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Target Caller: Here a Clone, There a Clone…

This will be a short post.  On the o7 show, CCP announced the end of medical clone upgrade costs.  And, apparently, some people lost their minds.  Reddit has a few posts about it, and TheMittani.com has a feature article explaining why this change is a good thing.
I have to laugh at the very …

Northern Associates. Nyx Down as New Orders Given

Early on the 7th November 2014 a message went out from LadyScarlet of the Northern Coalition. alliance that was meant for the entirety of their renter alliance, Northern Associates.
Sent:2014-11-07 03:45:00
there is much goon activity around omist area you need to watch yourselves don’t be …

In Case you missed it: o7! The EVE Online Show

Our favorite EVE Online TV show is back, this one should be extra interesting since it will surely expand on the current results of the EVE Online Phoebe expansion and hopefully we’ll get another glimpse of whats to come for this summer.
Here is the pre-recorded version of the show, which was …

Dev Blog: A new look for EVE’s UI

On behalf of Team Game of Drones and the EVE UI Group, I am here to tell you about a new look for the EVE UI that we are working on. It’s a big revamp of the look of the whole EVE user interface – while keeping the functionality almost entirely the same. The current look dates back to …

Fight at U-QVWD – Battleship Graveyard

U-QVWD, a stationless border system between Curse and Catch, has been the site of much back-and-forth action between HERO Coalition and PL. The IHUB was put into armor reinforce on Wednesday to avoid a Friday night timer, and with no station this would be the final timer for U-Q. HERO Coalition …

Open thread: No more Clone grade… and no more skill-point losses.

I am opening this discussion here regarding the recent announcement on the EVE Online o7 show by CCP Terminus on the considered removal of Clone grades and the removal of Skill Point losses due to inferior clone podding.
As it works now, as you gain more skill-points in game, you are required to …

Rumour: Jump Fatigue Exploit Discovered *CCP’s Response Added*

The Eve community are known for their ability to brain storm and meta game around all problems that face them, and the new problem of jump fatigue is no different. A forum post on the Kadeshi forums first alerted us to this exploit. While we have been unable to test it ourselves there is a growing …

Prevalence of Shield Fleets post Phoebe

In recent months we have seen more fleets using armor doctrines than shield in nullsec warfare. However, after the dreaded Phoebe release there will be an increase in shield concepts used at the alliance and coalition levels across all of nullsec. Why would this happen you ask? Armor fleets are …


“And so it begins”, a phrase you will undoubtedly hear again and again over the next couple of weeks ringing throughout New Eden. Will fortune favor the bold? Will brazen new alliances be forged and grow with visions of space ownership dancing in their heads?
In anticipation of the patch while …

Shadow Cartel Score first Official Lowsec DD kill since Phoebe

Yesterday, two Shadow Cartel titans scored the two first official Doomsday kills in lowsec since Phoebe was released!
According to Yasemin Hanim, One of the two titan owners, Shadow Cartel received reports of a few Overload Everything capitals shooting a PL POS in a system named Loes. Shadow …

Kirith Kodachi: The Measure of a Game

So the question for this blog banter is how can we tell if CCP is succeeding with their new bold road map that has started with Rubicon expansion and started to accelerate with Phoebe that was released this week.
Personally, I feel there is only one measure that matters to us the players and that …

Dev Post: Cynosural beacon activity leading up to Phoebe

On the eve of the Phoebe release, jump-drive activity was a hot topic. Players can observe the patterns of cynosural beacons lighting up around New Eden by looking at the map statistics in the client. This led some to wonder how the activity might look over an extended time period. After seeing …

Propaganda Wednesday: Stainwagon

This video is just amazing [jaw drop],

Nulli Secunda fails to defend its CSAA’s in Feythabolis

Over the last few days three Nulli Secunda Super Capital Ship Assembly Arrays (CSAA) have been destroyed in Feythabolis.

The last of which was destroyed on the 2nd November 2014 at around 8am eve time.

Unfortunately for Nulli they did not deploy to their new home of Impass until just after this …

Re-Post: The Features of today’s EVE Onlines Phoebe Release

In case you missed it, or simply want to make sure you can enjoy every single goodie the EVE Online Phoebe release bring to players today, here is the CCP Games feature video in which the devs elaborate on the highlights of

Dev Post: A new kind of exploration site

Hello explorers,
We have a new exploration site headed into Phoebe that will begin to make appearances throughout New Eden shortly after the deployment of Phoebe.
As I have previously mentioned in the Polarized weapons post, these exploration sites do contain access to the polarized weapons along …

JonnyPew: Pop-Up Notification System goes Public

In the EVE Online Phoebe release, the pop-up notification system goes public. It was first introduced to players as an opt-in beta feature in the Oceanus release on September

A Interview with The Content Club leader, AlphaStarPilot

A few days ago, sat down with AlphastarPilot who is the man behind a new organisation called, The Content Club.
Bobmon: Could u maybe tell me something about the new organisation you are starting?
AlphastarPilot: ok so you know about Spectre Fleet and RvB Ganked right?
AlphastarPilot: the two large …

Target Caller: The Great Mission Statement Challenge

A mission statement is nothing more than a summary of an organization’s vision. What are they trying to do? How do they go about it? What do they value? Since it’s written by the organization itself, it’s heavily idealized and subject to propaganda. Sometimes, the organization falls …

Tweetfleet: Patch Day Shenanigans

This will be a throw together article of anything funny or entertaining that we can find during the patch day to keep you guys occupied while your patch downloads.

All the cyno’s burning around New Eden

The last big fight before the patch …

‘Twas The Night Before Phoebe

‘Twas the night before Phoebe, and all ’round the region
capsuleers were all cheering, (except Pandemic Legion)
Some decried their suitcases would be covered in dust
and Shadow Cartel’s titans would certainly rust.
But ratters and carebears and pilots of small ops
were happy they …


Stay Frosty and A Band Apart Present: FRIGATE FREE FOR ALL (FFA): SATURDAY NOVEMBER 8TH from 16:00 to 22:00 in BASGERIN
The event will …

Don’t miss the next o7: November 6, 20:00 UTC

The next episode of  ‘o7′ will be broadcast on our Twitch channel at 20:00 UTC, Thursday November 6.
The show is recorded live at CCP HQ and broadcast with the developers present in Twitch chat taking questions and hanging out with their favorite people.
In this episode we’ll …

Announcement: Open Call for Writers

We are opening spots in the EN24 team. If you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar.
– Skype access.
– Free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online experience.
– Wish to earn some Iskies.
– Open minded view on current political events
– …

Phoebe Pre-Game: Null-Sec Alliance Movements *Update 03/11/2014*

Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in process. I will consider all feed back, suggestions and Intel.
This article will look at all the rumoured as well as confirmed alliance movements happening before the Phoebe patch hits. This article is therefore a work in process and will be …