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Greedy Goblin: Jump changes will remove “fun” from nullsec – finally

FearlessLittleToaster was one of the Goons who sent me nice mails during the “nice Goons” campaign (the italics are his quote):
Anyway, he is a propagandist working for their site. He just published a piece, as part of the “Save the Blue Doughnut from Greyscale” campaign. …

Thoughts on Phoebe and the Battle of CCP-US

With the dust settling on the battle of CCP-US which ended with 60 Black Legion Dreads dead and a CFC Erebus down, I am left wondering, has the last “Great” battle in EVE occurred? If you listen to all the Nullbears and all the standard “CCP you are fucking idiots” comments; then yes you …

Northern Coalition Consolidates assets in lowsec

Yesterday, Vince Draken held an Alliance meeting in which he informed his alliance about the near future. Unforutually none of the EN24 guys was able to record (or find one off) the meet. However, Vince Draken agreed to sit down with me to talk about what was said in their meeting:
Bobmon: Hey, …

VIDEO: Providence has capitals? Provi VS PL

This may surprise you but, YES Providence has capitals! Yesterday while using them to recapture their systems, Scout Intel was received that TEST and BRAVE were making their way to the Provi Fleet location. Before TEST and BRAVE were able to make their way to the Provi Fleet, PL managed to …

OverView: Celebrating the Art of Bryan Ward / Rixx Javixx

Our good friend Rixx Javixx has been busy in the photoshops, the illustrators and the adobes bringing some really impressive art works worthy of any modern art gallery. The great thing is that this art is available in ultra-hi definition. We had the time to sit down with Rixx Javixx and talk abit …

Watch This: Black Legion. Sheep in Wolves Clothing

As we reported a few hours ago, a Wildly Innapropiate titan went down a few hours ago in the CCP-US solar system, here is the full vid of the best part of the engagement:

Here is the

USA Number One: Black Legion. Baits Out CFC Titan Fleet

It was in the wee hours of Saturday morning when the trap was laid. Knowing that the CFC were willing to drop their Super, Titan and slowcat fleet on the smallest of enemy sub cap fleets, Black Legion decided to take advantage. At 00:40 a Tengu fleet went up, quickly moving to the CFC home systems …

J130735 and the Eviction of Adhocracy.

‘Adhocracy Incorporated’ or ‘ADHC’, a Wormhole Corporation in their own alliance, Adhocracy,  has been evicted from their home system of J130735 by ‘Future Corps’ also known as ‘FC’ in their own alliance, ‘SSC’ or ‘Sleeper Social …

Drive-by-Gone-Wrong, Stainwagon Dunks Happy Cartel Titan

Happy Cartel was camping HM-UVD, and so TrickyBlackSteel jumped in his sabre to see if he could provoke a fight. He jumped in and soon enough the enemy started to aggression. While TrickyBlackSteel was flying towards the gate, Stainwagon had already formed a Black Ops gang with a triage carrier …

Open Thread: Unlimited Skill Queue coming to an EVE near you.

I would like us to sit down and savor this delicious Dev Blog bit which might have pass unnoticed due to even larger announcements:
Unlimited skill queue
To help people temporarily lacking access to an EVE client and generally remove annoyance, in Phoebe you will be able to construct and start …

Dev Blog: Coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th

I’m very excited to present the features coming to EVE Online in the Phoebe release on November 4th. And this is not even everything, we have a few more things that are likely to make it in, and I’ll bring you an update when we get even closer to the release.

For even more details …

Awesomesauce: New Anchoring Animations bring life to boring POS chores.

Redditor “lairosen” pointed out the new Module Anchoring animations currently live in the Singularity server. I must say I am deeply pleased with this addition, is anothe of those little things that in the long run really add up to the whole EVE Online experience, take a look:

[ Via …

Low Sec Doomsdays could be coming to Phoebe.

