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Breaking: H.E.R.O. deploys to Sendaya

The newly formed H.E.R.O. (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organisation) bloc today announced their first major deployment as a coalition to Sendaya in the Derelik region since their …

Leaks: Test Alliance Meeting Recording

TEST Alliance Please ignore held a meeting last night. The main outcome of the meeting was that TEST will be moving to Sakht.
Below you can lisen to the meeting!

Battle Report: BL & CFC vs. TEMP & NCdot in 7-PO3P

PBLRD IHUB came out of RF and BL formed ~100 Maels and some Triage (only like 10 Logi). CFC had Domis, and CO2 had a smaller Phoon fleet. We bridged in 2-3 jumps out and burned to …

Leaks: TEST SOTA – Vale of the Silent Night

TEST announced their deployment to Vale of the Silent. They will side (again) with EMP to harass the CFC’s renting space. Their objective will be to make CFC chose between a war …