WiNGSPANTT: The Not-So Great Escape from Null Security Space

Our video series continues!
On his first real expedition into nullsec, Chance “WiNGSPANTT” Ravinne manages to fill an Imicus cargo hold with nearly 200 million ISK-worth of relic and data loot. For someone with just a few weeks of SP, that’s a massive fortune, literally 500 times …

Pre Alliance Tournament EN24 & EveBet ISK Giveaway

With Alliance Tournament XII starting on August 16th it’s time to remember some of the classic matches.
Our friends over at Eve-Bet have given us several promotional codes that will turn into Isk you can bet with.
I want easy isk but how can i enter?
All you have to do to enter is post a mail …

Darkspawn hacking their member base

EVE-Online brings people from all countries and cultures together, however different languages are separating it once again, especially when using different scripts. Because of these circumstances it took four days for the news to reach the western based public.
According to this forum entry on the …

EVE Online Coalition Sov 4/14-7/14

Kinis Deren submitted the following video to us! In the video you can see the Coalition sov map changes from April till July 2014, Enjoy!

I want to thank Kinis Deren for his awesome

The 500bil BPO Heist

Last week, In New Edens Highsec space a 500bil heist took place. The loot consisted of 2 Nyx, 2 Wyverns and some other capital BPO´s.
The Story behind this heist was very simple, Ion Atom was a director of Ave Eve for around 4 years. This corporation specialised in making capital ship BPC packs …

What’s on this Weekend?

Here’s a list of confirmed public roams for this weekend.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 8th August
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ Ostingele
What: Shield based frigate, …

Submission: Op-ed for your consideration

There has been much talk from many people myself included about the solutions to 0.0 and and how to bring competitive balance in EVE Online. Many very credible people ( much smarter than me ), and all with their own take on how to do it, but at the same time suggesting ideas that work to their own …

One Man Army Returns

I’m finally back in the states permanently, so I have the time to start posting more. This is getting posted today, but will back on it’s old schedule of Saturdays around 2-3pm GMT. I’m looking to gather more footage to start a small gang series. A few members of TRI have given me …

Limiting force projection in wormholes

CCP is finally fixing the most unbalanced space: WH. The rage is huge, which means CCP managed to hit the heart of the bad guys who made WH space practically deserted. The API no longer provides kill data for wormhole space, but we can look at the 2013 data: Nullsec seen 25x more NPC kills and 6x …

Dev Blog: Into the Known Unknowns – Wormhole Updates in the Hyperion Release

Greetings adventurous capsuleers! This is CCP Fozzie bringing you another dev blog with a first look at some of the improvements we’re working on for our Hyperion release on August 26th.

For Hyperion, EVE’s Team Five-O has been hard at working on a set of changes for Wormhole …

Grudges, The Fuel of Eve Online?

During my time playing this wonderful game I have noticed many groups come and go. Some have been spectacular others were simply not. A common theme to a lot of groups successes comes from their drives to achieve what they have set out to do, an example of this could be the massive B-R5RB fight …

Hero fishing trip catches an Unthinkables pilot in own backyard

An Unthinkables Archon lost by Lizy Fonulique to a Hero fleet comprised mostly of Almost Awesome with Spaceship Samurai and Brave Collective.
Earlier today a fleet from Hero were preparing to start doing some black ops drops in Providence, while their scouts were out looking for targets a neutral …

WiNGSPANTT: A Fun Interview With A Newbie

Eve Online can be a rather cold, harsh, uneventful place for some. For others, its a rich and boundless universe full of endless possibilities. Meet Chance Ravinne CEO of the newly formed WiNGSPAN Delivery Services. Chance who also goes by the name “WiNGSPANTT” on his YouTube channel …

An Understanding on Power Projection Ideas

Change is Coming
It is no secret that CCP is and has been looking towards the future of sovereignty and power projection. There is of course a road map in place, but there is nothing stopping ideas and agendas on what changes should take place from being discussed now.
In a very broad stroke most …

Discussion- What would you like changed about Eve?

What would you like to see come to or be changed about Eve online?
While there is not a whole lot going on in eve currently with no summer war ( winter for the southern hemisphere) and a lot of speculation about the upcoming expansions, lets take this time to see via vote exactly what we would …

Cloud Ring Moons Probed, Here Are The Results!

Following the successful content creation of my 1st moon mapping project I decided on July 19th, coincidentally my 19th birthday, that I was going to undertake another moon mapping project. As with any great project planning is key and I had to decide where would be best to probe and how to get my …

BL / PASTA vs PL, Sunday night Fever

Tonight, Pandemic legion had a POS coming out which Black Legion had reinforced earlier in the week. To save this POS, the Pandemic Legion FC, Hedliner, formed a Foxcat fleet (Navy Apocs) with Triage support and started to Suitcase (put your subcap into a carrier) to the targeted system. While this …

Open Thread: Wormhole Spawning Mechanics

Recently there has been talk of CCP changing the distance you spawn when jumping through a wormhole from ~10km to up to 40. Needless to say there has been a very large outrage from WH communities about how this will make finding fights much more difficult as it will be harder to “roll a …

Farewell John Bellicose

Brave Newbies have honored one of their capsuleers, John Bellicose, with a beautiful and heartbreaking send off. After a unexplained absence, it was discovered recently, that John had passed away in April.
John Bellicose was one of the most dedicated pilots within Brave Newbies. He was a fleet …

True Stories – an EVE Online comic book

Dark Horse‘s comic book True Stories is an adaptation of actual events that occcurred within the game universe of EVE Online in February 2009, as one of the largest player alliances was destroyed through an act of betrayal.
This beautifully illustrated artifact of gaming history is now available …

Dev Post: Jump Freighter Navigation to get a bit cheaper.

Today CCP Fozzie opened the discussion on the EVE-O forums regarded a conceptualized low slot module which would provide bonuses on fuel conservation to jump freighters. If you are a bit like me, you should be shriek every time you factor in the fuel costs whenever you need to move cargo across the …

Darwinism, admittance is the first step

Darwinism- Self Admittance
This Darwinism is unlike the others in that it was sent in by the individual who had the losses and instead of being one or two losses it was a more broad 13 individual losses.
While each loss in of itself might not be horrible like the other articles, these show a …

Darwinism In Action: 40 Billion Isk Charon Killed!

A Charon worth 40 Billion ISK recently died to the hands of Space Warriors and Love Squad Goonswarm was on their way to assist with the gank but the decision to go ahead was made before they arrived. The pilor of the Freighter likely assumed he was safe as he had 3 Basilisks, a Guardian and a …

What’s on this Weekend?

Here’s a list of confirmed public roams for this weekend.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam- Destruction Derby!!!!!
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 1st August
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ …

Alliance Tournament XII – Prizes Revealed

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen.
CCP have just released what the prizes will be for this years winners along with some other changes.
Firstly the alliance tournament cup, which just like the ruler of the iron throne, there can only be one.
The alliance tournament cup functions …