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Watch This: New Cloak Effect currently at the Singularity Server.

Wether they are shoveling hamster to keep the servers running or seamlessly patching tranquility during downtime or creating new useful features like the “donate game time” one we saw a couple days ago, the CCP Games developers seems to be working non-stop to bring goodies to us …

DDoS Attack, Ship Explosions and Moms.

If you are an Incursion Runner in highsec you’ve likely noticed that the incursions seem to be rapidly dying then respawning after 12-36 hours only to die again shortly after.
For those of you who don’t run incursions, dying is inevitable. Most groups will try to farm the incursion till it …

Catching up with Alliance Tournament (part III)

To the untrained eye EVE Online looks like bunch of floating colored boxes, but there is a lot more going on as we know. The tournament compares the same to the typical EVE player – it looks like a basic PVP tournament. The announcers help by pointing out what is going on but say little about …

WiNGSPANTT: What The Frack Did I Find?

Our series with Chance “WiNGSPANTT” Ravinne continues! For those of you who are not aware of this video series, its goal is to show players who are new to the game how much fun you can have in the Eve Online Universe with a new character. There really is no limit to what you can do or …

Providence allies Stainwagon to combat HERO

While many pilots are focusing on the Alliance tournament, there’s still a war going on between Provi bloc and HERO Coalition.
Provi block, including the likes of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, The Fourth District and Sev3rance, has found itself outmatched for most fights against HERO and …

Black Legion Avatar Goes Down in Placid

(Note: EveNews24.com is not resposible for epic head nodding content of this video.)
A Black Legion Avatar just went down in the the low security space of Vestouve in the Placid region. The story goes that the Titan was caught bridging out of a non corporation owned player owned station (POS) and …

Nulli Secunda Alliance Meeting

Yesterday, Nulli Secunda held a Alliance meeting in which they updated their members about new things and some small changes.
Feel free to listen to you below!

0:23 – Talk about the changing of “tempo” at the beginning of a campaign/deployment.
1:02- Revamp of the FC …

Event: Eve-bet.com sacrificing a Revenant to the Gods of New Eden

Our dear friends from Eve-Bet.com have decided to organize a really cool event including but not limited to the sacrificial offering and slaughter of a Revanant to the gods of New Eden

LIVE EVENT  2014-09-05 @ 2200 EVE Time
Eve-bet.com will be sacrificing a Revenant to the Gods of New Eden. …

House of EVE: A Tale about Defection, Opinion and Spin

Note: The below post is in reply to this article posted on themittani.com earlier today.
Having read the article, it leaves an incredibly bitter taste in the mouth. Not because it’s a typical article you’d expect in some glossy magazine like Heat or Ok! but because the assertions in …

Alliance Tournament XII Day 5 LIVE!!!

Watch live video from CCP on

Triumvirate, Ineluctable and MOA Kill Tactical Narcotics Team Ratting Nyx

Today a Nyx died belonging to a Tactical Narcotics Team Pilot.
Ineluctable. scout, Ace MacRou had been going around in CFC’s home space in search of capitals to kill. One day he noticed while passing through a system that their was a Nyx ratting. This spiked his interests and moments later he …

Flash Back Friday: Real Life Meeting with Chribba

This right here is one of the funniest EVE Online parody videos, this one is quite different from zaniness of the EVE Online sanity test, but its better in its own weird, quirky way. Watch out for some of the characters involved which personally I haven’t heard of in ages, also dear God! the …

Overview: A Beginners’ guide to the Galaxy.

If you have never experienced EVE Online or if you simply tried it once and never played it again, here is a primer on what you are missing, how to get started and at the end there is a 21-day trial sign up link if you wish to give it a try. In this overview we’ll go on what to expect during …

Greedy Goblin: Grave news for Brave Collective

The Goon propaganda site happily reported that the Brave financial director stole 40B and joined a house slave of Goons. The smug of the Goons is well-deserved. A dangerous-looking contender, Brave who collected players in alarming rate, is done and gone from the Sov theater.
Why? Not because …

Catching up with the Alliance Tournament – Part Two.

This weekend marks the elimination rounds of Alliance Tournament XII (AT12) – a full 4 weekend gladiatorial style tournament for recognition and ridiculously valuable prizes.  Ships will get wrecked! Some highly anticipated matches include Rote Kapelle vs Ministry of Inappropriate, and CVA vs …

Eve Down under

Eve Down Under 2014
While most of you will have heard about Fanfest in Iceland and even Eve Vegas, the third most populated Eve event is Eve Down Under.

For all the Aussie’s and Kiwi’s out there who are interested in attending :
Q. How much does a ticket cost?
A. Early Bird tickets (until the …

Charity: Kill a Nyx for Kids!

Hey folks!
I’m participating in a fundraiser that blows the ALS Ice Bucket challenge out of the water.  I’m raising money for the Colorado Children’s Hospital. The charity is the Children’s Miracle Network, and the local hospital treats thousands of children each year, …

Fidelas Constans down greedy Hel in Branch

A hotdropping Hel pilot just fell victim to his own greed.
Earlier, two Fidelas Constans carriers, one piloted by Swistak Orbis from the CBC Interstellar corporation were busy fighting the good fight against evil guristas pirates, when a neutral pilot appeared in local. Now, ratting in a carrier …

Dev Blog: New in Hyperion – “Donate Game Time” explained

What is “Donate Time”?

“Donate Game Time” is an easy way to use PLEX to instantly gift 30 days of game time to another character (more information about PLEX can be found in the Knowledgebase article about

Northern Coalition. Alliance Update

We are on the move again this coming weekend you can find our move op here

Delve Rapid Deployment
Delve was exactly as id hoped it to be, activity, fights and new fcs stepping up. We had some interesting fights and learned a lot about how our enemy is choosing to defend their assets and take …

CCP Financial Report: Shutting down San Francisco Office, Layoffs, and Losses

Today CCP Games released a review of its finances over the last six months to the public. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves showing CCP operating at a net loss for the year.  Key figures from the report are as follows:

Revenue for the first six months totaled 36.5 million, subject to …

Good Things Come in Small Packages

One of the changes brought in by the Hyperion release is a whole new class of wormhole- a ‘frigate wormhole’.
The new class of random wormholes will have a very low maximum jump mass, navigable only by frigates, destroyers and multi-bubble heavy interdictors. They will also enjoy a very …

Catching up with The Alliance Tournament – Part One.

The grand Alliance Tournament (AT) is well into its 12th year (ATXII).  The last two weekends have already set up the elimination rounds and championship finals – which are set for this weekend. So don’t miss it. In case RL has been standing in the way of your Alliance Tournament fix, you …

EVEOGANDA: Shave & A Haircut

Hyperion deployed yesterday and sadly the Hyperion Battleship does not generate its own Wormholes as I was led to believe. Which is a serious bummer. Another bummer is the transparent frills on the Thrasher and Cyclone models. I was hoping CCP learned their lesson with the Vagabond Frill Me …

Gallente Conquer Caldari – Militia Style

Few things in life are guaranteed:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. Drama
But one thing that, by design, was meant to be guaranteed is no longer – eternal struggle in Faction Warfare.
Currently, the Gallente militia controls 100% of the conquerable space in the Gallente and Caldari lowsec zones.

Usually …