#EVE_NT TV: February 2016

Last weekend #EVE_NT held the 4th EVE Nottingham meet, and from the stories that I’ve heard, people had an amazing time!
At the event #EVE_NT TV recorded some interviews and discussions with CCP Developers and guests which you can watch below! For more information about the event check out …

Not a bitter vet!: Earning isk from everywhere – Part 1. Wormhole selling guide!

The following blog is written by  Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo who runs his own blog: Not A bitter VET!
Selling a whole solar system for isk?! What? Yes, this is actually a thing in Eve. Even though it’s a bit unpopular, it isn’t really bad!
Wormhole space is always random, it contains a lot of …

The Relativity of Victory

In most games the metrics used to determine who won and who lost is fairly certain. When your king is in checkmate, you lose. When you kill more tanks than the enemy kills of you, you win. However, the nature of Eve is that the victory is not determined so easily. “Didn’t want that …

Pandemic Horde relocates to Black Rise: Targets SMA ISK income.

Pandemic Horde [REKT] have announced that they will be relocating to the already bursting at the seams Black Rise area and will be targeting the Fade region, currently held by Imperium force, SpaceMonkey’s Alliance [SMA].

[SMA] have held the majority of the Fade region since 2013 and view it …

Video: Brutix Navy Issue pvp!

Mark Fjord showing off his amazing brutix navy issue pvp! He uses the following fit in his adventure:
[Brutix Navy Issue, Hull Tanked]
Damage Control II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Reinforced Bulkheads …

Venal: Another Skirmish Fought in MC6-5J

MC6-5J system, Venal region. On the 14th  of February at 21:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed once more with a loose coalition of alliances over a tower in the system.
As part of the war between RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] and Venal region resident alliance Out of Sight. [OOS], the latter …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #29

The passing week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From recruitment videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:
#1 Decayed Orbit – February so far by tomrossh
A nice video depicting the exploits …

Video: EVE Online Weekly: Febuary 16, 2016

Hendrick Tallardar created an amazing video, showing you everything that happend this week in  EVE Online. I really liked the video and I hope you do

CARE4KIDS: Looking for German representative!

Maybe it is a German cultural thing, but so far EVE related charity hasn’t appealed to me. Charity projects don’t become inherently better just because they are run by somebody from the EVE Community. This is just my personal opinion and I don’t want to talk you out of donating to such a …

Low Sec Rumble: Major Clash in Jan

Jan system, Lonetrek region. On the 9th of February, a large battle took place in the system between the Imperium and a loose coalition of alliances, culminating in more than 400 ships destroyed for 200 billion ISK of damage.
The battle was fought over a Circle-Of-Two [CO2] tower, reinforced by …

Event: Blank Character Out Maxes All Skills via Skill Injectors in a Single Sitting.

ISK IronBank of the ISK-gambling website www.IWantISK.com has just maxed out a three day old pilot with every skill in EVE through the use of skill injectors. The ISK trillionaire created his pilot under the name of IronBank and injected all of the skills and points over the course of about an hour …

Submission: How to Sabre 101

Demeisen Atreides received a bunch of requests for Sabre/dictor tips so I thought I would make a video illustrating some of the best ones I have picked up while learning over the past month and a half. First time narrating in a video so let me know how much it sucked or give me tips if …

BLOG: Curses! Im In My POD: The Hull Tanked Brutix Doctrine (Solo and Dual Toons)!

The following blog was written by Pleniers who is a member of Appetite 4 Destruction. He writes his own blog which you can check out here!
I usually use a Battlecruiser backed up by a logistics wingman, but even though this tactic is very powerful against solo targets, against gangs (even small …

PL Downs Two Titans in 4 Hours

‘Dem PL boys is at it again. This time with two titan kills within four hours.
The first kill was a Brave Collective Erebus owned by Mask Maniac. Pandemic Legion was joined by their newbie alliance Pandemic Horde in a Ferox fleet for the kill. Notably, there were only a handful of capital …

Video: We Are Eve

The following video was created by: @prettyarcanine

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Video: Blacklist Squad Smallgang

Blacklist Squad coming at you from the boys of Radio_Roamers (ingame channel)!

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Devblog: Reworking Capital Ships: Skills, Modules & Refitting

Hi Mates!
As first revealed at EVE Vegas 2015, we are making some major changes to capital ships in EVE in the upcoming EVE: Citadel Expansion and you can expect additional dev blogs as more details become ready to announce.  In this blog I’m going to cover the new Force Auxiliary capital …

DevPost: Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide

Hallo everyone!
We’re planning a huge set of module tiericide in our March release and this thread will serve as the feedback location for changes to Warp Disruptors and Scramblers.
Like many old sets of modules, the Meta 4 scramblers were strictly better than T2, significantly reducing the …

Watch This: Flight Academy – Skill Trading Official Quick Reference Guide.

Skill trading will certainly be the flavor of the month for EVE Online and while we already posted a longer more editorialized version by our good friend Jonny Pew, its always a good thing to have the official know-how from the developers and who better than CCP Mimic to give us the official low …

JonnyPew: EVE Online – 100+ Mil Skill Point Extraction!

If you have been wondering how the recently introduced process to extract and inject skill points works or you have been simply “waiting” to see how it works for someone else before you try it yourself, wait no more! Our good friend JonnyPew made a breakdown video of the entire …

Kirith Kodachi: Force Auxiliaries – The Path Forward

We finally got a glimpse on how the transition from the current Jack-of-All-Trades carriers to combat carriers and support Force Auxiliaries (aka Force Aux) is going to go down. From a dev post  by CCP Larrikin: 

We’re seeding the 4 Racial Force Auxiliary skills in February, along …

Upwell First Citadels Research Drive Ends in "Triumph" as Prize Winners are Announced

FD-MLJ, Syndicate – Speaking on behalf of the Upwell Consortium today, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle of Intaki Bank announced the winners of the special prizes being issued to contributors.

"I want to first note that the capsuleer portion of the research program has been an …

Battle Report: Diamond Dust. Vs Griefers

Diamond Dust. received the declaration of war from Concord against us by Stuhlkreis [STUHL] on February 4th after monitoring another war they were fighting in Siyi was noticed.
As the time fighting could occur on the 5th we started moving combat ships from across New Eden to our home system. On the …

Watch This: The Art of Poor

John Drees of Honorable Third Party presents a blend of philosophy, pvp expertise and strategy in his well made mini-series with more on the way. John Drees is the leader of Honorable Third Party, an alliance devoted to asymmetric warfare primarily in the southern regions of Providence, Catch and …

Syndicate: Imperium Capital Force Ambushed in 3KNK-A

3KNK-A system, Syndicate region. On the 9th of February at 13:40 EVE Standard Time, a small Imperium capital force was ambushed by Syndicate residents and makeshift allies, leading to its inevitable destruction.
The force had been assembled as part of the Imperium’s attempt to combat the …