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Influence & Coalition Maps Back Online!

November 3, 2018

Verite took to Reddit to proclaim, “Influence & Coalition Maps Back Online!” We can all rest easy knowing that a huge block of EVE’s history has been saved and a service that the community sees as vital is back up and running. Since mid August 2007, the Verite Rendition Influence Maps as give fans and pilots a colorful view of the changing layout of New Eden. In 2013 CCP gave the maps a Community Spotlight, citing the Verite Rendition Influence Maps  as, “one of the most popular resources for seeing who owns what.”

Message From Verite

u/Verite_Rendition‘s post, complete.

Hey all,

I’m happy to report that the Influence and Coalition maps are back online. As the hosting arrangement for the maps has changed, the URLs for these maps have similarly permanently changed. So you will need to update your bookmarks and websites to account for the new URLs.

This is the first time the maps have been moved since 2007, and with their new URLs it should also be the final time they ever need to be changed.

Influence: http://www.verite.space/maps/influence/influence.png

Coalition: http://www.verite.space/maps/coalition/coalitioninfluence.png

China (Serenity): http://www.verite.space/maps/china/cinfluence.png

Factional Warfare: http://www.verite.space/maps/fw/fwinfluence.png

You can find the complete map archives at http://www.verite.space/maps/ . These are simple directory listings, so it’s easy for anyone to pull down a complete copy of the map set if you’d like. (Right now the entire history is just under 6GB)

I’ve also reached out to Soren to get http://sov.space updated, as I know that’s how most of you access the maps these days. If you happen to run a site that links to the maps directly or know someone who does, please poke them to update their site to the new URLs.

Background Info: After the unfortunate RAID array failure with EVE-Files, I began looking at alternative hosting arrangements for the map. Especially as while /u/ChribbaX has been a most gracious host over the last decade, as I’m essentially EVE-Files’ last active user, it was probably time I left home and made restoring EVE-Files a much saner process.=P

Since I directly control the new domain name, it means I can quickly fix the hosting situation behind the scenes should something like this happen again. So this should be the last time the map URLs change.

The new host should also be a bit faster to load than EVE-Files, though this will depend a bit on your location.

If anyone runs into any issues or has any questions, please let me know.


Update: Being the sexy god that he is, Chribba has added some redirects to the old URLs. You should still update your bookmarks and pages to use the new URLs, but now old sites and tools that don’t know the new URLs will work again. Thanks C!

New Eden Maps

EVE News 24 has hosted a page dedicated to the Verite Rendition Influence Maps and when it went dark we thought it a hiccup in the system. Tonight we will be following Verite’s advice and updating our links. Where we once featured only half of the map, we will now have all four on display. Additionally, from the possibility that such a great resource for EVE history could be lost, we have downloaded the complete history. Check everyday at 16:00 for newly published maps.

Closing Thoughts

Having reached out to Chribba a few days ago, we were relived to be told that the site’s history was intact, but the data was looking for a new home. While I am not part of a large alliance these maps have allowed me to see some shifts in the layout of space and grant me a small amount of insight. I am very happy to see them return.  Do you use these maps? Did you know they existed?

Thank you Verite for continuing to service the EVE Community.