Video: Baby’s First Vindicator Roam

jack viciate first time flying something bigger than a cruiser,

Low Sec Rumble, Clash in Metropolis

Early on August 11th, at 10:30 Eve Time, in the system of Hagilur Dead Terrorists forces clashed with those belonging to The Drunk and Disorderly, Nothing Sus and Bastards of Anarchy in what quickly escalated into a capital brawl.
Moving around in their new home, the newly formed alliance The …

The Roving Warbands’ Guide to Entosising for Fun and Profit

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted to us by: SavenJerent. Statements made in this article are that of the author and do not reflect those of EN24
I read numerous articles, read copious blogs and listen to many podcasts regarding large-scale PVP that occurrs throughout New Eden; the …

The Zkill Guide to the nightmare

A Nightmare guide made by rhiload!

War In Delve: Reinforcements to deploy to Delve as the Imperium Advances

The systems in the northern area of Delve as of the 1/8 including the 3 systems captured by the Imperium that day.

Just one week has passed since the Imperium launched a full scale invasion of the northern area of Delve and have been making steady progress through the region. The first line of …

Op Ed: Goonswarm Federation conquers Delve, what’s next?

Editor’s Note: What follows is a speculative piece on what scenarios could the largest and most powerful entity in EVE Online could find itself in the coming weeks, enjoy.
What happens after the remnants of “The Imperium” seize Delve? With the political landscape looking very blue at home …

INFAMOUS COUP: Cracks Form & Shots Fired

Previously covered were the reason for the coup by Benju and the side of corporations who were kicked from INFAMOUS when this all began.  Below are links to these stories so you can get caught up on the happening in Catch prior to today.
J3B Abandons Line Members & Ignites Civil War

The Zkill Guide to Rhiload

The Zkill Guide video series by Rhiload has gained huge popularity since the series began 6 weeks ago with its witty and relevant commentary. Packed full of satire, memes, and narrated via a text to speech program – this series is not only entertaining, but also very informative for any …

CCP Confirms: Using ECM Bursts To Break Citadel Tether is an Exploit

Hot on the heels of a Goonswarm Avatar reportedly being lost due to the exploit in question, CCP Falcon released a statement regarding the “ECM Burst un-tether exploit” in a post on the Eve community page this morning.
We have recently been made aware of an unintended use of game …

War In Delve: Imperium defeats LUMPY and captures systems

Last weekend saw the opening salvos of the new Delve War as the Imperium forces were began their assault on the northern part of Delve and the systems controlled by the League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY].

A Map of Northern Delve as of the 30/8 with systems vulnerable to attack …

Goonswarm Avatar Destroyed in Rakapas. Controversy Ensues.

A Goonswarm Titan fell to Pandemic Legion’s fleet today in the Black Rise system of Rakapas. We spoke briefly with notable Pandemic Legion pilot, Killah Bee, shortly after the Goonswarm Avatar was destroyed.
Jared Ki, a member of the Goonswarm Alliance Kriegsmarinewerft, was in the process of …

INFAMOUS COUP: The Other Side Of The Coin

Before reading this article I highly suggest reading the first part.  The past 72 hours has seen huge changes in the command structure of INFAMOUS and a PR campaign to assure members and allies all is well.  To dive straight to the bottom of this I reached out to Benju, now the leader of …

NCDOT moves into new KeepStar as MOA declares War

Last weekend Northern Coalition. [NC] moved from their World War Bee staging system of X-70MU into their newly anchored KeepStar citadel in 93PI-4. This is the fourth Keepstar citadel to be anchored in Nullsec along with Darkness, Circle of Two and Pandemic Horde who have all anchored their own …

Bob’s Corner: Episode 5!

Bit rusty but here is a new episode of Bob’s

J3B Abandons Line Members & Ignites Civil War

Recent developments in Immensea and sustained losses have played a pivotal role in this coming about.  The first major change was FCON flipping sides to join TRI and allies fighting Stainwagon in Immensea.  With this INFAMOUS and allies were consistently outnumbered in most fights and falling …

The OSS: Cultural Schism Causes Alliance Split

Black Omega Security Syndicate [OMEGA], the lead corporation of The OSS [OSS] has split from the alliance and joined Circle-Of-Two [CO2]. The leader of [OMEGA] shutupandshave (aka SUAS) announced this during an alliance meeting on the 28th of this month.

At the heart of the meeting and the cited …

The War for Delve Begins as LSH and The Imperium strengthen ties

Now settled in to the gateway system to Delve, Sakht the Imperium has begun operations in earnest. The first systems to be claimed in the region: 1B-VKF which was taken from the 108 man alliance Knightmare Of New Eden and Q-HESZ which was held by a now closed alliance Bleeders. There is …

CSM: Wormhole Town Hall Aug 13th 19:00

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted by NoobMan in this forum thread
Hey all!
So with the CSM XI Fall Summit coming up in September, I want to go into it with as much Wormhole related ideas as I can. My hopes are we can have 10-20 good ideas and the Devs can pick up 1-2 of them as a basis …

Video: NewBro PVP Experience

Watch this newbro in his challenge to become the worlds best

Devblog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Auction Results and Seeding

Hello Capsuleers
With the secret auction having closed, we can now announce the winning PLEX bids for the remaining 8 slots in Alliance Tournament XIV.


Vydra Relolded

Northern Coalition.

League of Unaligned Master Pilots

Brave Collective

Curatores Veritatis …

INIT. Leadership Update “We’re just trash, you and me”

In a breaking development late on Sunday evening 24/07/2016, Initiative scouts on overwatch in TXW-EI (Syndicate) began reporting-in with increasing intensity as Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] forces rapidly swelled in system and began urgently loading their Supercarrier fleet with Machariel (some …

Goons Delve into Redemption

By all accounts it seems that the remnants of the CFC, primarily composed of GSF, will be attempting to invade and live in Delve through Aridia, specifically Sakht. Although the GSF narrative wavers between “MBC is the new CFC” to “cracks in the coalition” depending on which way the …

Video: Zkill Guide to Alliance tournament XIV Commentators

The Zkill guide to Alliance Tournament XIV Commentators made by

DevBlog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Draw Results and Prizes

Greetings again honorable spaceship warriors. Today, we’ve got some information on what you’ll be fighting for as the prizes for Alliance Tournament XIV, the participants that were picked in the random draw, and which commentators’ soft vocal tones will guide you through this year’s …

The Imperium Abandons the North

Last week the Mittani announced in the now closed fireside chat that the Imperium will be leaving their current home of Saranen. You can find a full recording of the announcement below:

The summary of the announcement was that despite some victories, the line members appetite to take and hold …