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PSA: Patch Notes for Today’s Release (February)

February 12, 2019

Patch Notes For February 2019 Release

Released On Tuesday, February 12th 2019

Features & Changes:

Drones & Fighters:

  • Fighters, which were loaded into launch tubes, are now dropping as loot, if the ship or the Upwell structure is destroyed or unanchored.


  • Standard cynosural fields have been moved to their own overview filter group so that players can filter them separately from other beacons. This group was pre-created as an empty placeholder in December under the name "Future Home of Cyno Fields" so that players can modify their custom overview filters ahead of time if they wish. In this release the group has been renamed to "Cynosural Fields" and the cynosural field type has been moved into it.
  • Mutual wars that have have had 90 consecutive days without any pvp kills will now automatically close.
  • Activity Tracker Boosters node renamed to Boosters & Implants. Boosters & Implants node now count Implants manufactured.
  • Adjusted Ice harvesting level thresholds and weighting in the Activity Tracker.

Missions & NPCs:

User Interface:

  • The icons representing the 4 services (fitting, insurance, repair and re-customization) that are always available in all standard Upwell structures have been combined into one icon in the My Structures tab in the Structure Browser.
  • A "Find in Personal Assets" option has been added to the right click menu for items.
  • The keyword "typeExact" has been added as an option in Personal Assets > Search tab.
  • A text filter field has been added to the "Show Contents" window.
  • An estimated price and item count has been added to the Cargo scan window.
  • It's now possible to drag and drop items and characters to a lot more filter/search fields than before (fields such as in the Guest tab, corporation applications, contact list, fitting window, blueprint browser, etc).
  • A job summary, giving an overview of the number of active Manufacturing, Science and Reaction jobs has been added to the Industry window.
  • The ability to Copy/Paste from the "Jobs" tab in the Industry window has been added.
  • A yellow warning marker (!) has been added in front of those options that player might want to use with a bit of caution.
  • A Health readout has been added to the tooltip for drones in the drone window.
  • The Assist and Guard menus for drones will now only list the pilots on the player's grid, since the drones cannot be assigned to those off-grid.
  • The "Mine Repeatedly" function for drones is now simply called "Mine", and the single cycle mine option has been removed.
  • 2 bigger fonts sizes to choose from for the Context Menu (set in ESC>General Settings) have been added.
  • When failing to set a shortcut because the keys are in use, players are now offered to rebind the shortcut.
  • Inventory item filters and broadcast settings can now be shared in similar way as the Overview profiles, where they are dragged to text fields to create a link to them. When a player clicks those links they are offered to load up the filters/settings.
  • Link colors have been changed to make it easier to see what is a link and what kind of link it is.
  • The “Ship to” page when creating Courier contracts now lists the total volume of the package and how much ISK/m3 the reward is. This is ISK/m3 display is also displayed when opening up details for a contract.
  • Reordered the folders within the Neocom Menu.
  • Reduced the amount of icons shown by default on the Neocom bar.

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed Luminaire VI customs office warp in so that players can again warp to 0 to it.
  • Frostline 'Omnivore' Harvester Upgrade now correctly apply bonuses to strip miners.
  • Reduced overall bonuses on Frostline 'Omnivore' Harvester Upgrade to 8%
  • The Men's and Women's Frostline Exploration Suits can now be sold on the market.
  • Male and Femal Guristas Caps can now be sold on market.
  • Time-limited resources now receive reprocessing yield bonuses from Upwell Structures.
  • Several old and unused skinned ship variants will no longer appear in the industry tabs for their parent ships.
  • Removed the docking options for unanchored structures.
  • Corrected an issue with missing manufacturing bonuses on the Upwell A3FPR and C2LF outpost conversion rigs.
  • Fixed an issue where Activity Tracker would not count certain activities.

