Story: To Be or Not To Be

I am piloting my Fortis, a Retriever-class vessel, as I record these thoughts. My sensors are showing rats and a viscous Pyroxeres and not much else. The Hobgoblins can handle the rats while my mining drones continue their methodical and efficient extraction of the Pyroxeres.
Of all the activities …


Unlike as I predicted in my earlier updates, LAWN is still trucking along. 4 of its member corps seem to be putting up a huge fight against MBC forces in the Pure Blind region, so far taking 10 systems.

White Legion also seem to be refusing to fold, as their newest corp “True Xenon …

EVE Vegas: Announcing The First Round of Speakers!

As October 28-30th draws closer, preperations have begun on what is set to be the largest EVE Vegas ever!

With this in mind, we're happy to announce our first round of developer speakers who will be heading out with us to form part of the presentation and roundtable team at Planet Hollywood …

Video: FUEL TO FIRE 2 – EVE Online Solo PvP

Hello Dear Eve Pilots!
After year of releasing my first PvP video i have decided to make sequel. Took long time but its really hard to find decent battles nowadays.
Thanks again everyone for the epic journey!
-Deimos 0:32
-Gila …

Circle of Two Defection Part 3: Vitruvian Sedition

In part one I detailed why telling the story of Co2’s defection in depth is needed as well as presented quotes from prominent individuals in Eve underlining the importance of the defection itself. In part readers will see how much of a role planning had in Co2’s defection.
Part two of our …

CSM 11 – September Summit

The eleventh Council of Stellar Management will have its first summit September 12-15 at CCP HQ in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Usually we invite half the CSM to attend in person with the rest of the CSM joining remotely through video conferencing. For this summit, however, CCP has decided to invite …

Devpost: Áfram Ísland! – Cheer for Iceland in Euro 2016!

Picture courtesy of @CCP_Kitteh (he’s supporting Iceland in Euro 2016, are you?)
Over here in Iceland right now, there’s a little bit of Euro 2016 fever going on as Iceland compete in their first major football tournament.
For many sports experts, it was expected that in their first …

EVE Online Ship Spotlight – Vigilant

The Vigilant was the first Gallente design the Guardian Angels would steal and make their own, but it wouldn’t be the last. Building on the Thorax’s natural strengths, it is a deadly vessel both by itself and in fleet tandem. A group of these sluggers is a sight to fear.
For an overview …

Battle Report: TEST Did Not Ignore Legion of xXDeathXx

Over the last month the new ‘Wardens of the North’ have been fighting with a group of Russian Alliances. TEST Alliance and Circle of Two, whose space border the Russian held regions, have both been fighting a series of skirmish actions primarily against Legion of xXDeathXx, Infinity …

App Overview: Tripwire and its newfound Grassroots Support

EN24 will start showcasing the works of EVE Online’s third party developers, if you have a project you feel it would be worth to be showcased to the EVE Online community, contact us at [email protected]
For everyone living in or day-tripping into wormhole space, Tripwire has been a …

Circle of Two Defection Part 2: Chances and Planning

In the previous article I detailed why telling the story of Co2’s defection in depth is needed as well as presented quotes from prominent individuals in Eve underlining the importance of the defection itself. In part readers will see how much of a role planning had in Co2’s defection. This is …


Violence of Action. alliance has sloped downward very hard after losing all of their Sovereignty in Fountain, losing 90%+ of its members and corporations, 3 corps of which have joined TEST alliance, 2 corps of which have joined CO2, 2 corps have sauntered off to make a new alliance called …

An update on the June 118.6 release from CCP Seagull

CCP Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE Online goes into a little more detail on what’s coming to New Eden with the June 118.6 release. From a whole host of citadel iterations, to new player experience improvements that provide better clarification for UI elements and rewards and …

Circle of Two Defection Part 1: Shattering the Facade

This is a multi-part series detailing the events which culminated in Circle-of-Two defecting from their coalition in late March. I have interviewed prominent individuals as well as the people directly involved in the diplomatic process. I posed a variety of questions regarding their involvement, …

DevBlog: Alliance Tournament XIV Is Coming!

Greetings intrepid spaceship captains!
I am pleased to announce that the 14th EVE Online Alliance Tournament will be kicking off on November 5th, 2016. While more details regarding all aspects of the tournament including this year’s ruleset will be published at a later date, there are a few …

Devblog: Sarpati’s Army – The New Serpentis Capital Ships

Hello valiant capsuleers!
We’re happy to be able to bring you a dev blog today covering some of the exciting new Serpentis ships and implants that will be coming your way as part of the Shadow of the Serpent event coming in less than a week on June 28th. For more info about the release, check …

Video: Honorable Third Party: The Escalation Dysfunction

Honorable Third Party video documenting some carrier kills and downed super

Dev Post: Serpentis Capitals

Hi Space Friends. We’d like to introduce 3 new Serpentis Capitals that will be released with 118.6. There will be available first in the Shadow of the Serpentis event, and later in LP stores. More details about this will be released in a dev blog soon!
Dreadnought: Vehement
Reacting to the …

Dev Post: Recurring Opportunity removal

Good day!
I’m here to let you know that on Tuesday, in the 118.6 release, we are planning to remove the recurring opportunity “Thrill of the Hunt”.
Our hope in releasing this feature was to gain insight on how direct, daily rewards might effect and improve engagement in EVE. I …

Video: The Zkill Guide to the Talos

A Talos guide made by rhiload!

Faction Warfare: What’s Going On?

Faction Warfare was first introduced in the Empyrean Age expansion (2008) to offer players a stepping-stone into PvP (player-vs-player) game play.  It was not without problems, however and LP (loyalty point) farming became rampant.  After the Kronos expansion changes were implemented to put a …

BLOG: Chronicles of an Eve NoOb – Space Trucking Introduction

This article is part of a series covering what I ,as an Eve Noob, have learned so far about hauling from contracts. 
Traders in Eve are very smart folks most of the time. They spend hours looking at charts, watching trends, and finding the best prices across all of Eve. When they finally find the …

Dev Blog: Bidding Farewell to the In-game Browser

Hello capsuleers,

I’m going to get straight to the point with this dev blog as I know a lot of people are going to want a straight answer after reading the title. As of early October (tentatively October 11), we will be removing the in-game browser (IGB) from the EVE client.

This gives …

LAWN Membership Cut in Half in 24 Hours

To say it has been a bad month for the Imperium would be an understatement, and while Stategos continues to monitor activity and predict burnout on Pandemic Horde players, it’s definitely safe to say that similar trends are easy to see in the Imperium Member Alliances, particularly in Get …