parts of EVE is the market shortcuts that go through low sec. These areas attract pirates like a stream full of salmon attracts bears. One such area lies between the Gallente’s trade hub (Dodixie) and Minmitar’s second trade hub (Hek). There are three paths (pipes) to …

Watch This: Coming to Proteus – Proteus Exequror and Asteroid effects

Nice things coming to the EVE Online Proteus expansion, Youtuber Daegarn took a trip to the Singularity server and showcased three of the new upcoming features; the new Asteroid field Effects, the resulting light rays and he took the revamped Exequror hull for a spin, take a

Dev Post: Atmospheric Effects coming to an Asteroid field near you!

Hi everybody,
The new atmospheric environments for asteroid fields are live on Singularity.
The effect is comprised of 3 components: God rays, fog and particle rocks.
The particle rocks are non-minable and available for Medium shader quality and above. There is a difference between DX9 and DX11 …

Snuff Box & Only For Fun – First Titan Kill of 2015!

The new year hasn’t been with us for long and already the first titan of the year is on the killboards and the kill goes to Snuff Box of Snuffed Out alliance along with Only For Fun alliance. EmoKidWithKantana was kind enough to link me to this rundown on what happened.

So we have been …

Leaks: Nulli Secunda Alliance Update

Today, Nulli Secunda posted the following alliance update for their members to read!
So here we go with our alliance update for the end of the Year 2014. It was a busy start of the year for us, a calm and lazy summer, and with Phoebe a really interesting time at the end.
I dont need to tell anyone …

Battle Report: Warp to Zero for The Dominix Massacre – WY-9LL

The following post is part of the “The West – Where Bad Things Happen To Good People” thread on the Warp To Zero forums. It was written by WTZ member Hidetoshi
On Tuesday Dec 29th a Get Off My Lawn (LAWN) Erebus titan pilot, named Markus Kaiderius, decided to prove the universe he …

Open Thread: A year in Review.

Hey guys, riverini here – News has been slow lately, we will be reporting about the WL- massacre soon(tm) btw.
A year in Review.
Every year we look back at the past 52 weeks that preceded the last week this year and we think about the good, the bad and the ugly things that have happened to …

Importance of Carebear Conservation

Carebears. In EVE Online Carebears occupy a special place within the meta-game. There morals of trust in your fellow players, abstaining from PVP combat, honestly, compassion and doing the right thing are shining lights of decency in a game where theft, scamming, destruction and conspiracy are …