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November 7, 2018

Previously known as the VETO meet, EVE London is the longest running EVE player event in the world. Entertaining New Eden capsuleers for over 10 years!  This London get-together is now working together with EVE_NT and look to move from an annual meeting to seeing pilots gather twice a year. With EVE London being one of the stop along EVE On the Road (EOTR) next year, best to get the lay of the land now.

EVE London

Organized by Demetri Slavic, pilots and EVE fans can expect a high level of attendance for the meet, a chill atmosphere, more than a little talk of spaceships, life, beer, and “with the occasional bucket of POS fuel to get you on your merry way!” As usual Demetri Slavic has extended invites all interested i.e. the entire player base, as well as CCP and all their affiliates. Hopefully, everyone will join in for a grand player gathering in Central London.

With Streamfleet slated to be in attendance, Demetri Slavic has stated, “There is likely to be some kind of stream from the event.” However, this is more of a gathering of shared interest, so “Flowing Alcohol and good times,” is the target. In the past there have been exclusive SKIN codes given out at the event, so if you enjoy swag, and near London, drop in!

If you want some review of past meets in London check here.


Goodman’s Field is a pub standing in the area originally known as Goodman’s Fields, named after Roland Goodman, who farmed the surrounding land for the nearby nunnery. If you want to learn a great deal more about the site and surrounding area check it out here. The “Gate is Green,” beginning at 11 am and will be winding down at 11pm.

Goodman’s Field
87–91 Mansell Street
Tower Hamlets
E1 8AN

11am – 11pm

Venue Website 

Pub’s Menu


The EVE Meet being located in the heart of London’s Tower Hamlets, EVE NT London has a huge choice of accommodations a mere “stone’s throw away.” But to make the choice even easier for pilots there are four hotels literally right across the street from the venue.

Joining EVE London?

To keep up-to-date with the schedule and possible CCP attendance bookmark EVE_NT London site. Will you be joining the EVE gathering in London on Nov 17th? What do you think about a year without EVE Fan Fest in Iceland? Tell us about your thoughts.

Fly Safe o7