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Seraph IX Basarab: A Good Leader

What does the phrase “a good leader” invoke in your mind? Is the leader someone that is honorable and honest? Are they effective in controlling their surroundings? Are they a good military leader? To paraphrase Supreme Justice Stewart, “I can’t define pornography but I know …

Yarrdy YaRr YARRR and Triumvirate. Snag a Nyx

EN24 caught up with Cable Uta of Yarrdy YaRr YARRR [-RUUM] and StarFleetCommander of Triumvirate. [TRI] for a quick after-action report.
[-RUUM] was roaming around the area in a small shield Ishtar fleet when they came upon a marginal gatecamp; 3 battleships and a couple cruisers with assigned …

Phoebe Freeport Republic Alliance Meeting

Phoebe Freeport Republic held a alliance meeting in which they talked about a possible target. Feel free to listen to it yourself!

Video: Zest – Pure Solo PvP – PREVIEW Trailer

Preview teaser to Zest’s upcoming Solo PvP video,

Submission: Snuffed Out + Overload Everything VS Shadow Cartel + Nocturnal Romance

Tonight was a good night, a massive slugfest of the lowsec behemoths in the infamous system of Barleguet.

The evening started with us (Snuffed Out) getting wind of some interesting fleet movements in the Placid region, both Shadow Cartel and Overload Everything logging in titans and showing off …

The Foreverwar

Between Fountain and Delve the debris fields are growing as the CFC and N3 forces collide, day in, day out. In this southwestern theater, these rivals are face to face. They’ve grabbed each other by the collar.

Politics of change
For now, N3 alliances are making slow and unsteady …

Let’s Try This Again: Warp To Zero! Now! Now! Now!

Earlier today we announced the release of a new EVE Online forum. However, it soon came to our attention that a group of people disapproved of our use of the historic EVE Online twitter hashtag #tweetfleet. We appreciate the feedback from the EVE community and have listened to what you have had to …

Kirith Kodachi: The Lore Is Important

Somewhere along the line, CCP realized that the game universe lore was important to the players of EVE online even though they disparage role playing. Or rather remembered.
The current events in the game lore happening have many players that usually ignore the lore and treat it as a background for …

JonnyPew: Standard Sleeper Cache Walkthrough

The Standard Sleeper Cache is more difficult than the average data or relic site. It has a weak signal strength, stronger system hack defenses, environmental hazards, sleeper sentries, hidden loot containers, and a few puzzles that will challenge even the more experienced explorers.
Standard …

Threads in the Tapestry of EVE Online

EVE Online is a psychologically competitive arena dressed up in internet spaceship garb.  CCP Games devised a sandbox where you can never be fully safe, pushing people to seek safety in numbers.  As those number increase the pack mentality takes hold, causing all sorts of drama, especially in 0.0 …

Submission: CFC kill 4 NCDOT Supers in Querious

Disclaimer: The following piece was submitted by Knerf, who is a member of NCDOT. Statements made in this piece are his and do not represent EN24!

”The Humbling of a commander can be a powerful lesson”
The Situation
The galactic war machine of NCDOT has fired up in an offensive push …

D00M. Merges with Burning Napalm

Just a moment ago, Vince Draken, CEO of Northern Coalition made the announcement his corp, D00M., is merging with Burning Napalm.
From: Vince Draken
Sent: 2014.12.05 21:29
To: Northern Coalition.,
Good Evening D00M.
It is with regreat over the last few months it has come to be more evident that …

EN24 Podcast Pilot Episode Ft. Bobmon, Mail Lite and Slevin Kelevra

Good evening readers of Eve News 24!
A while ago, I had the thought that maybe the writers of EN24 should host a podcast to discuss the recent news within the game and also upcoming features in the newest patch. I decided now would be a perfect time to bring this to the masses so I got together …

HED-GP Explodes: Ragnarok Down

In the early morning of the 5th December 2014, Pandemic Legion and HERO Coalition, which is made up of Brave Newbies Inc. and TEST Alliance Please Ignore, assembled their forces as the IHUB timer in HED-GP ticked slowly down. As they clashed, a series of escalations resulted in the arrival of …

Submission: 250 Billion Isk X GAMES – WIN Prizes NOW!

The following submission was done by our advertisor, IWANTISK.com
We are pleased to announce that we have reached ONE QUADRILLION ISK awarded to our players through out New Eden. We would like to put on a special event for this historic mile stone and host a 250 Billion Isk X Games on December 5th …

Awesomesauce: Physically-based Rendering (PBR) comparison video

See the dramatic difference that physically-based rendering (PBR) brings to EVE Online in the Rhea release this December. PBR changes how light bounces off of the individual components of an object, creating a natural, photo-realistic look. Rhea brings this new tech to the ships of EVE, with plans …

Vale of the Silent, Not so Silent! Co2 and The Bastion vs Triumvirate.

CFC controlled space is currently being fought on many different fronts, with fountain getting the most attention. However in the north were CFC alliances such as The Bastion and Circle-Of-Two live, Triumvirate, PIZZA and Out of SightDOT have being causing a lot of troubles.
Yesterday, Triumvirate …


Wow…. Pandemic Legion just jumped in everything! Next BR-? Enjoy!
Watch live video from Daopa on www.twitch.tv
a Long battereport will be posted

CFC Ousts N3’s Supercarrier Base from Y-2ANO

With the station flipping in LBGI-2, N3 got a foothold in Fountain. It was a psychological victory as the station is not being used as a new forward operating base, continuing to stage out of Delve (M2-XFE) instead. NCdot planted a tower in Y-2ANO and staged their supercarriers there. This would be …

Leaks: The Bastion Alliance Meeting

Another day, Another Meeting to listen too, ENJOY!

Watch live video from thebastionalliance on Twitch
1) The Bastion left fountain last Sunday, and they will take back lost assets from Triumvirate
2) This deployment will be a lot of fun
3) Shout out to our SRP team for being very quick at …

Submission: FCON – feeling the strain

Disclaimer: The following piece was submitted by Tridgit
Yesterday one of the most active per capita corporations in FCON has made the decision to leave. While this in itself is not truly anything of note, the reasoning and the attitudes surrounding the decision are.
Phoebe has hit CFC strategy …

Dev Post: Industry Teams – Current Plans

Hello Industrialists,
As part of the Crius Industry release, a feature was added that most of you are probably familiar with called Teams. This feature allows you to hire teams of specialist NPC workers to boost your industry jobs for a price.
Since then we have been closely tracking all related …

PSA: Calling All EVE Online Filmmakers, Show What Makes EVE Unique!

Here at CCP, we’ve been incredibly humbled to witness the reaction to the latest trailer for EVE Online, “This is EVE”. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, feel free to check out the uncensored version here!
Our goal with “This is EVE” was to show what …