CSM XI Autumn Summit PvE Townhall

Yesterday evening the CSM 11 hosted a PVE townhall!

Video: EVE Online August 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out this August 2016 Nullsec recap video made by Hendrick

Devblog: Clone States – Post Announcement Follow-up

Wow, what a day! After our Clone States announcement, we watched as EVE players, future EVE players and media engaged in a massive discussion about what this feature would mean for New Eden. Needless to say, it feels great to see our community embrace the concept in such force. In less than 24 …

World War Bee: The Documentary Trailer

This is a promotional trailer I made for a project that I’m involved with to produce a doc regarding the events surrounding World War Bee in EVE Online in late 2015 and 2016. Produced by Lenny Kravitz2 and C4w3, the doc will be promoted at upcoming EVE Live Events at G-Fleet, EVE Vegas, and …

JonnyPew: Six New Frigate Redesigns Coming Soon!

Our good friend Jonny Pew teases us on the upcoming frigate model redesigns, CCP Games seems to know no rest in the eve of the november

Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States and the Future of Access to EVE Online

Immortal Capsuleers,

Today, we have something exciting to share with you; our plans for a new feature that will let both old and new players take part in EVE Online for free.

This is a big, fundamental change to the way EVE works, so we’d like to go over the high level concept, some …

War In Delve: 2/3 of Delve under Imperium control as war cools

The Delve war for all intents and purposes has almost ground to a complete halt. Imperium cleanup crews claim towers and only 4 of the 14 conquerable constellations are left before the Imperium can claim complete control over the region. Indeed, the Imperium has also branched out and claimed two …

Community Spotlight: J Mcclain Founder of “Best of Us” Organization

In this Eve news 24 Community Spotlight I interviewed J Mcclain, Founder of “Best of US” organization.
It’s called “Best of Us” as the name is meant to reflect the notion that we potentially lose people who could have been the best of us to a disproportionate suicide …

The Zkill Guide To The Moracha

The Moracha guide by rhiload!

Devblog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting

Hello again benevolent Capsuleers.
It’s happening!
We here in Team Five 0 are preparing a massive reimagining of the fleet support roles in EVE, and we are ready to go into detail on the current plans and move to the next phase of the player feedback process.
“Command Bursts” will form …

The TISHU Rips: Psychotic Tendencies Membership Drops 75%

Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] returned to prominence as an alliance during the events of World War Bee earlier this year and have featured in over 20 articles here on EN24 in the last year alone. Smaller than some of the more prominent powerhouses involved in the war, they still had a …

The Scope – First Keepstar Destroyed in Nalvula

Alton Haveri reports on the first recorded destruction of a Keepstar class citadel, as a structure under construction by Project Mayhem in the Lonetrek system of Nalvula is sieged and destroyed by a Pandemic Legion led fleet of more than two thousand

The Zkill Guide To The Dragoon

The Dragoon Guide made by rhiload!

First Keepstar dies in Nalvula

The anchoring of a Keepstar in Nalvula by Project.Mayhem saw the system become a hotbed of activity, as pilots from all across New Eden flocked into the system to take part in attempting to destroy it….and succeeding.
The Keepstar was defended by a Machariel fleet fielded by Project.Mayhem, with …

War In Delve: Imperium inches forward as PGL rages

The war in Delve continues. After their initial invasion saw the Imperium (along with their new allies LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-]) start claiming systems from the Delve residents (also know as Delve Core). The ‘north’ of the region home to the League of Unaligned Master …

Devpost: [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks

Hey folks! As we first mentioned at Fanfest this year, we have a visual revamp in the works for Mining Barges and Exhumers (along with many other ships) to continue improving EVE’s amazing visuals.
This pass on the barges allowed the art team to fulfill a long-standing request from the game …

Counterpoint to Capri’s Critique

This is a response to Capri Sun KraftFoods, a fellow alliance mate in Psychotic Tendencies. He made a post that’s generating quite a bit of a discussion on reddit.
The over all greater discussion is well exemplified in some of the comments as well as the piece itself of course. Here’s a …

My Eve: The Other Null Sec

Editor’s Note: This article is a submission to EN24 from a guest author and does not necessarily reflect EN24’s opinions or positions.
Bren Genzan is a veteran pilot from Open University of Celestial Hardship [0UCH], established in 2009. An irrelevant corporation in irrelevant space …

Battle report: A Tribute to the Titan Gods.

Since the departure of the Imperium in the north, the former members of the Money Badger Coalition have begun to settle down in to conquered space and relationships and ties between the old allies have begun to dissolve. This includes very public tensions surfacing between a number of groups.
This …

Submission: Dronelands Update

One of my in-game names is Dirk Stetille, and I was until recently a senior member and leading FC of a Malpais alliance called Badfellas Inc. Badfellas are a subsidiary of Northern Coalition. and responsible for the initial reactions to sovereignty assaults within Malpais, as well as the defence …

DevBlog: Caedes and Rabisu [ATXIV Prize Ships]

Hey folks. We revealed the models and first pass of bonuses for the two new Alliance Tournament prize ships in CCP Logibro’s recent dev blog, and it’s been great to hear from a lot of players drooling over these so far.
These ships will be given to the top teams of the 14th Alliance …

Video: The Zkill Guide To The Nighthawk

A Nighthawk guide made by rhiload!

Customer Support: Past, Present and Future

It’s been around a year since EVE Online’s Customer Support Team last published a dev blog and so we felt it was time for an update. This blog is all about Customer Support and as such it will not include any game content or release information. With that being said let’s talk about …

The CSM Podcast Ep.1 ft Jin’taan, Xenuria & MrHyde113

The first episode of Apothne‘s CSM Podcast featuring Jin’taan, Xenuria &

Video: Sacrilege – Solo PvP

The following video was made by Cosmo Blink,