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Provi-Bloc Toasts Waffles Revenant and Super

February 7, 2019

Provi-Bloc toasts Waffles Revenant and Super

The Author of this piece is a member of CVA. Any opinions or ideas are that of the author and not of any Corporation, Alliance, Coalition, or Evenews24.

Reading the headline, you may be wondering if you have slipped in to the Twilight Zone. If you were reading this about two years ago my assumption would be correct. However, Provi-Bloc, in the midst of an invasion that has been ongoing for over a year, has been evolving its Capital and Super Capital programs.

During the invasion, the drive to push pilots in to Capitals was intense. So many pilots across the Coalition started training not only into standard capital ships but even to Super Capitals. This massive push was necessary for the preservation of the Providence Marches. While Provi-Bloc’s number of capital pilots has grown, the greater secret has been the number of Super Capital Pilots. It has been over a year since the invasion began and already Provi-Bloc is starting to show some of the fruit of their labors.

Which leads us to the story at hand. Waffles and other entities of the original Pandemic Invasion continue to hold onto 7 systems in Providence. Over the past couple of months, Waffles and friends have been dropping Super Capitals on ratting and mining ships. No ship has been excluded from these drops as “too small.” From carriers, to Vexor Navy Issue ratters, to T1 mining ships, even frigates, usually dropping two Revenants and a Hel or a similar group of ships to kill the residents of Providence.

Another fine drop, boyos!

Checking the killboards for these pilots shows that they rarely drop anything more expensive than the fuel they used to get there.

The residents of Providence have had enough of this sort of play and obvious use of overkill. More importantly the Pilots of Providence wanted to dish out some much needed Cosmic Karma to the pilots terrorizing the good folks of Provi. Plans started to coalesce during the early hours, when this group likes to drop. Fleets of pilots and super pilots on call were formed to spring the trap against these egregious droppers that seem to be dropping not for good fights but to kill small people and pad killboards.

The known-dropper was watched in intelligence channels and the trap was laid out. A Raven Battleship was sent to rat while a dictor pilot laid in wait nearby. Once the Waffle’s dropper came into system, tackled the Raven, and lit the cyno the dictor responded by bubbling the Revenant, Wyvern, and Nidhoggur before it was targeted and destroyed. The Raven hit its own cyno and in came Faxes, Hictors, carriers, and Dreads.

The Revenant and Wyvern immediately engaged, trying to kill the Hictors that were keeping them pinned down. The Waffle Nighoggur determined that self-preservation was key and immediately started aligning out to get away. The pair of Supers fought well against the initial drop and just when their predicament started to look hopeful, the defenders lit another cyno. This cyno dropped the first wave of Provi-Bloc Super Carriers and even a Titan. This drop spelled Waffle doom. Despite the pending doom, both the Revenant and Wyvern pilots continued to fight on.

The Waffles Nidhoggur was finally able to break point and escaped leaving his companions to their fate. The rest of Provi-Bloc continued to focus efforts on the Revenant. Its death was a huge success for the Pilots of Provi-Bloc, as was the subsequent Wyvern. To them, this was justice for the multitude of small pilots that were bullied for too long by these pilots.

A summary of the fight was provided by one of the Waffle pilots.

This was actually one of the best summations of any tactical event I have seen drawn up and it was immediately popular on reddit. This artist submitted it on R/eve care of u/Edibleghost. Waffles cameras were also recording the event. The Waffles Revenant Pilot video of the fight can be found here

This video was shared on reddit as well by u/Marc_anneto. This video was also well received on Reddit and had great music going along with the action which was greatly fitting for the situation. Provi-Bloc as well was recording the event. The Dread recorded the event with good music. The Provi-Bloc pilot Tinator posted in youtube and his video can be found below.

The battle report can be found here. Right after the conflict, Provi-Bloc pilots were able to kill another Wyvern Super Carrier belonging to one of the allies of Waffles in the current conflict. Icing on the waffles (<–blame the editor for this one.)

In conclusion, the Waffles Super Pilots took a hit but will most likely be back dropping, perhaps with a bit more caution in the future. The Paladins of the Providence Marches believe that Justice was done in to these pilots and that the expanding Super Cap fleets will be vital in the efforts of completely freeing their homeland from the invaders. For now good reader the Battle for Providence continues.

Very Respectfully,
Kyle Saltz