CCP fozzie mentioned in the EVE-O Forums the opportunity to discuss the use of the Titan’s Doomsday weapons in Low Sec, something which until now has been barred via in-game mechanics. This seems to be a very interesting change, for a short while (when the AOE weapon was turned into a focused …

CSM Member Major Silva resigns.

Major JSilva, CSM9 delegate just announced his resignation on the EVE-O Forums:
Today, I must announce my resignation from the CSM. Thanks to CCP and anyone who voted for me for giving me this unique opportunity. I also wish the best of luck to my replacement.
[ Link to Original POST …

Say Good Bye to Hobojamming

CCP Fozzie is addressing what I think is one of the most maligned mechanics in EVE, Hobojamming a mechanic which he explains perfectly:
Another of the many mechanics that we’re looking at for Phoebe is the so-called “hobojamming” mechanic. This is the mechanic …

Dev Post: HP/Resists Tweaks for Sov Structures and Station Services for Phoebe.

CCP Fozzie just opened the discussion on Structure changes, it seems like the reduction in HP but the increase in resist is intended to favor the defensive site reppin’ – still take a look:
Hey everyone. One of the many smaller changes we have planned for Phoebe …

Dev Post: Long Distance Travel Dev Tweaks.

CCP Greyscale just posted a few adjustments to the proposed Long Distance Travel nerf, take a look:
Hi everyone,
We’ve collected, parsed and thoroughly discussed your *extensive* feedback on the proposed long-distance travel changes, both in the official thread …

Watch This: Solo Sleipneir daredevil show us how it’s done.

Woah! I must say how impressed I am after watching this video. It is hard to convey a sense of danger in a youtube video, but this Solo clip from capsuleer “Mr Hyde113″ really brings the jitters back. Take a look.

So I finally finished Command Ships 5 earlier this week and took my …

Greedy Goblin: Greyscaled!

The Greyscaled Goons are mad. They are so mad that they renamed their home station “C C P Fire Greyscale”. But why, when the official propaganda says that the planned jump range changes aren’t that bad for CFC? Instead of opinions, I looked for data. I received the July CFC kills …

PSA: If you have never flown a Capital, now is the time to give it a try… in Sisi.

Hey folks,
In Phoebe we are adding the ability to jump capital ships through gates and we would love you all to have a shot.
“But Claymore, I do not have the skills on Sisi to fly a capital ship!!”
We know you do not all have the skills so here is what we are going to do:
Every active …

Leaderships Rift Leads to Two Super’s Deaths

Over the weekend two supers were killed in the Syndicate region. Goonswarm Federation and Cynosural Field Theory, laid out a trap for Psychotic Tendencies. and Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns to bite on with an Archon aggressed on station. Henry Plantgenet, a NPC alt, was bait outside of a station …

The Death of the first Whiptail

This past Saturday, on October 4’th, the death of the first Whiptail transpired in the solar system of Ostingele, a faction warfare system in Placid located in the Caldari/Gallente warzone. The frigate, one of twenty five in total given to the Camel Empire for their victory in the twelfth …

Tweetfleet: Multisell? Multisell!

Today CCP Punkturis tweeted this interesting picture. A feature like this has been proposed by the player base numerous times, as mostly ratting but also pvp loot can stockpile over players heads quite fast. So fast that bulk-buying and selling them can get a profitable business itself.

When …

Bob’s Corner: Lets sit down with Corebloodbrothers

A new Bob’s Corner is live, This time sitting down with Corebloodbrothers to discuss his view on the upcoming changes, Rumors surrounding the CSM, Jump bridges and Logistics!

Link to his Evesterdam

Dev Blog: Sensor Overlay 2.0 – Bigger, Better, Bookmarks in Spacier!

Greetings Capsuleers!

It was back in the Odyssey expansion that the Sensor Overlay was added to EVE, a feature allowing Cosmic Anomalies and Signatures to be viewed in space instead of only existing as text entries in the scan window. We are now adding a number of other objects in space to the …