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December Player Meets And Events

The final major player event of the year is now over with Eve Down Under wrapping up. The festive season is now rapidly approaching – but this doesn’t mean there are no events to go to this month, so why not see the end of 2015 with your Eve buddies!
You can find out more about these …

*Live* Stream: RUMBLE – FEDO GO POP!

Watch live video from 1ronBank on

Submission: In Search of Dank Frags – Merlin Solo PVP

First month(ish? maybe a bit more) of solo PvP was a blast, started recording some recently. This is my masterpiece.
Special thanks to all of BNI for dank content keeping me in the game, Cornak for giving me dank isk to continue buying ships, all of the players I fought for giving the dank fights, …

Spotlight On: New Eden Fables

In recent weeks there has been an upwelling of community based projects around sharing stories from all over New Eden. Kicking off with the New Eden Chronicles announced by Rixx Javix and team earlier in the week. Another project has also been recently announced – New Eden …

Wicked Creek: The Battle of GRHS-B

GRHS-B system, Wicked Creek region. On the 26th of November at 16:30 EVE Standard Time, Red Menace Coalition (RMC) forces clashed with Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] over a tower in the region.
The battle was sparked over a valuable moon in the system. Test Alliance …

Watch This: The Scope – Mordu’s Legion Assault ORE stations in Outer Ring

Lina Ambre reports on massive fleet movements, as Mordu’s Legion Command forces move in on ORE stations in an apparent bid to push out the Serpentis

Bob’s Corner: Episode 2!

Yes, it’s that time of the week again. A new episode of Bob’s Corner is

November Week 2 & 3 – Supercapital Scrapheap

Welcome once again to this, rather late, Super Capital kills summary for the second and third week of November. You can find the previous summary posted here.
This post will cover the first week of November from 9th until the 22nd.
—–10/11/15 – 2 Nyxs destroyed – 63.2B ISK
A …

Dev Post: [December] Tech Two Logistics Frigates

Hey folks. We’re ready to gather feedback on our plan for a new set of Tech Two Logistics Frigates scheduled for release in Operation Frostline on December 8th.
These ships are designed to release alongside the big set of remote rep changes in the same release.
These ships use a new skill: …

Dev Post: [December] Remote Rep Tiericide and Falloff

Hey everyone! We’re ready to get feedback on the changes to Remote Reps planned for our Operation Frostline release on December 8th. These changes are designed to be introduced alongside the new T2 Logistics Frigates.
Few notes about this plan:
This includes a full Module Tiericide pass on …

Seraph IX Basarab: Sorry Sion can’t shake off everything

Disclaimer: Seraph IX Basarab opinions do not reflect the opinions or views of Eve News24
Yesterday has been one of the most entertaining for me. The amount of things flying around in regards to the drama surrounding this book deal is beyond interesting. It’s looking to be an amazingly …

Dev Blog: Dirt & Killmarks – Dirt and Destruction in New Eden


The universe of EVE depends upon spaceships. In spaceships, players run missions, claim territory, ferry goods, and engage with the other residents of New Eden who make this game what it is. There are hundreds of thousands of capsuleers in New Eden, and every one of them has the …

EVEOGANDA: Announcing the New Eden Chronicles

Calling all writers and artists from the Eve community. Eveoganda Publishing (a non-existent company I just made up) in association with Rixx Javix, Mord Fiddle, General Stargazer and Drackarn are proud to announce our latest community project. New Eden Chronicles will be an anthology book series …

Bombers Bar Opens 11bn ISK Trailer Competition

Bombers Bar, famous for being one of EVE’s earliest pioneers of the Not Purple Shoot It (NPSI) fleet, are inviting the EVE Community to craft a new trailer. A trailer that captures the essence of Bombers Bar and a chance to claim a 10 billion ISK top prize courtesy of Evebet and …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #22

It’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours trawling through YouTube and EOC.tv to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the EVE community has to offer. So here we

Purported Imperium Plans for Galactic Control

Earlier today, what appears to be a document leaked from the Imperium Forums found its way to reddit, once again embroiling the Imperium (formally the Clusterfuck Colition) in more drama. This document is repeated below.
On inspection the document appears to be an early draft to implement a …

New Designer SKIN line “Valimor Legacy” for Gallente ships and Discounts on SKIN bundles

A brand new Designer SKIN line is now available in the New Eden Store with the Valimor Legacy set. The new SKINs of the Valimor Legacy line are first available for Gallente Tech-1 ships; SKINs for Tech-2 ships will follow in the coming week. The Valimor Legacy line was designed by the famous …

#EVE_NT Collides – Tuskers Victorious Over Pandemic Legion 3-1

The second round of #EVE_NT Collides involved two tournament giants, which concluded with the Tuskers scoring a convincing victory over Pandemic Legion winning 3 matches to 1.
Prior to the tournament each team had submitted seven complete team set-ups of no less than 5 ships. Prior to the match …

Geminate: Battle of MR4-MY

MR4-MY system, Geminate region. On the 22nd of November at 20:30 EVE Standard Time, Imperium and Northern Coalition. [NC] forces clashed in the system.
Northern Coalition. has deployed to the region for the past few weeks, busying itself with harassing Imperium forces by reinforcing infrastructure …

Battle Report Round Up #9

The passing week supplied quite a few videos immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of those battles:
13/11 Did he say Jump versus Dead Terrorists versus Pandemic Legion
A fight on a tower in the Kourmonen system in the Bleak Lands region between Did he say Jump [JMP-N] …

War in Insmother: The Fall of C-J6MT

C-J6MT system, Insmother region. Drone Regions Federation (DRF) forces have been stepping up their attempts to capture the system, which served as Red Menace Coalition’s (RMC) main staging in the region. While previous attempts have failed, this time DRF seem to have been fully committed, …

War in Insmother: Assault on C-J6MT (Day 4-7)

C-J6MT system, Insmother region. Drone Regions Federation (DRF) forces have been stepping up their attempts to capture the system, which serves as Red Menace Coalition (RMC)’s main staging in the region. While previous attempts have failed, this time DRF seem to be fully committed, prompting …

#EVE_NT Collides – 22th November – Pandemic Legion VS Tuskers – 20:00 UTC

Watch live video from EVE_NT_Collides on

SISI: New shield and armour visual effects released on test server

The new visual damage system by Team Trilambda has been released on Singularity.
Alongside the highly anticipated shield impact effect, the test server also includes new effects for the active shield and armour hardeners.

The graphics update also includes new armour repair animations with the …