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Crimson Harvest Live Event: 23 OCT – 5 NOV 2018

October 24, 2018

Oct. 23rd, The Crimson Harvest event returns, for the third year, with new sites, visuals and content! Run the gauntlet and engage in a new play experience to obtain a unique new material through mining or combat, then build your new Cerebral Accelerator! The new mineral is found buried under the surface of special asteroids, lying deep inside a mysterious nebula. It is being mined and fought over by Capsuleers and Blood Raiders, inspired by the prize of a unique Cerebral Accelerator.

How To Participate

To participate in theCrimson Harvest event, open The Agency in the Neocom. The Agency panel will display and direct you to nearby event sites. All event objects are PVE content, and they have mixed up a bit by including a mining mission.

  • Crimson Raiders – Combat
  • Crimson Commander – Combat
  • Crimson Harvest – Combat / Mining

The mining mission has the added bonus of being the materials required for a new Cerebral Accelerator construction. However, as it was posted on the forum during testing, one complete Skiff ore cargo load of Chtonic Attar is NOT enough to manufacture ONE standard accelerator (at max skills). “I got 66 pieces but 70 are required to manufacture one.” –Tipa Riot.


Crimson Harvest Sites require a pilot (or multiple) to clear the site, and then mine the Cthonic Attar ore. Each unit is 6 m3, therefore 3,000 m3 is required per 10 points. This is tricky, as the Agency missions don’t auto complete for this event, meaning you need to open the Agency window and claim the mission for each 500 units pulled in. Asteroids have been observed to spawn with 200 unit intervals.

Limited Time Rewards

 Crimson Harvest

Crimson Harvest – SKINS

This Crimson Harvest event features all new rewards, including a blueprint for a brand new Cerebral Accelerator which can only be produced with the unique new mineral type. Completing Agency mission can get pilots the exclusive Deathglow Hunters SKIN for Astero, Gila and Machariel hulls, oh and the final reward is Avatar titan class hull SKIN! These rewards are only available for the limited duration of this event, 23 OCT – 5 NOV!


  • 50 points – Cerebral Accelerator
  • 150 points – Astero
  • 350 points – Gila
  • 650 points – Machariel
  • 1000 points – Avatar

Past Years

During 2016 we saw the first Crimson Harvest, THE YC118 CRIMSON HARVEST HAS BEGUN! With the event CCP unleashed a great in-lore trailer, we have dug it up of you, enjoy!

Closing Thoughts

If you enjoy new backdrops than the new atmospheric nebulae is reason enough to check out a few sites. The Deathglow Hunters SKIN, I have to say looks awesome. While the Gila has been priced out of the more standard crowd due to its use for the Abyssal Deadspace PVE, including a popular Alpha ship in the reward pool should draw a good number of pilots to the event. If you have more tips for us to post please list them in the comments.


With the launch of the Crimson Harvest event today, several of the loot tables that form part of the event were noticed to be dropping substantially more Blood Raider loot that was intended as part of this event.

This has now been rectified, and loot should now be dropping at the intended rate as part of the event.

Apologies for any confusion the issues with drop rates may have caused.
CCP Falcon