Graphics & Audio:

  • Fixed issue preventing kill marks from showing on the Thalia.
  • Fixed turret placement on Imicus.
  • An occlusion map artifact was removed on the booster section of the Augoror and Guardian hulls.
  • Fixed small gap on the rear of Ares ship.
  • Fixed visual issue on the Naglfar ship.
  • Fixed mirroring issue with port faction logo on InterBus shuttle.
  • Linked the light emitted by the reactor VFX on the mining barges when applying SKINs.
  • Updated the Naglfar Wreck to include a third turret hardpoint.
  • Fixed collision geometry on the Asteroid Prime Colony.
  • Fixed an Issue whereby some deployable structures would pop into view before playing the anchoring VFX.
  • Fixed geometry clipping when wearing the Women's 'Eternity' Suit Top.
  • Fixed exception thrown when changing SKINs in space while using tactical or first person camera.
  • Resolved defect that made missile impacts on enemies sound like they were far away while focus was on said enemy.
  • Fixed an Issue whereby one of the grouped turrets would keep playing the firing effect after the target was destroyed when having several targets.
  • Fixed clipping of the Sterling Dress Shirt when wearing an open jacket on a Caldari male character.
  • Fixed tucking of boots on female characters when wearing the Women's 'Eternity' Suit bottom.
  • Clipping on women's pants with tucked tanktops have been fixed.


  • Removed double-space from the description text for Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls.
  • Many typos and grammar errors have been fixed all over the place.
  • Corrected a typo in the notification settings listing for structure reinforcement time changes.

New Player Experience:

  • Fixed the bracket of the Unstable Wreckage in the Seekers Investigation "Radiation Field" tutorial.
  • Tabs with no options available for selection are no longer shown on the Character Customization screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the bloodline and customization screens could become overlapped during character creation.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio prompt for UI highlights during tutorials would replay whenever the EVE client is resized.
  • Improved the positioning of the Autopilot button UI highlight in The Seekers Investigation.


  • Fixed several reasons for physics desync issues (others are still being worked on).

User Interface:

  • Fixed the width of the 'Description' column in the Redeem Items window, so that the 'Expires' field is not hidden if there are items with lengthy descriptions in the window.
  • Added missing metatags to icons for a few items given out in the 13 days of EVE.
  • The Events button will now correctly minimize the agency if clicked twice.
  • Fixed the info window attribute 'Used With' for the Yoiul Blizzard Firework.
  • Added metatag to 'Eros' Implant line
  • Fixed the metatags on various Cerebral Accelerator icons.
  • Improved challenge text readability when using UI Scaling
  • Added Frostline 'Clavicula' Integrated Analyzer to Data Analyzer variations tab.
  • Sell window: Fixed a problem, where the default suggested price was not chosen correctly, when selling an item remotely (it used your location and not the item location to decide the price).
  • Contracts: Made sure to exclude your current ship when copying a contract.
  • Improved the show info window for missiles to show attributes, which are affected by bonuses, more accurately.
  • The tooltips for the Session change Timer & Jump Cloak Timer have been reformatted to fit with the style of other such timers.
  • Improved the performance of the personal assets window slightly.
  • The state of the station services panel is now retained correctly when using the ship tree.
  • Notifications: Added a missing icon to the "bill paid" notification.
  • Improved the error message, when trying to activate multiple SKINs at the same time and failing for some of them.
  • Fixed an issue where the images of constellations and regions would overlap with their information in their Show Info window.
  • Re-added the "Set Name" option, which was missing from some corporation owned objects in space, if the character had only the "Config Equipment" role.
  • Fixed issue in epic arc mission Languishing Lord where the Mission Info Panel gave players incorrect guidance.
  • Fixed the Mission Info Panel so that it now correctly displays objectives for the mission "Church of the Obsidian".
  • Improving the text for "Destroy" objectives in the Mission Info Panel so that they now use the correct specific name, not a generic name.
  • Fixed an issue where the Customs Office window would close after transferring goods from the planet.
  • Fixed an issue where the two letter abbreviation of created Neocom groups was not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fighter HUD UI would be displayed briefly when undocking with Planetary Production open.
  • UI was not showing successful jams when being jammed by fighters
  • Addressed issue preventing the cancelling of a repair job on stacked modules
  • Fixed issue causing some mutated modules to be colored red when they should be green in show info
  • Fixed issue causing jettisoned cans to sometimes overlap
  • Updated UI in Abyssal Deadspace to reflect that the tactical overlay can be activated
  • Mutadaptive repairs now showing friendly buff icons
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