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EVE VEGAS 2018 – Ready for the Opening Ceremony

October 18, 2018

It’s October, get your snacks ready, it’s time for EVE Vegas 2018! This year, its got roundtables, charity raffles, charity auctions, presentations, along with the legendary EVE Vegas party at Drai’s, and a new twist on a Friday night event this year, Topgolf with the Developers!


The schedule is pretty simple, following past event trends and all times are PDT/EST/UTC to help the  more than 1100 capsuleers attend as much as possible. By now pilots should have checked in, but you are lagging behind a team of volunteers led by GreyGal will help. Check-ins will continue throughout each day of the event during program hours.

Day One – October 19th

  • 14:00/17:00/21:00 – Opening Ceremony & CCP Presents
  • 16:00/19:00/23:00 – EVE Online Keynote

Day Two – October 20th

  • 11:00/14:00/18:00 – Upwell Structures – The Future
  • 14:00/17:00/21:00 – Project Nova
  • 15:00/18:00/22:00 – Ships & Balance

Day Three – October 21st

  • 11:00/14:00/18:00 – Introducing The Activity Tracker
  • 15:00/18:00/22:00 – Events & The Agency
  • 17:00/20:00/00:00 – Closing Ceremony

Due to popular demand, days two and three (Oct 20th & 21st) of EVE Vegas will start one hour later than last year at 11:00 PDT /14:00 EST / 17:00 UTC.  This is to grants pilots to take full advantage of the Vegas nightlife to jump into new clones and hydrate. A little extra time to get ready for the day!

Please be aware that the line-up is of course subject to change, so be sure to keep up to date by checking the digital schedule.
-CCP Games

EVE Vegas Event Floor Plan

EVE Vegas Event Floor Plan


With EVE VEGAS 2018 Opening Ceremony nearing, fear not capsuleers unable able to join in person, the full three days will be streamed live on the CCP Twitch Channel for FREE. All the major events, announcements and information from EVE Vegas 2018 can be seen. CPP will be running a whole host of giveaways and contests over the course of the three days of event. Their not leaving the home viewers out tune in, remote upwell viewers -we’re looking at you wormhole dwellers-, for your chance to win some “kick ass prizes!”

Bjorn Bee, Manic Velocity and Chocolate Rahne will all be attending, in addition to a kitchen sink fleet of other streamers. Messages and times will be announced via the #Streamfleet banner, so keep an eye out on Twitter and Twitch. You may remember some of their adventures during GM Week. While CCP will be streaming EVE VEGAS on its channel the accompanying FC’s will be on their own channels, so there will be tons of content for all to watch!



CCP EVE Vegas stream has stated that Twitch viewers will be able to win OCTOPUS ORANGE FLIGHT SKINS. Additionally, using the #EveVegas on twitter enter into a graphic card prize! Tell us what you think.

We added EST times to the schedule to allow Twitch.tv viewers easier reading.