Watch These – Recruitment Edition #1

The passing weeks have supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden, including a great amount of recruitment videos. These are EVE News 24’s picks for the past weeks:
#1 THUNDER by White Legion. [CAUC]
An epic recruitment video showing the birth of a new alliance. From the ashes of …

Submission: For Ash – Spectre Fleet SPP Roam *TONIGHT*

Disclaimer: The following reddit thread was submitted to EN24. We at EN24 say: ”o7” to Ashurman and our thoughts are with his family!
For those of you not aware, last night long time Spectre FC Ashurman passed away from cancer. He was one of the original FCs of our community and his …

The Tuskers Co. wins the EVE_NT Collides Season 1!

To determine the champion of EVE_NT Collides, The Tuskers Co, faced off against We Form VOLTA in a best of 5 series.
The Tuskers Co. ended up winning the series, 3-1, making them the first EVE_NT Collides Champions! They won 45 Independent Gaming Commission [IGC] Typhoon skins which were made …

Malpais: Further Fighting in the Region Sees a Titan Destroyed in RUF3-O

RUF3-O system, Malpais region. On the 28th of April at 19:50 EVE Standard Time, a battle broke out between WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] and Badfellas Inc. [BADI] over a tower in the system which resulted in the destruction of a Ragnarok titan.
The drone regions continue to be embroiled in a bitter civil …

Snuffed Out AUTZ Corps Leave Due To SHDWC AWOX

This morning two corporations; Pure Avarice. [.VERA] and What Could Go Wrong [3MIN.] announced that they would be leaving the Snuffed Out [B B C] alliance. Snuffed Out has been a major part of the Money Badger Coalition, and are engaged in actively fighting the CFC ever since their incursion into …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #31

The passing weeks have supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the month of March:
#1 EVE Online: Actual PvP: Mostly Solo Jackdaw Shenanigans! by Banshee Legend’s …

Submission: John Bellicose Memorial Day *TODAY*

Brave is inviting all of EVE to take part in John Bellicose Memorial Day.
On April 29, it will have been two years since Brave lost one of our best, brightest and most beloved capsuleers. John Bellicose was a friend, a teacher, an incredible man who inspired all who knew him to enjoy this amazing …

Alliance Tournament Frigate down in Fountain!

On the 27th April 09:57 eve time in the system of EI-O0O in the region of Fountain a Chremoas piloted by Kobald Simbian was downed by forces belonging to The-Culture
Kobald Simbian was piloting his brand new Chremoas around the region of Fountain looking for fights when he got more than he …

Lonetrek: Snuffed Out Forces Suffer a Defeat in Otsasai

Otsasai system, Lonetrek region. On the 26th of April at 17:50 EVE Standard Time, a Snuffed Out [B B C] capital force was destroyed in the system by forces belonging to Stain-Wagon coalition (SW).
Since coming to the aid of the Imperium, SW forces have staged from the Otsasai system in the Lonetrek …

PSA: Exploit Notification – AOE Doomsdays & Projectors Ignore POS shields

We have been made aware of an issue that causes AoE Superweapons to be immune to POS forcefields, with the unintended side effect of players being able to fire them into and out of forcefields.
We currently have a fix for this in testing, which will be deployed as soon as possible.
This is a …

Fundraiser: Caldariprimeponyclub / CreatorStudio

Caldariprimeponyclub wants to raise funds to develop a tool for creating 3d Eve Online scenes. We at EN24 love his work therefor we have decided to share this fundraiser around. To get to know more about Caldariprimeponyclub please read the information below!

