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Battle Report: Sunday Morning Madness

July 13, 2014

This morning a huge battle took place between CFC and Black Legion resulting in a total of 200 bil losses. Black Legion was on the losing side and lost around sixteen Dreadnoughts and eleven Carriers

This whole fight started and ended In F2OY-X, current staging system of the CFC. CFC FC’s Anoxim Acore and Reagalan got bored and decided to form a fleet and set up a gate camp. This gate camp consisted of around 20 Frigates and T1 Cruisers. This gate camp spiked some hostile interest and so the gate camp was asked to reship in to Ruptures.

Sure enough a NCDOT Muninn fleet entered systems. A small brawl happened between the ruptures and Munnins but nothing major. More importantly then the results of this small brawl, Black Legion noticed what’s happening and decided to have some fun too. Black Legion formed a Apocalypse Navy Issue fleet with Triage Carrier support. While undocking to jump in, CFC noticed them and started to reship their Rupture fleet into Megathron’s.

Moments later, Black Legion jumped in but both sides decided to wait for one each other to begin the attack. While this is happening Black Legion decided to silently form Dreadnoughts so that they can blap the CFC Megathrons.  Now BL thought they had enough to fight the CFC fleet and Elo Knight ordered his fleet to warp to the 1DH gate.

CFC decided to follow the Black Legion fleet to the gate where a cyno was already lit and Black Legion Dreads were ready to start blapping. The fight started and both sides started to loss ships. While fighting Pasta Syndicate joined in with the Black legion fleet, Increasing the amount of Dreadnoughts on field.

CFC noticed that they were able to do enough damage to the Black Legion fleet to try and shoot Black Legions FC, Elo Knight. This attempt was successful and Elo was send back to station. While not having his own eyes on field, CFC started adding more and more players to the field.

With CFC’s increased numbers they were able to shoot most of the Black legion subcap fleet off the field. CFC fleet was also ordered to stay close to the Black Legion Dreads making those unable to track anything. The next target for the CFC fleet was Black Legion’s Archons and this made Elo Knight decided that it was a better idea to retreat. This meant that he left all of his Dreads behind to get killed.

Killboard Link

There are no videos up on youtube yet and once their is one then I will be sure to update this article!