Video: Niden’s Dishonorubru (EVE Online Machariel PvP)

Niden, known as a Crossing Zebra’s Editor-In-Chief and the creator off some amazing art work, created an amazing pvp video named ”Dishonorubru”.


Violence of Action. alliance has sloped downward very hard after losing all of their Sovereignty in Fountain, losing 90%+ of its members and corporations, 3 corps of …

Faction Warfare: Caldari and Gallente Militia Battle it out in Okkamon

On June 3rd Gallente Militia anchored an Astrahus class Citadel in the Okkamon system. As many know, once anchored this structure takes 24 hours to complete the anchoring process …

Video: EVE Online May 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out the May 2016 nullsec recap made by Hendrick