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Sorry About Your Shoes

In a few months the city of Reykjavik will be the recipient of that most cherished of EVE activities, the Hot Drop. This March thousands of eager EVE faithful will gather to meet and mingle with friends of foes alike, talk serious spaceships, and most importantly, drink themselves silly. The pub …

Newbros: Market Vision

Trading, along with spying, is one of those professions that nobody talks about, and beware if they do.  That “hot tip” on what to buy can cost you dearly. These two “meta-professions” depend on information as power; as what you know is just as important as what you deprive others from …

BRAVE: Former Military Director Announces Departure in Style!

Just moments ago, it was brought to our attention that a mail had gone out to Brave Collective on EveSkunk, in which Motre, former Military Director of BRAVE, announced his departure. This mail was sent out on an alt of his and is shown below.
Alliance:Brave Collective
Sent:2015-01-14 …

Target Caller: The Full Nine Yards

Think for a moment, about the Eve universe.
We have capsuleers who are effectively immortal (so long as the power stays on at all the facilities with their clones throughout the universe). These capsuleers are able to inject skills directly into their brains which they can use after a suitable …

Newbros: The Brokers and You

“Finance fuels the crucible of war and its spoils fill our treasury.”
– Khan’s finance minister, Marco Polo, Netflix

From the beginning, CCP wanted an economic component to the complex game of pvp domination in Eve Online. They still staff PhD level economist(s), even after lead …

VIDEO: Eve DownUnder 2014 recordings!

EveDownUnder 2014, was held on the 21st till the 23rd of November. I Heard a lot of good stories about the event and apparently it was a lot of fun! For the players who couldn’t attend, EDU was nice enough to record all the presentations and yesterday the uploaded them to their Youtube …

Blog: Your grief = Our happiness

Disclaimer: The following piece is written by a blogger named: Noragen Neirfallas! Liked his piece? Check out his own site here
A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”
― C.S. …

Saturday Night Fights in WD-VTV

While elsewhere in Eve, clashes rage for the fate of sovereignty, Catch has settled down for the first time in almost four months (or being as “settled” as any anarchic, warring society could be). Pandemic Legion, the long time adversary of HERO Coalition, who has threatened and menaced …

A Small Corporation, -RUUM, Takes Sov

“Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! This is the tale of the SOLAR Jewel and -RUUM “
The Yarrdy YaRr YARRR [-RUUM] corp, the pickled plunderers of deep space are up to their eyeballs in adventure and swinging from fight to fight with impressive success. No one is as surprised as the …

Here’s Why I Think Eve IS AWESOME!

Eve Online can seem like a daunting beast. It’s a game known for its incredibly steep learning curve, unforgiving player base comprised of scammers, pirates and other ne’erdowells. Perhaps its harshest criticism: some detractors call it “Spreadsheet Simulator”. I do not enjoy …

Live Blog: WD-VTV Brawl happening now in Catch – Live feed added!

Big fight about to happen in the WD-VTV solar system of the catch region, I’ll be live bloggin it with all the details I can get, make sure to visit this page several times to get the updates. Right now we have 600 local.

Right now is a multi side battle between:
HERO, who has 180+ Moa …

Dev Blog: Player Submitted Content For o7, The EVE Online Show

Creative space friends,

We here at CCP have long sought out player created material to use in our streaming efforts and in social media because, in so many ways, it’s the best material. I ask you, who sleeps without hearing the roars of Metal Camel from the Alliance tournament broadcast?! …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Proteus Release

2015 has barely arrived, and a release is already here for the pilots of EVE Online. New mining areas, high-level exploration sites, and more star map features top the list, with a major module tiericide and rebalancing to keep things shipshape. Discover what the new year brings in EVE Online: …

The Cold Battle of I6-SYN Station

The border system of Cache (I6-SYN) saw 1800 pilots collide in dramatic fashion yesterday. The 2 hour long battle featured a cast of rivalries, old and new, but the stakes were between Legion of xXDEATHXx (defending, blue) and SOLAR FLEET (attacking, red). There were, as always, groups of stealth …

EVE Online: Proteus – Patch Notes.

Patch notes for Proteus 1.0
Release on Tuesday January 13, 2015



New theme song.

New German and Russian voices for aura, including the voice of Naburi NasNaburi for our German translation!


A new mining anomaly called …