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UNITY – Saviors or Scourge of the Matari Warzone

November 5, 2018

UNITY alliance has steadily, over the last few years, assimilated almost every other identity on the Minmatar side of the Minmatar/Amarr conflict. UNITY and their council are now the sole power holders in the Minmatar militia. This consolidation of power, has brought continuity and coherence to the Tribal Liberation Force (TLF). But at what cost, to the war effort, and to the line pilots?

Personal Introduction

First, a small introduction and a measure of understand why I feel experienced enough to write about this topic. I am a long time player of EVE online. A Faction Warfare (FW) pilot since 2013 and an ex-Ushra’Khan member. I have fought with and against many of the largest organizations in New Eden, but the Minmatar/Amarr Warzone is where I call home.

UNITY History

Back in 2013 Ushra’Khan <UNITY> were one of a number of alliances within the Minmatar faction warfare militia. Alongside Late Night Alliance <GHEY>, Iron Oxide <FEO>, Defiant Legacy <DFNTS>, White-Lotus <WL>, WINMATAR. <WMTR> to name a few. Since then, all of the above alliances have closed or in the case of WMTR defected to fight for the Amarrian side of the war. 

Diversity is thin within the Minmatar Militia. UNITY works closely with Smile ‘n’ Wave <WAVE> (a russian speaking alliance within the militia) to control the flow of capsuleers joining. They dictate doctrine and strategy to the wider militia and the smaller corps/alliances within the TLF. Those who do not fall in line will often find themselves blacklisted and on the path for assimilation. A source, requesting to remain anonymous for fear of becoming excluded by UNITY, stated “Basically it’s what they [UNITY] say goes, the council and backers have been playing for so long they don’t even care about a healthy war zone. Or about the value of LP for members because they have so much stockpiled already, they are completely disconnected”

FW area

The TLF already controls the majority of the warzone, they have done for the past 5 years with intermittent pushes by Amarr forces. Some blitz attacks have resulting in huge swathes of the warzone being controlled by 24th Imperial Crusade (IC24). However, only for short and intensely hard fought periods.

Iron Grip

Between the two alliances (UNTIY and WAVE) they now hold and control. With grids full of citadels along the two main entrance and supply systems for the 24th Imperial Crusade Amarr forces it is a iron grip. Stifling the opposition through their supply routes, and cutting the Amarr off from their mission hub systems. Tactically this is smart and it’s war after all, but it seems UNITY’s far reaching hand of control will pull the trigger to shoot themselves in not one but both of their feet.

UNITY are killing the warzone, they are suffocating the opposition and maintaining the Minmatar tier high at all times, devaluing minmatar LP to the point of worthlessness. They have become like the risk averse powerblocs of Nullsec space. They are ensuring their safety and financial security at the price of quality content and real value of income. Leading TLF members to fly further to find their PVP content that 3 years ago was on their doorstep. This on top of grinding 50% longer to achieve the same income that they would have 3 years ago.

Furthermore UNITY alliance holds ratting space rented from a null group in the south east. Meaning that their inner circle is not reliant on the warzone for income like the many, many smaller corporations and alliances that call the Minmatar/Amarr warzone their home. This shows my sources is accurate in that they have truly become disconnected from their members, their militia, and most importantly their past.

Where Do You Stand?

If any of the readers are active in the warzone what are your thoughts on UNITY and how they are currently operating? Are they pushing too hard at the expense of their members and the warzone as a whole?