The Panic Podcast: Episode 4, The Return

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1:27 AF/HAC Changes Retrospective
8:54 Battleship Changes
14:48 The …

Dev Blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction With Into The Abyss

If you would like to discuss this dev blog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums.
Greetings Capsuleers,
Planetary Interaction was introduced back in the Tyrannis expansion in 2010. There have not been many changes made to the system since then but that is about …

Mad Online: When Smack Talk Turns to Cringe

I’ve been writing about Eve since 2011. Throughout my time doing so, I’ve mostly focused on Eve politics critiquing the ongoings of nullsec alliances. More often than not I have been harsh where I felt that it was needed and leveled criticism where it was merited. I have criticized my own …

Rationales for Theft; Voodoo and Crosix Speak

If you’ve been following /r/Eve, you will have noted the dramatic flip of a SLYCE Fortizar earlier today. While there has been quite a lot of talk about it, the motives have not been known.
EN24 was able to get in contact with both defector King Voodoo, and his erstwhile corp CEO, Rush …

Hisec Mercenary Alliance: VMG Coup!

On April 15th, 2018, Gnomelands released a video announcing their victory over Vendetta Mercenary Group. lil pheonix, of Danger Gnomes, was kind enough to take some time and fill me in on the details of their recent coup and why it mattered. The alliance was functionally disbanded and reformed with …

BREAKING: SLYCE VFK Fortizar Flipped to Imperium

At 1404 EVE today, EN24 was made aware that a SLYCE Fortizar in VFK was flipped to Goonswarm. It appears that King Voodoo, a senior director in the alliance stole 300 billion ISK in the process. This is the latest in a string of high-profile defections from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Though this loss …

The Triglavian Collective and You

Most of you by now should be aware that one of the main focuses of this years fanfest in Iceland was a new type of NPCs that will be coming to New Eden, alongside all the things that go with it. Otherwise known as the Triglavians.
With the introduction of these NPCs comes new modules, ships, …

Fanfest 2018: A Tasteful Review

As a first time attendee of Fanfest, and also a part of the pair of EN24 correspondents included in the CCP media group, I went into this doubting whether or not I’d be able to give a 1st timer’s perspective as well as maintain an unbiased approach. I would like to first off publicly thank both …

Kenshin Corp Meeting Leak; Tone Positive

Unless you’ve been living under a wormhole, you’ll have heard that Kenshin suffered a serious theft yesterday. Kenshin is a major PVP corporation in DARKNESS. alliance, and a key element of the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition.
This morning, their leader, Vlade Randal, held a corp …

EN24: UPDATE – NEW STAFF OPENING & Comment System Changes

EN24 is doing an open call for writers, storytellers, and reporters interested in making internet spaceship news an integral part of their Eve Online experience.
We are seeking writers and staff from all regions and segments of New Eden (i.e. ‘Null-Sec’, ‘High-Sec’, ‘Low-Sec’, Faction …

War of Ascension – A step in a new direction.

As part of the Keynote speech this year at the annual EVE Fanfest celebration it was announced by CCP that the previously named Project Aurora has now been titled EVE: War of Ascension.
Whilst some may have thought that an announcement made on PlayRaven’s website, the developer in partnership …

A Blessing from his Holiness the Space Pope Max Singularity the First at EVE Fanfest 2018

The question of how Eve has avoided cosplayfication is an interesting one, which has numerous explanations. Is it one thing to dress up as a favorite character in a movie and series and quite another to do so with a character you essentially develop yourself in a game? Halo fanatics don’t think …

Northern Conflict Observatory #2

MOA Corp Defects
On the 10th, the Mordus Angels <MOA> corporation Angels and Devils defected to The Imperium. Some weeks ago, one of their directors approached Goonswarm intelligence wanting to leave MOA. On the 10th, this director took the corporation out of MOA and executed a heist.
Angels …

Eastern Conflict Observatory #2

This article is your weekly briefing on the conflict in the east between Unspoken Alliance./WE FORM V0LTA/Skill Urself and the Drone Regions Federation.
DCU Disbanding; Holy League Claims Victory
In a coalition-wide meeting at about 9 o’clock on the 15th of April, the Drone Control Unit …

* LIVE BLOG * EVE Online Fanfest 2018 Closing Ceremony

All good things come to an end, sadly. Still here we are. The closing ceremony to EVE Online’s 2018 Fanfest. Let’s see what surprises CCP Games have saved for the end.
#ffclosing Tweets
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* LIVE BLOG * Structures Presentation

This is the first of two live blogs I’ll be running, without further ado, the live blog for the structures presentation:
Tweets about #ffstruct
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Eve News24’s FanFest 2018 Twitter Feed

Tweets by Eve News24

Watch This: You Are EVE – Celebrating 15 Years of EVE Online

As part of the keynote presentation we have a brand new trailer for EVE Online. Showcasing where the game has been and how it has been shaped by you, the players.
Check it out below.

* LIVE BLOG * EVE Online Keynote

Here comes the first big EVEnt of the Fanfest 2018; the EVE Online keynote. What surprises does CCP Games have in store for us? the wait is soon to be over.
As usual we’ll be live blogging the event for those of you unable to watch the stream via twitter and through this page. Buckle up, the …

Fanfest 2018 – The Warm Up

This year EVE Online reaches its 15th birthday. Due to this, the annual fanfest which takes place in Iceland every year is supposed to be a big one. Surpassing that of last year which saw a celebration relating to 20 years since CCP first opened its doors.
There have already been some changes made …

Eastern Conflict Observatory #1

This article is your weekly briefing on the conflict in the east between Unspoken Alliance./WE FORM V0LTA/Skill Urself and the Drone Regions Federation.
1-BK1Q Falls
1-BK1Q was a key staging system for the Drone Regions Federation. Under the control of RAZOR Alliance, it enabled home defense.
Over …

Wesper: A Space Diplomacy Podcast Series

Riverini’s note: These are by far and large the best produced, better researched EVE Online podcasts I have ever heard, in the wake of the upcoming fanfest we are proud to introduce you Wesper’s podcast series.
Wesper is a podcast featuring a series of (mostly) non-narrated, cinematic …

In-Game: CONCORD Quarantine Ship of Unknown Design in Yulai

YULAI – For approximately 48 hours, CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department have been holding a ship of unknown design in quarantine outside the DED's Yulai X Assembly station. The initial apperance of this ship, apparently under the control of a force commanded by DED Genesis …

Northern Conflict Observatory #1

This article is your weekly brief about the ongoing conflict between Goonswarm Federation and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Caldarius Alliance Anchors Keepstar
Caldarius Alliance, a Japanese alliance in GOTG, anchored a Keepstar on April 4th in their staging system of A-G1FM.
The anchoring marks a …

The Discourse – Singularity Cruiser Discovered In Yulai

A Singularity Bearing Cruiser was spotted in Yulai, days before an important capsuleer meeting. Piloted by DED operative Oveg Drust, it is barely holding up in one piece and is surrounded by Blacktroop SWAT ships.

Hosts: Elinari Rhodan
ARC Logo: Noene Drops
Title Animation: Corrin …