The Vault: Submission Rundown #2

Another month and another Vault Submission, collecting a few other works which for one reason or another I couldn’t feature in my other articles. Please enjoy:
NC. vs LSH/The Afterlife – 19 Dec 2015
This work was brought to my attention on my write up of the battle of Shafrak and …

Opinion: SMA SOTA Analysis

Disclaimer: The opinions within this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of EN24, its staff or writers. Seraph IX Bassarab is a member of Angry Dragons, Psychotic Tendencies..
“We are the thinkers, the builders. We are the strength and the conviction. We are the …

PFR announce evacuation of Scalding Pass in latest SOTA

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a former member of PFR)
In a State Of The Alliance (SOTA) held at 18:00 on Saturday the 16th of January, Walter Cohen, leader of Phoebe Freeport Republic [PFR], announced plans for PFR to abandon their home region of Scalding Pass (and holdings in nearby …

Propaganda: Pandemic Horde & Concordiat Winter 2015/16

Below is a video from Pandemic Horde, an excellent place for new people to learn the game alongside experienced and new players

Low Sec Rumble: Imperium Forces Defeated in Multiple Engagements

On the 13th of January, Imperium forces attempting to continue their campaign against the residents of low security space faced stiff resistance from local forces, resulting in a string of defeats throughout the day.
First Engagement: Pynekastoh 11:30
The first battle occurred in the Pynekastoh …

Jin’talks: Battlecruisers & The September Rebalance

Hi, I’m Jin’taan! Thanks for reading my article. I’m an FC within ProviBloc!
So, I’ve been asked a few times now what my opinions were on the Battlecruiser changes, referring to the changes made in September. These changes gave some light agility buffs, a few fitting changes, …

Battle Report Round Up #14

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
7/1 Did he say Jump, FETID and allies versus Dead Terrorists, Shadow Cartel and allies
Another clash between the two sides over the moons in and around the Heimatar region …

GUIDE: EVE Online: Intro to Incursions

A pretty basic overview of Incursions in CCP’s EVE Online, intended as a primer for people who have never run incursions before, and would like to know what they are getting in

A new season of o7: The EVE Online show!

2016 has arrived with SO much in store for EVE and the o7 crew plans to cover as much of it as possible! We’ll be kicking off the new season on January 28 and we want your input so we can make the best show possible for you. We want to know what you think about the show, and even if you …

Submission: Taranis – Requiem for Dank Frags

Donations are very welcome (John LiWang), all comments and feedback are as

Deklein: Imperium Forces Suffer Another Loss in UJY-HE

UJY-HE system, Deklein region. On the 9th of January at 13:00 EVE Standard Time, another battle flared up between Imperium forces and a makeshift coalition of alliances, resulting in yet another moderate loss for the Imperium.
The battle this time was sparked over 25 Chimera carriers which were …

Low Sec Rumble: Unquiet Night for Providence Bloc

In the early hours of the 8th of January, Providence Bloc forces fought two capital engagements in the low security regions adjacent to its sovereignty, with two very different outcomes.
First Engagement: Ordat 00:40
The first battle of the night took place in the Ordat system of the Tash-Murkon …


Some words to live by from Rixx Javix for players of Eve Online.

– Rixx Javix
Rixx Javix is CEO of notorious low-sec pirate corporation Stay Frosty and well known Eve community content provider. His blog can be found

Branch: Imperium Forces Suffer Heavy Losses in BKG-Q2

BKG-Q2 system, Branch region. On the 8th of January at 21:00 EVE Standard Time, a fight over a tackled Fidelas Constans [FCON] Ragnarok titan in the system led to Imperium forces suffering major losses to a makeshift coalition of null and wormhole space alliances.
As previously stated, the battle …

Open Letter to CCP Regarding Combat Refitting

CCP has strongly suggested that they will remove combat refitting in future updates/patches. The stated reason is the notion that refitting allows “every ship to have every fitting on a whim.” In theory this is true, and perhaps refitting is somewhat problematic and a solution should be …

Battle Report Round Up #13

The past week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
1/1 Pandemic Legion versus Test Alliance Please Ignore, Triumvirate. and friends
There is no better way to celebrate the new year than to lead a drunk roam with your …

DevBlog: All you need to know about the upcoming CSM11 elections

Hello space friends!
Today I bring you all the information you may need if you are planning to participate in CSM11 elections.
First things first, here is a breakdown of key dates for the election. Please note that we made a few changes to the process that will be explained further in this …

Providence: Major Clash in T-RPFU

T-RPFU system, Providence region. On the 5th of January at 21:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] with allied forces clashed in the system over a sovereignty timer in a battle that saw more than 900 pilots fight and 247 ships destroyed for a total of 38.22 billion ISK …

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Launch!

The Oculus Rift was first launched as a kickstarter project on August 1, 2012. Since then, Oculus have shipped two developer kits, lined up a myriad of AAA launch titles, was acquired by Facebook and finally has begun accepting pre-orders. The pre-order costs 599$ plus shipping and comes with the …

The War Between Dead Terrorists and Did he say Jump Escalates

On the 1st of January as the rest of New Eden was recovering from celebrating the new year’s arrival, Dead Terrorists [IKILU] and their allies Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] clashed repeatedly with Did he say Jump [JMP-N] and FETID [FETID] across several regions in a number of battles that spanned the …

Low Sec Rumble: Capital Brawl in Istodard

Istodard system, Molden Heath region. On the 3rd of January at 20:00 EVE Standard Time, Iron Armada [FLEEP] fought Space Marines. [-WAR-] and their allies in a battle over a Feign Disorder [FEIGN] tower which saw both sides field capitals.
The Molden Heath region has been experiencing upheavals …

Low Sec Rumble: Skirmish in Nalvula

Nalvula system, Lonetrek region. On the 3rd of January at 10:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed with Project.Mayhem. [16-13] over a tower in the system.
The war between Imperium forces and the low security space alliance Project.Mayhem. over the moons in the Lonetrek region continues in …

Memorial NPSI Fleet op for Shonion – Sunday Jan. 10th

As many of you know, recently an EVE legend passed away by the name of Shonion. A lot of people knew Shonion as he was easy to be friends with, but not many people know just how tight the community around Shonion’s corp and the former HUN. Reloaded guys really is. These guys have lost a long …

An Open Letter to Phoebe Freeport Republic

The Phoebe Freeport Republic was formed over a year ago with the goal of taking sovereignty with the advent of the Phoebe patch, introducing new jump mechanics intended to nerf power projection across the galaxy. They have brought freeports, a station allowing any capsuleer regardless of alliance …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Ashmarir

Ashmarir system, Khanid region. On the 2nd of January at 9:00 EVE Standard Time, Pandemic Horde [REKTD] and DropBear Sanctuary [DROP] forces clashed in what rapidly became an impromptu capital fight in the system.
Having recently arrived in the region in order to help Darwinism. [DRWIN] combat …