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Dev Blog: New in Hyperion – “Donate Game Time” explained

What is “Donate Time”?

“Donate Game Time” is an easy way to use PLEX to instantly gift 30 days of game time to another character (more information about PLEX can be found in the Knowledgebase article about

Northern Coalition. Alliance Update

We are on the move again this coming weekend you can find our move op here

Delve Rapid Deployment
Delve was exactly as id hoped it to be, activity, fights and new fcs stepping up. We had some interesting fights and learned a lot about how our enemy is choosing to defend their assets and take …

CCP Financial Report: Shutting down San Francisco Office, Layoffs, and Losses

Today CCP Games released a review of its finances over the last six months to the public. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves showing CCP operating at a net loss for the year.  Key figures from the report are as follows:

Revenue for the first six months totaled 36.5 million, subject to …

Good Things Come in Small Packages

One of the changes brought in by the Hyperion release is a whole new class of wormhole- a ‘frigate wormhole’.
The new class of random wormholes will have a very low maximum jump mass, navigable only by frigates, destroyers and multi-bubble heavy interdictors. They will also enjoy a very …

Catching up with The Alliance Tournament – Part One.

The grand Alliance Tournament (AT) is well into its 12th year (ATXII).  The last two weekends have already set up the elimination rounds and championship finals – which are set for this weekend. So don’t miss it. In case RL has been standing in the way of your Alliance Tournament fix, you …

EVEOGANDA: Shave & A Haircut

Hyperion deployed yesterday and sadly the Hyperion Battleship does not generate its own Wormholes as I was led to believe. Which is a serious bummer. Another bummer is the transparent frills on the Thrasher and Cyclone models. I was hoping CCP learned their lesson with the Vagabond Frill Me …

Gallente Conquer Caldari – Militia Style

Few things in life are guaranteed:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Drama
But one thing that, by design, was meant to be guaranteed is no longer – eternal struggle in Faction Warfare.
Currently, the Gallente militia controls 100% of the conquerable space in the Gallente and Caldari lowsec zones.

Usually …

Why The Alliance Tournament Should Be Taken Seriously!!

Whilst on my holiday to the wonderful island of Rhodes I read about what had happened in the alliance tournament match between Red Vs Blue (RVB) and CODE. Personally I felt disgusted about what I read, who in their right mind forfeits a fight which has the chance to be a ‘fair’ fight, let alone …

Drama Between TEST Alliance and Brave Collective Continues

In recent days a torrent of upheaval within the HERO Coalition between TEST Alliance Please Ignore and Brave Collective has started to reach a boiling point after a battle where TEST was targeted and fired upon by BRAVE (literally by only one person in an Eagle) headshotting TEST FC DurrHurrDurr, …

PSA: Critical Issue discovered with overview profiles on August 26th

On August 26th a critical issue with the overview profiles was discovered that can lead to the loss of all your overview profile settings. If you log into the EVE Online client and do not change anything in your overview settings, then all your custom made overview settings will be lost and not …

Greedy Goblin: Look who is ratting here!

Dotlan saves and serves all NPC, ship kill and sov change data, for every region, every day. For example here is the Fountain ratting data for 2013/01/01. You can manually download this page. For extracting the data from the mess it returns, I wrote a little program. Hanura H’arasch …

EVE Online Hyperion Patch Notes, we got them right here.

Riverini’s note: Here are the patch notes for the EVE Online Hyperion Release, if you didn’t put in a long skill training, then you haven’t been playing EVE Online long enough.

Patch notes for Hyperion
21.08.2014 17:52

Patch notes for Hyperion 1.0
To be released on …

Watch This: EVE Online Hyperion Preview.

The Hyperion release launches today, take a look of what’s to come for this EVE Online expansion.
The steady stream of updates continues with Hyperion, EVE Online’s latest feature release. Get set for new PvE missions to test your mettle, the biggest wormhole changes since they were first …

Missing SOMER Blink? Here are the best alternatives out there.

With the colossal SOMER-RMT fiasco behind us, we look forward to find a non-RMT replacement for the space-gambling addicts to enjoy, here we got a few good alternatives which we recommend fully:
The Best SOMER Blink Alternative

The New Eden Club has been around for over two years providing a sound …

Seraph IX Basarab: The Price of Principality

This is a piece which will discuss the many struggles, pitfalls and mistakes many CEOs face when creating and maintaining their corp. This is not a theoretical account but rather my own personal experience. I have opted to hide the identity of some of the individuals involved as my goal here is not …

Pod Express- Suddenly Station Edition

Welcome back to the Pod Express! This edition we take a trip to Aunenen, fly through Jita to wave goodbye to a couple of pods, and last but not least a visit to Ashab. Much like the last Pod Express the same two rules apply:

The pod kill must be in highsec or lowsec.
The pod kill must not be …

The Art of Wormhole Theft

Cranky? Just bored? Can’t resist the temptation of all that stuff just sitting there?
In wormholes, one drawback, is living in a POS (Player Owned Stucture). Security is a constant issue. All your shiny ships are stored in one box, at risk of invaders but also of the corp members around you. …

Relentless: Death ‘n roll

So, I said I’d try to reboot this series, and with the snuffbox video last time it seemed to go over well among people. Scheduling is going to be weird for this series, since I haven’t found a good time to do it.
This edition’s video comes from Ro’dauqa, an amazing …

Alliance Tournament XII day 4 Live Stream

Watch live video from CCP on www.twitch.tv
Feel free to chat about your favourite match in the comment section below!!
Also tweet me @BobmonEve with your favorite to win this years AT and have the chance to win a nice prize!
Another something for you to do while watching the stream is to checkout …

Eve Is Easy: New Weekly Series

**So, I’m a little bit late on this, but should be able to get the schedule down better so I’m not off by a day or two. This is more of a guide-like series for newer players or older players that are trying to get into PvP for the first time.**  
I assume a lot of players are …

D3vil’s Childr3n Titan Down in Solitude!!

D3vil’s Childr3n lost a Erebus to the hands of Pandemic Legion thanks to his excessive use of the bridge button.
Yes! Bridging you heard it right. This titan didn’t fail jump, no. His bridge secured his death. Pandemic Legion had been told that Cercis InoAtari‘s Erebus had been …

Tempest Legion Nyx destroyed by Overload Everything and Did he say Jump

Today Amrastion Tasartir of Tempest Legion lost a Nyx to a group consisting of the Alliances: Overload Everything, Did he say Jump, and D3vil’s Childr3n. This kill was due to a mix of bad blood and stupidity on the part of Tempest Legion. They started to use supers to bash POCOs when 5cmmmm …

PILGRIMS Nyx destroyed by None 2 Hours after it was Purchased

On 8/20/2014 at 20:39:00 Eve time a Nyx flown by Rajon Kelper of PILGRIMS was destroyed by a group of the None Alliance, Legion of xXDEATHXx, and Wormhole Holders. 2 hours before the Nyx was destroyed, Rajon Kepler bought the Nyx on the WTS Forums – WTS Thread. This is the second time that …

Tuppence and Tinfoil: Let’s Discuss Intel.

Before you begin reading this article Please remember that Tuppence and Tinfoil was never meant to be a “here is the issue and here are the exact steps to fix it” kind of series like some others may publish. I only wish to encourage you to explore and discuss the subjects bought up and …

* UPDATED * It’s not you, EVE is currently offline.

Yeah, in case you were wondering, the server is currently down. According to CCP Falcon, mother nature is not to be blamed:
We can confirm that the current issues with Tranquility are not volcano related – We are currently working on restoring service!
— CCP Falcon (@CCP_Falcon) August …