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Super brawl in Stain

As with the previous post, 3 Nulli Secunda [S2N] supercapitals died today consisting of 2 Aeons and 1 Hel.
On the 9th February 2015 the StainWagon Coalition and members of N3 clashed in a continuation of their war over moons and sovereignty in the south-west of New Eden. For the first time in this …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Tiamat Release

CCP Fozzie takes you behind the scenes of Tiamat, EVE Online’s February 2015 release.
– The Minmatar Svipul Tech 3 tactical destroyer
– Corporation Tools
– Projectile Weapon Balancing
– Audio and Effects for missions, anomalies and projectile weapons
– Upgraded …

Nulli Secunda Supers Down in Stain (09/02/15)

Yesterday three super capitals, a Aeon and a Hel followed by an additional Aeon, from N3 alliance Nulli Secunda, died in GD0-7H in Stain.
The reason for this appears to be the Nulli supers had a collection of Russian Wyverns trapped inside a POS which was being destroyed having exited reinforced …

Dev Post: Corp Little Things & Friendly Fire Control

Hi! I’m CCP Punkturis and on behalf of Team Five 0 I want to tell you about some of the changes related to corporations that we’ve been working on for Tiamat, which will be released on February 17, 2015!

We know the effort and time that CEOs and directors spend on managing their …

Leaks: The Initiative Alliance Update

Campaign January 2015 – Op Success!
Hi Guys,
About a month ago we took up a campaign in Immensea. Just before Christmas, despite Gclub and Nulli timing everything to the US TZ, we took a few systems within titan range of G-0 – XS- and B-R5. N3 called in the help of 2 more alliances, …

PODCAST: Eve Media Round Table – CSM

Tonight, a bunch of the EVE Media guys got together and decided to host a round table to talk about Eve Online and the goings-on within New Eden. This time we discussed the CSM! ENJOY!

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PL fishing crew kills NPC Avatar in Nakah

Today, Pandemic Legion‘s fishing crew successfully killed another Avatar in the low sec system of Nakah.
The story behind this kill is that a scout had noticed an Avatar sitting in Nakah in space, piloted by Aman Sul. The scout tried to probe the Avatar, however it logged off before he …

VIDEO: Arsehole Squad Brawl with HERO in V-3YG7

It’s sunday, time for some awesome video’s! This time showing you Arsehole Squad brawling it out with HERO in V-3YG7


Lowsec Scraps: Ardent Aridia

Over a week ago EN24 covered the story of how Darkness. lost a titan to some residents of Aridia.
The conflict between the two sides has continued, and heated up in pace, if not in ISK value. What began as a  smaller entity making plays against R64 moons has turned into a thorn in the side of …

CSM X – Candidacy Period Update

As we enter the second week of the CSM X Candidacy Period there is now only two weeks left until the official application period for candidates comes to a close. You can see a previous list of candidates on my previous article.
During the last week, there have been some additions to the candidate …

Scope GNN: Caroline’s Star

CCP’s creation, “The Scope” program from Galactic News Network, is back. After many reports on events leading to the faction war and incursions, Scope reporting picks up with the Caroline’s Star celestial phenomenon.  CCP uses the video broadcasts to disseminate ingame …

Northern Coalition. Departures

Recently Kenshin. has announced it’s departure from Northern Coalition. to DARKNESS., which means that they will still remain blue as part of a N3 alliance.
The apparent reason for this move is a lack of activity and leadership not being active enough to encourage their members to assist in …

Arton Strikes Again!

As with earlier in the week where a Wyvern was killed in Arton, a titan piloted by MrRookie of Savvy Gents. was destroyed today.
The kills have something in common; the same Arton locals have struck again in the form of Anti-Anti Piwats Incorporated.

Click for Killmail

Balder Con was therefore …

ExtraEve Events – Dev Run Gatherings for Fanfest

Fanfest itself is a big event for the Eve community and in addition to the packed event line up that we usually expect; including Charity dinners, the infamous Developer Pub Crawl and Golden Circle Tours which all make up part of the official line up, it also appears that a few of the Developers …

CCP: Flight Academy Video Series

CCP is taking new players seriously by ramping up efforts to introduce them to the game in comprehensible ways. Along those lines, new videos called Flight Academy are being produced: High quality explanations of various aspects of the game.

The new CCP related youtube channel called, EVE: FLIGHT …

Dev Blog: New Apparel For Mystery Code Holders!

Today CCP Falcon posted under the Eve Online News Section of the Eve Website that holders of the Eve Collectors Edition were to get New Apparel Items for their characters. In his dev post CCP Falcon writes:
We are happy to announce that we have released six new time exclusive clothing items into …

Greedy Goblin: Mining report of 2014

CCP Quant shared the mining data of 2014 on Reddit. His post also included downloadable CSV. I downloaded and analyzed it, postponing the January ratting data a bit back.
At first, let’s look at the total mining volumes without ice, mercoxit and gas. Since the “trillion m3″ is a …