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Submission: Stainwagon vs. N3PL in NZG-LF

Disclaimer: The following submission was done by Elazar Keon, Ex Stainwagon CEO. He created the video and wrote the battle report below. Please note that the statements below reflect his views and not EN24 in anyway!
On March 29, 2015, at 16:00 EVE Time, the Stainwagon Coalition began forming a …

Nullsec Industry: Self Sufficiency – A Start Towards It

There are many reasons why industry in nullsec is not able to reach self sufficiency, and since that is such a large topic I’m going to limit this post to one small aspect of the problem.
The problem with suggestions on how to fix ‘things’ is that a lot of them would require …

Pirate Coalition Reforming

We recently have been contacted by Benzmann of the invalid corporation to discuss the comeback of the so called “Pirate Coalition” as explained below.
NEWS:Pirate Coalition
Pirate Coalition is hereby announcing its comeback.
Pirate Coalition is one of the first and oldest pirate …

NULL Avatar and Aeon Destroyed by Provibloc

Everyone knows by now that there has recently been a multitude of super kills across New Eden and this is simply an addition onto this ever growing scrap heap. This kill however is slightly different from those before as it is of those who tend to kill unaware supers instead of being caught …

Updated – Blue v Blue? Northern Associates Nyx Destroyed by EON Alliance and Confederation of xXPIZZAXx

To continue the current spate of recent super-capital losses we have yet another Nyx to go on top off the scrap heap.
On the 28th of March a Nyx class super-carrier piloted by TARIKAS CANARIOS of Northern Associates. [NA.] alliance joins his fellow alliance mate robbie syke’s who lost his …

Snuffed Out vs Black Legion. in Abune

On the evening of the 28th March 2015 Black Legion. [MEN.] were in the middle of a move op with their capital fleet, moving them from the north of New Eden where they had been parked in recent months, down to the south of New Eden where they hopefully will see some action.
The Black Legion. forces …

Eve Scribe: Providence Bloc Fishes for Supers, Nets a Titan Kill

[Editor’s note – an in depth battle report detailing both sides will be posted shortly]
Valmu system, Domain region. On the 29th of March, at 19:04 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc managed to snare an Avatar Titan and an Aeon Mothership belonging to Nihilists Social Club …

Bloodline. Aeon down in Catch

In the early morning of the 28th March 2015 Pandemic Legion laid a careful trap for a group of Bloodline. who had been using both capitals and super-capitals to clear sovereignty blockade units in their home system of V2-VC2. Pandemic Legion went and anchored another set of SBU’s and then …

Northern Associates Nyx Destroyed in Oasa

It seems to be a continuously deadly time for super-capital pilots as this marks the 4th one lost in a 48 hour period. This report is based on the 3rd Nyx destroyed in this time frame.
The Nyx was piloted by robbie syke’s, member of Sparkling Black Ice [XSBIX] corporation in …

BRAVE Aeon Down in Derelik

Prior to this article I have recently written up a selection of super capital losses which have recently took place. Both of which involved Nyx class vessels and took place in completely different situations. This report is based on the loss of an Aeon as explained below.
The Aeon in question was …

Nyx Destroyed in The Spire

Following on from the Nyx kill on the 25th of March, yet another has been destroyed, adding to the stream of super losses which currently grace New Eden’s killboards.
This Nyx was killed in the system of 0J-MQW in the Nullsec region of The Spire.
The pilot, Edy murfyt, is a member of the …

RMT Bans: An Interview

Credit to massively.joystiq.com for the featured image
Despite the best efforts of Team Security and the recent introduction of 2-factor authentication, real money trading, or RMT, is still a large problem in Eve. Sadly this is something that is becoming all too common despite the best efforts of …

Hero SOTC.

The Brave Collective and the rest of the HERO Coalition recently had a state of the coalition meeting. The full recording and transcript can be found here. Some important points can be found below:

HERO will immediately be deploying to Delve/Querious to fight N3, the CFC, BL and anyone else …

N3 and BRAVE Team Up Against the CFC in ZXB-VC

Life in Catch has been somewhat troubling for the members of BRAVE and HERO; the loss of a long-standing member of leadership to the CFC, the ongoing phoney war with Pandemic Legion, who generate timer after timer to force fight after fight on an ever-dwindling number of HERO ships & the loss …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015: RL vs EVE Journalism

A look behind the screens of EN24 at how news is being reported in EVE and the influence of news on the

The Scope: Drifter Activity Intensifies

Alton Haveri reports on location in Hakonen as Drifter activity continues to intensify across the cluster. New Eden watches with fear and curiosity while the strange, deadly vessels begin to pay particular attention to capsuleer activity and decloaked Jove

Systematic-Chaos Erebus down in Aridia

This afternoon, An Erebus piloted by Alexej Stukov died to the hands of LowSechnaya Sholupen in Aridia
It all started at around 05:00 ET with 3Better flying through Yehaba, noticing a Magnate on directional scanner which appeared to be warping around between celestial’s. After checking the …

Dev Blog: CSM X – Voting Results

Hello pilots,
CCP Leeloo here to remind you that during Fanfest 2015, CCP Seagull announced the election results for the 10th Council of Stellar Management (CSM10). For more information about what the Council of Stellar Management is, check here.
During this year’s election we used the Single …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015 – EVE Online Keynote

The EVE Online keynote presented by CCP Seagull, Executive Producer of EVE Online, discussing the sandbox nature of the game and the part that players have within it.
0:04 CCP Seagull, Executive Producer, discusses the current state of EVE
14:37 CCP Quant, Data Scientist discusses what …

Video: EVE Fanfest 2015 – CSM 9 Panel

Today, CCP has started uploading all of the Fanfest 2015 recordings! We will soon post the whole playlist but for now we will show some of the more interesting ones such as the CSM 9 panel!