Who am I?
I’m a long time Eve …

The Bleak Lands: Kourmonen and Kamela See Further Bloodshed

In the early hours of the 24th of April, Did he say Jump [JMP-N] and allies clashed with Local Is Primary [CTRLV] and its allies in the Bleak Lands region, fighting over a tower in the Kamela system in two bloody engagements.
Once again, Local Is Primary reinforced Did he say Jump’s tower in …

Dev Post: [Citadel] Updates to NPC taxes and refining rig bonuses

Hey folks. This is a quick update to the numbers that had been earlier posted in this thread.
As we announced in the Fanfest Structures presentation, we are planning a smaller change to market taxes than had been announced earlier. This more incremental change is intended to reflect the fact that …

A Sit-down with the “Fastest Titan in the North”

Editor’s Note: Some terms and words were changed for clarification.
World War Bee has slowed as of late from massive battles of thousands of players in March to skirmishes, ganks and forum wars. Sovereignty throughout Deklein and Pure Blind has been steadily burning during the month of April. …

Snuffed Out Betrays Shadow Cartel in Vaaralen

Vaaralen system, Black Rise region. On the 24th of April at 16:30 EVE Standard Time, a Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] titan and two supercarriers were destroyed by Snuffed Out [B B C] forces in what turned out to be a shocking act of betrayal.
Snuffed Out and Shadow Cartel are considered the two …

PSA: EVE Online – Citadel Patch Notes.

If everything goes according to plan CCP Games should be successfully launching the Citadel expansion this Wednesday, April 27th. For the time being here are the patch notes in case you want to confirm what made it to the final build.
Patch notes for EVE Online: Citadel

Features & …

Dev Blog: EVE Online Fanfest 2016 – Three day review.

Fanfest, the annual EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, continues to be to be awesome. April 22 is the second day of Fanfest and this time we had a lot of in-depth discussions, new details, roundtables, presentations and community interaction!
Day 1
EVE: Citadel expansion …

EVE Online on – Changing The Game

With more streams than ever showcasing the escapades of capsuleers across New Eden, and CCP broadcasting the very latest from Fanfest, you can’t argue with the fact that Twitch has completely changed the game.
Whether you use it for intel, simple entertainment, or as a way of making Iskies, …

Watch This! – EVE Online: Citadel Cinematic Trailer

Get ready to set your dreams on fire! Feature-rich, player-constructed citadels, force auxiliary support ships, over 100 new modules, and explosive capital superweapons raise the bar on empire building and territorial control in massively multiplayer online gaming. Build your dreams, wreck theirs. …

DUST 514 Veterans Rejoice! Project NOVA announced.

CCP Games just announced the development of Project NOVA, an EVE Online themed first person shooter and spiritual successor to DUST 514.
Here are some of the most important details:
– Project Nova to be run on Unreal 4, game will be the same setting and will share many of the features and …

Awesomesauce: EVE Online – Citadel Feature Tour & Upcoming Industrial Arrays

Citadel Feature Tour

New features in the Citadel Expansion
Take flight on a tour of the mighty citadels and see what the expansion has in store for the pilots of EVE Online on 27 April.
– feature-rich, player-built structures of epic proportions
– deadly new capital superweapons and …

The Scope: Imperial Succession Trials Celebrations Begin!

Lina Ambre reports live from the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad as capsuleers flood to the city in their thousands to watch the finals of the Imperial Succession Trials at the city’s largest arena facility, the 725,000 capacity Imperial Amphitheater.
Hosted in a secure decommissioned Amarr Navy …

Breaking: Council of Stellar Management XI members announced.

The results are out and the new Council of Stellar Management members has been announced:

From the picture above, the ones highlighted in yellow are the “permanent members”, who are assured attendance to all the upcoming CSM summits.
What is the CSM?
The Council of Stellar Management …

Watch This – EVE: Valkyrie VR Gameplay Trailer – Carrier Assault

Experience the next level of space dogfighting with Carrier Assault, part of the first free content update for the multiplayer virtual reality game EVE: Valkyrie. Take down the enemy team’s fighters and cripple their defenses to infiltrate and destroy their Carrier. Your team will need …

Low Sec Rumble: Confrontation in Aubenall

Aubenall system, Placid region. On 17th of April at 20:45 EVE Standard Time, a long and bloody battle unfolded in the system between the Gallente militia and Separatists [-SPR-] forces supported by Suddenly Spaceships. [CYN0] and WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF].
The battle was prompted by the Gallente …