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Leaks: The Initiative. Alliance Update

I just received the official alliance update of The Initiative. These intented to be read by internal alliances members only so take it with a grain of salt!
TD:LR = INIT. will not be defending Querious and will be moving to a new area. Sister Bliss email:
Leadership Update #26, 22/10/2014 …

PVE: On the Missioning Objective Tracker.

CCP Paradox also announced the introduction of an improved mission objective tracker, which keeps track of the status and progress of the PVE missions you have been running and on top of that will give you a heads up on how to beat those:

Ahoy-hoy pilots!
Just to inform you that the Missions …

Dev Post: Literal Glass Cannons coming to EVE

During the EVE Vegas Keynote CCP Games mentioned about a module which when fitted, brougt your resistances to zero:
we’re actually creating a new set of modules as well that we think are going to be… providing a very interesting option — they’re not going to be something that everyone’s …

Nulli Secunda + BL & Friends Vs The CFC, AU TZ Throw Down

Just before down time on Tuesday a large brawl took place with Nulli Secunda and Black Legion up against the CFC. The fight was over a CFC POS that was coming out of reinforcement. At around 10:15 Eve time a Cerberus fleet went up under Progodlegend growing to about 90 pilots. The CFC formed a …

SISI: New Battleship Skins!

It appears the SISI server was updated with some amazing new ship skins to look at! These ship skins are purely cosmetic but look amazing! Feel free to look at these new skins below!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section

On Hacking, Smashing and the EN24 Network.

The first of our expansion sites is here! We are happy to announce Hack N’ Smash. The spirit of Hack N’ Smash is to share our passion for Sci-fi & Gaming Culture in general.
Content Discovery

Hack N’ Smash is a gamble since EVENews24 strength resides in it niche appeal. …

Black Legion. and Wormholers Kill 13 B0T Ratting carriers.

Monday night late EU time zone saw 13 Brothers of Tangra ratting carriers die at the hands of Black Legion. and several large wormhole entities including; Irresponsible Use of Capital., SnaiLs aNd FroGs, Lazerhawks and Arctic Light. The initial tackle was made by SnaiLs aNd FroGs [SN-FR] and …

Propaganda Tuesdays: Brave Newbies: PL is Love, PL is life

Disclaimer: the following article is part of a series we have ran before on Eve News 24 called: Propaganda Tuesday. In this series we seek out the funniest eve related videos to balance out the seriousness surounding most Eve Online topics.
The following video is created by none other then myself, …

Dev Blog: Multisell all the things with Phoebe

Hi, I'm CCP Punkturis from Team Banana Stand.

I'm here to tell you that we're introducing the long anticipated MULTI SELL in Phoebe on November 4th! *clap clap clap*

This means we're removing the old "Sell Item" window and adding a window you can add one or more …

Providence Bloc Captures the UL-7I8 System

UL-7I8 system, Catch region. On the 18th of October, Providence Bloc took the last system that was lost to it in the start of the war, defeating HERO Coalition forces in a frontal confrontation that lasted four long hours.
The battle started at 23:00 EVE Standard Time, when Providence Bloc forces, …

Jonny Pew: New Cloaking Effect Variants for Cloaking Devices

Just published a video today demonstrating the new cloaking effect variants of cloaking devices in the Phoebe release coming November 4th. These are also available in the Sisi server right now. Check

War Update: ProviBlock/HERO War Progress

On the 19th October 2014 a propaganda video was released by Yulai Federation, one of the main members of Provibloc.

HERO Coalition and Provibloc (which includes The Volition Cult, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and Silent Infinity as well as Yulai Federation amongst others) had a deal that, while …

Greedy Goblin: In-game conflict and game-monetizing

The writers participating in the “save the blue doughnut” campaign on the Goon propaganda site often cite that finding fights will be harder. This isn’t true, fights will happen more often. Actually currently the most fights in EVE happen in highsec between gankers and …

NCDOT Takes A2-V27 System from The Initiative in Querious!

Last week, the NCDOT alliance moved staging systems to be within range of the Querious region. Their goal according to alliance leader Vince Draken is to ”make INIT CRY”. With this goal in mind, NCDOT just took the first system off INIT’s Hands!:
On the 15th of October, NCDOT …

Watch This: EVE Vegas 2014 Keynote

Last weekend witnessed the most recent iteration of EVE Vegas; the next best thing America has had after an actual Fanfest. So join CCP Seagull on the discussions of the EVE Online: Phoebe release and beyond.

CCP Seagull, Executive Producer for EVE, leads the discussion of on the current and …