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Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #15

It’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community has to offer. So here we

Low Sec Rumble: Escalation in Kamela

Kamela system, the Bleak Lands region. In the early hours of the 29th of September, a small skirmish over a planetary customs office rapidly escalated into a Capital brawl and a large fleet fight as heavy weights such as Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] showed up.
Though planetary …

Vanguard Release – Summary of Changes

Today, September 29th, 2015, CCP brings to capsuleers their latest release Vanguard. This release includes several interesting changes, including a buff for battlecruisers, but maybe the most notable change being the death of the “trollceptor”.
As of today, Entosis Links may no longer be fit to …

Clash in Immensea: Stain-Wagon and Gentlemen’s.Club Meet in GXK-7F

GXK-7F system, Immensea region. On the 28th of September at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Stain-Wagon Coalition and Gentlemen’s.Club [GCLUB] engaged each other in what became a large brawl between the two in the system.
A Soviet-Union [CY-27] tower was exiting reinforced mode in the system, and …

Multibuy Temporarily Disabled

As part of today’s patch, the much anticipated multibuy feature was introduced. This feature allowed players to purchases multiple items from the in-game market from pre-saved ship fittings. This feature would reduce the tedium of buying the fittings for a large number of ships, especially …

The Scope – Dread Guristas Steal Supercarrier in Daring Raid

Alton Haveri reports on the hijacking and theft on a Wyvern class supercarrier from the Wirykomi corporation, after the vessel was assaulted and overrun by Guristas forces while gravdocked for refitting and

Battle Report Round Up #2

The 27th of September was no less bloody than its predecessor, with plenty of battles raging across the universe. This is a round up of some of those fights that were recorded across New Eden:
Psychotic Tendencies, Pandemic Legion and Pandemic Horde versus Imperium

Cloud Ring continues to be one …

EVE_NT Collides Teams Announced

Part of the event program at Eve Nottingham earlier this month was to officially announce the teams for the upcoming player run tournament #EVE_NT Collides.
Drawn by CCP Fozzie and CCP Guard using high quality FIFA style plastic balls the teams selected for this years Collides Tournament …

NCdot’s Changing Faces

Two long-time member corporations from NCdot, Macabre Votum [MV] and Nex Exercitus [NEXE], have broken off to form a new alliance, Memento Moriendo [memom]. Members from Ever Flow have joined them as well. Departures are not uncommon in NCdot. Earlier in the year Adversity moved out to …

Battle Report Round Up #1

Disclaimer: This is an experimental format intended to give greater exposure to medium and large fights that are often overlooked due to relative low numbers or importance.
The 26th of September saw quite a fair number of engagements happening all across New Eden ranging from some of the very big …

Opinion: Free SP versus New Player Experience

CCP recently announced, with the upcoming Vanguard Expansion, they are changing the starting skill points each player receives with the aim of improving the New Player Experience (NPE). You can read details of the skill point tweak here. Will higher starting skill points really improve retention …

PLEX – Do Not Haul Them.

Would you have 10.000 dollars next to you whilst driving at night in a car with broken head lights during a snowstorm in a criminal neighborhood? NO. In any modern country there are services available such as online banking, mobile banking, credit cards and even NFC payments. Physical hard cash is …

EN24 Podcast, ep.23 – EOC.TV on Streaming and Sexism

EN24’s podcast releases another episode. We talk with founder of EVE Online Community Television (EOC TV), the brand new video and streaming website. After an introduction tot he project we get into the nature of sharing videos, streaming stardom and probe for the core of EVE’s infamous …

Tenerifis on Fire: 7 Soviet-Union Wyverns Destroyed in 3L3N-X

Disclaimer: Due to pilots re-shipping multiple times and the different figures provided by both sides, any and all fleet numbers given here are estimates.
3L3N-X system, Tenerifis region. On the 26th of September at 7:00 EVE Standard Time a Stain-Wagon Coalition Super Capital squadron was …

Agony Unleashed Public Roams Return

The learning cliff of Eve is well known, and many organisations offer services helping and training rookie players and veterans to learn the game’s complex mechanics. But one particular corp has for many years made itself the leading name in teaching PvP combat – Agony Unleashed.
Unlike …

CCPizza: Appreciation Campaign To Supply CCP With Pizza Smashes Target

Cornak Firefist is one grateful capsuleer. On a a whim, he decided he’s like to buy the staff at CCP pizza, as a way of saying thanks for all their hard work. After being in contact with CCP, he decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise $60, enough money to buy 4 pizza’s for CCP. On …

Academies of New Eden improve their program!

In recent years, many capsuleers wrestled with the quality their initial education, high cost and citing low standards of Empires factions schools. The major problem they tried to point out was that schools do not prepare their them for a life of a pod pilot. Lack of practical skills, like use …


[Original dev blog]
2015-09-24 18:19
By CCP Logibro
| Comments

Click for 1920×1080. Also available in 1920×1200, and 2560×1440
Greetings prospective Champions
As previously announced during Alliance Tournament XIII, after the death of Empress Jamyl I, the Amarr Empire will be …

Two Bastion Titans lost in Vale of the Silent

On September 23rd two titans owned by The Bastion pilots tokkig and maelle salazard were destroyed by forces from Hard Knocks Inc. and Pandemic Legion. Apparently subterfuge was used to lure at least 1 titan on field with a doomsday tanked Rorqual. The Rorqual pilot, Rajnikanth, who was neutral …

Patch Notes for Vanguard

Patch Notes for Vanguard 1.0
To be released on September 29th,

New Launcher in 3,2,1… Bootstrapper! (updated)

EVE CSM minutes indicated a new EVE Launcher was on the way and it is shaping up to be a great little package.  The code name “Bootstrapper” will have new abilities including batch launching, settings groups and simplified access to test servers.
If you have played EVE for some time …

Video: Mr Hyde – The Archives

Mr Hyde uploaded a new video; a compilation of older pvp footage!

CCP’s Going Epic

One of CCP Seagull’s (exec producer) goals has been to remove CCP from in-between players so they can focus on their relationship with each other as opposed to the game developers. You’ll notice the logo doesn’t appear before official videos anymore. This takes a lot of trust …

Video: EVE Online – Escaping Earth

This trailer was made by Skymea. Enjoy awesome voice of Morgan Freeman mixed with superb video and audio

Announced Scanning Map Interface Changes

On a day when CCP have shown they are willing to listen to the suggestions of the user base when it comes to Citadels, CCP Goliath also announced a series of changes to the scanning map and interface, based upon suggestions in the EVE Online forums, that are now available to test on …