Video: Eve Online Can Can

Turn it up!
Inspired by the Zelda Can Can remix, I got some EVE sound effects together and made this. I found it funny, hopefully you guys enjoy

Submission: What I have learned playing eve online

Hello my name is Arreon Slickshot, member of Unholy Knights of Cthulhu, T.E.S.T. supporter and Eve Fanatic. Over the past year playing Eve online I have learned things that this …

INGAME EVENT: Pew4Reps Fleet – May 29th

The following post was written by FullMetalTS1. For more information about this event please check out his forum post
Alright people, i’m back and im having another …

Propaganda Thursday: Spaceship Samurai

Spaceship Samurai has published an amazing video about the capture of the Fade region.